Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dual Citizen Israeli Jew Lani Kass Wants YOUR kids to Fight and DIE for Israel

Israeli Jewess and a big-wig in the USAF's Cyber Command wants the USA to attack Iran, but our kids must pay the price for Israeli madness.
She comes from a country that has a history of large scale and highly aggressive espionage directed against the United States and she appears to continue to have close ties to her birthplace. Dr. Kass has become a naturalized American while apparently retaining her Israeli citizenship and her three children were reportedly born in Israel, not the United States. The information she has access to would be extremely valuable to Israel and potentially damaging to US interests, particularly as she likely knows what the US Air Force response to a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran would be.
Israeli Threat Spikes Our Oil Prices, We Pay More For This

Zionist Threats to Iran also Spikes Gasoline Prices
"Dr. Kass was a key participant in the development of the national strategy for combating terrorism, as well as the national military strategic plan for the Global War on Terrorism."
Like war-gaming the Zionist and Neocon fantasy of attacking Iran?
Project CHECKMATE is a "highly confidential strategic planning group tasked with 'fighting the next war' as tensions rise with Iran" that was "quietly established" by the U.S. Air Force in June 2007 as a "successor to the group that planned the 1991 Gulf War's air campaign."
"Dr. Lani Kass is Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. As the senior civilian assistant to CSAF, Dr. Kass is the principal adviser on policy and strategy and formulates, develops, implements, and communicates the policies, programs and goals of the Air Force.

"Dr. Lani Kass, a former major in the Israeli air force, is Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force, and Director of the CSAF’s Cyberspace Task Force, Washington, D.C.

1971 BA in poli-sci and russian area studies, summa cum laude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1976 Phd, Kaplan School of .. Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Columbia U of international affairs


She came to the US as a Defense contractor back in 1981 and now she is "what"?
It is noteworthy that Air Force Cyber-Warfare guru Dr. Lani Kass, who had recently been an Israeli Air Force Major, first came to the United States as a defense contractor in 1981, the halcyon period of the Israeli spy ring inside the Pentagon and Reagan administration. , Reagan National Security Council Middle East expert Douglas Feith was fired from his job after he was suspected of passing classified information to an Israeli embassy contact. Feith was re-hired at the Pentagon by his old friend Richard Perle. Kass now serves as the Air Force's chief cyber-warfare guru and she also specializes in information operations deception. Along with Air Force General Lawrence Stuztriem, Kass is involved in Operation Checkmate, operational planning for a U.S. military attack on Iran.
Surely Our Good Friend Israel Wouldn't Use a False Flag to Get the USA to Fight a War for Israel and Zionsm?
U.S. troops would enforce peace under Army study The Washington Times September 10, 2001

"Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."
Author: Rowan Scarborough;THE WASHINGTON TIMES

From the day before 9/11, the Washington Times prints an article concerning an US Army study. Within the study these army officers state of the Israeli Mossad that they can target US Forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act. Think of that the next time you think the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 was conducted by Muslims.

Project CHECKMATE Could Create Ten Times More Horrors

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has adopted a new strategy that will classify major cyber attacks as acts of war, paving the way for possible military retaliation, "If you shut down our power grid, maybe we will put a missile down one of your smokestacks," it quoted a military official as saying.

The newspaper, citing three officials who had seen the document, said the the strategy would maintain that the existing international rules of armed conflict — embodied in treaties and customs — would apply in cyberspace.

It said the Pentagon would likely decide whether to respond militarily to cyber attacks based on the notion of "equivalence" — whether the attack was comparable in damage to a conventional military strike.

The decision to formalize the rules of cyber war comes after the Stuxnet attack last year ravaged Iran's nuclear program. That attack was blamed on the United States and Israel, both of which declined to comment on it.

U.S. Cyber Command Hires Woman With Fake Computer Degrees



  1. All dual-citizens need to be arrested immediately. Matter of fact, anyone in the government that is under the thumb of the Zionist Jews need to be arrested immediately (which is virtually all of them...). My god these people have gotten us into enough shit over the years, enough is enough.

  2. Visible sure does have a way with words:

    "Here’s direct and irrefutable truth; Israel has no right to exist and Israel did 9/11 and Israel is behind all of the present wars in operation. Israel is behind the vicious predatory activities of the banks of the world and Israel is the main agent of the ancient darkness that performs all of the mischief and mayhem in and around us."

    Man he's good.

  3. Yes, Mr. Friend and I believe they were behind the Norway attacks.

    Their good buddy Murdoch is being exposed more everyday for being a back-stabbing slimeball only interested in power and protecting Israel and his MOSSAD friends thought they'd help by focusing the MSM on something else.

  4. Incogman - the "antisemitic" Internet troublemaker has had his site vandalized again... a year and a day after it was purged from Wordpress in an obvious Jewploy. One could somewhat see this coming: the Synagogue never sleeps and they're busy going after bloggers... even small potatoes like me. Jewry's had their sights on Incogman for a long time, utilizing various stratagems to cause him ill, but he's out foxed them before. The rapid growth of White awareness to the Jew peril has forced them to pump up the volume against bloggers like him and me... and many others too no doubt. But I'm sure the Incogman will rise from the ashes of this latest setback and resume his place as a guide star in the ever growing constellation of Jew-wise bloggers.

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