Friday, July 1, 2011

Further Proof Alex Jones is a Zionist STOOGE

Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?


ADLTube has refused to post my comments--listed below the AJ videos--about Alex Jones. I didn't use cuss words; made no threats and stayed on topic.
That partnership with the ADL---ANOTHER DAMN LIE--seem to be working quite well for AJ and Abe "What are you doing putting this stuff out there? You're killing us!" Foxman.

They were posted to this AJ video:

Alex Jones supports Zionist israel

And this one:

Alex Jones = Zionist Operative

Forgive the shitty editing. But Alex Jones has been providing cover for Israel over their involvement in 9/11 even before 9/11 happened.
If you do the research, you will find overwhelming evidence suggesting that Israeli Mossad was COMPLETELY involved in 9/11. And you'll find that many US Officials are actually Israeli Operatives, and many of them are actually dual-citizens with Israel.

Alex Jones is a Zionist STOOGE, putting out just enough truth about somethings to make you think he's a real hell-raiser and 9/11 Truther.

But when the talk gets around to the part Israel played in the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, Alex will cut you off or call you names.

He should be required to wear one of those Jewish 'skullcaps' to show his true allegiance.

This is Alex Jones' Motto


Here's one of the comments that was flagged, needing approval:
Alex Jones is a phony, a fake and a fraud. He's a Zionist stooge who some people just love, because AJ gives them enough truth to make some people believe he's actually seeking 9/1 Truth.

He'll come up with all sorts of conspiracies, but when you try and add in the fact of Israel's involvement. he'll cut you off or call you names.

Some of this shows. like the one where he claims that Hezbollah is on US-Mexico border advising Cartels, is straight outta FOX NEWS
Tried getting around the Zio-censors with a little trickery, but it didn't help posting the comment this way:


Flag &

AJ's a

Zionist stooge.

Goodbye, Free Speech
But they posted these comments:

this fat-faced jew-loving carnival barker basically has an audience of 3rd-graders and mental retards. Anyone who is an alex jones fan probably still believes in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny

Israel rightfully belongs to the Jews, it was taken from THEM years ago, again and again, from multiple empires. If some Fuckistinian blood needs spilled to return it, sucks for them, they need to get off that land.

Alex Jones is a Zionist Stooge who gives people just enough truth to make them think he's really searching for 9/11 Truth.

Watch his bug-eyed, crazy person act in this video, which confirmed the suspicions to those on the fence, not sure what is THE truth, that what the government says about those seeking 9/11 truth is true; They're crazy.

IFC "New World Order" part 4 of 9

Alex Jones Is A Fraud

Alex Jones is a Fraud « American Everyman



  1. First ...

    there was "Lions, tigers and bears, Oh mine!"

    now there is a new tune floating in the air:

    "Bachmann, Beck and Jones ..Oh Shit! Run for your life!"

    Greg, you're seriously on a roll here!

    Just scroll up and down and look at their "super sexy" expressive mug-shots few times for special EFX, oh yes!

    Yikes, alex tubalard jones has reeally blown up over the years, must be dining at the same restaurant where ape furtman gorge himself to infinitude size every night.

  2. "Bachmann, Beck and Jones ..Oh Shit! Run for your life!"

    Now we find out Bachmann spent some time on an Israeli kibbutz out of high school?


    In a country of over 300 million people, can't we find someone to run for POTUS that is an AMERICAN first and views Israel as just another foreign country that we should remain neutral towards?

    Oops, already did that. That was JFK's stance and see what it got him.


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