Wednesday, July 20, 2011


On the battlefield or by starving to death, it really doesn't matter.

Huge deficit-cutting bill sails through GOP House

President Barack Obama and a startling number of Republican senators lauded a deficit-reduction plan put forward earlier in the day by a bipartisan "Gang of Six" lawmakers that calls for $1 trillion in what sponsors delicately called "additional revenue" and some critics swiftly labeled as higher taxes.

The president said he hoped congressional leaders would "start talking turkey" on a deal to reduce deficits and raise the $14.3 trillion debt limit as soon as Wednesday, using that plan as a roadmap.

Wall Street cheered the news of possible compromise as well. The Dow Jones industrials average soared 202 points, the biggest one-day leap this year.

Democrats said the measure, with its combination of cuts and spending limits, would inflict damage on millions who rely on Social Security, Medicare and other programs.

It calls for deficit cuts of slightly less than $4 trillion over a decade and includes steps to slow the growth of Social Security payments, cut at least $500 billion from Medicare, Medicaid and other health programs and wring billions in savings from programs across the face of government.

It envisions tax changes that would reduce existing breaks for a number of popular items while reducing the top income bracket from the current 35 percent to 29percent or less.
Anything that gets Wall Street so excited they go orgasmic can't be good for 'We the People.'

The existing tax breaks that would be killed off are the popular homeowner's mortgage interest tax deduction and if you pay for your health insurance, well, say goodbye to that deduction.
(CORRECTION: Those who get medical insurance from their employees would now see that taxed.)

But corporations and the rich get their tax rates cut.

I guess the PTB won't be satisfied until the middle-class is completely gutted, leaving only the poor and the rich. These fuckers are either completely ignorant of history, since a nation won't exist long without a middle class, as the majority of jobs that are now in place or that will be created come from small businesses, mostly started by the middle class.

They also stick a knife in Grandma and Grandpa's back by additional cuts to Social Security, and tell the working poor to 'Fuck Off," by cutting and gutting Medicaid.

But don't dare think, let alone talk about cutting some of that welfare money that goes to one of the most prosperous nations on Earth, Apartheid Israel, who got a significant chunk of American wealth thru their thieves like Madoff, who laundered a lot of the loot thru the New York branch of the Federal Reserve, then controlled by now Treasury Secretary Geithner and shipped it to Israel.

Gosh, where would we be without that nation of blood-suckers fangs in our throat?



  1. Well, we'll just vote those losers out, oh wait...

  2. Some of the bozos behind this act are from the Tea Party.

    Which has been getting covert funds from Rupert Murdoch and the ultra-conservative, ultra-right wing Kansas Koch Brothers, those poor multi-billionaires.

  3. Sorry but the "tea party" is bad news all the way around. I would not trust one of them with a soggy marshmallow let alone anything important.

    Regarding the middle class and the vision of the "elite".

    Although it is not substantiated, I believe that one reason the middle class is being so pressured is because they are not as genetically damaged as the lower classes seem to be. Also they still have some (rapidly being stolen or destroyed assets ie ability to think and maybe a few $$).

    This extra edge is not desirable when one is trying to breed a substandard species that would never question and obey without hesitation. This pressure is certainly not so hard put upon the very poor who are frequently born into the welfare state.

    The elite will demand obedience not intelligence beyond what is necessary to fulfill a given task.

    What we see is a multi pronged attack on the middle class. It has been stated many times and they have been picking away for the better part of a century at it.

  4. True Noor, why does they hating on our freedom?

  5. why does they hating on our freedom?

    Ooooh ...can i jump until Lady Noor comes back, ookie thinks

    cause they can smell the nasty & rotten gefiltish odor oozing out from so called "freedom".

    Smelly freedom!☺

  6. When this theft from the poor and middle class is complete, Obama will see a tremendous amount of money from the rich and the corporations this thievery will benefit dump all sorts of Big Bucks into his 2012 campaign.

  7. Here's how we get our fiscal house in order:

    1) End all fraudulent wars overseas, which were initiated as a result of the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB on 9/11.
    2) Arrest all Wall St banksters, along with their buddies at the Federal Reserve, confiscate their assets and transparently audit their operations to determine just what was stolen from us, WE THE PEOPLE.
    3) End all foreign aid, in particular all foreign aid and other assistance to the criminal, illegitimate Apartheid State of Israel.


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