Monday, July 11, 2011

Government Conspiracy? Over 120,000 People Worked on This Project, But the Vice-President Knew Nothing

Pic of the first atomic bomb blast in the New Mexico desert.


From Chicago, to Tennessee, to Hanford, Washington to the University of California, Berkeley to New Mexico, the government kept a tight lid on the Manhattan Project. Over 120,000 people worked on this huge project, yet the government managed to keep a lid on the entire project.

Not even Vice-President Truman knew about it and as they say, he was only a 'heartbeat' away from the presidency.
Truman had been vice president for only 82 days when President Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945. He had rarely discussed world affairs or domestic politics with Roosevelt and was uninformed about major initiatives relating to the war and the top secret Manhattan Project, which was about to test the world's first atomic bomb.

Truman, who had not known of it beforehand, was briefed on the ultra secret Manhattan Project by Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson on the day Roosevelt died, following his first Cabinet meeting as President.
When they did test the first device at the White Sands range in New Mexico, the fireball lit up the early morning sky so much that people 200 miles away saw the flash.
Secrecy was paramount. Keeping 120,000 people quiet would be impossible; therefore only a small privileged cadre of inner scientists and officials knew about the atomic bomb's development. In fact, Vice-President Truman had never heard of the Manhattan Project until he became President Truman.

A blinding flash visible for 200 miles lit up the morning sky. A mushroom cloud reached 40,000 feet, blowing out windows of civilian homes up to 100 miles away. When the cloud returned to earth it created a half-mile wide crater metamorphosing sand into glass. A bogus cover-up story was quickly released, explaining that a huge ammunition dump had just exploded in the desert. Soon word reached President Truman in Potsdam, Germany that the project was successful.
"We're With the Government, You Can Trust Us!"
The Alamogordo Air Base issued a 50-word press release in response to what it described as "several inquiries" that had been received concerning an explosion. The release explained that "a remotely located ammunition's magazine containing a considerable amount of high explosives and pyrotechnics exploded," but that "there was no loss of life or limb to anyone." A newspaper article published the same day stated that "the blast was seen and felt throughout an area extending from El Paso to Silver City, Gallup, Socorro, and Albuquerque." The actual cause was not publicly acknowledged until after the August 6 bombing of Hiroshima.

The Manhattan Project's official journalist, William L. Laurence, had put multiple press releases on file with his office at The New York Times to be released in case of an emergency, ranging from an account of a successful test (the one which was used) to more macabre scenarios explaining why all of the scientists had perished in a single freak accident.
Headlines in the July 16, 1945, edition of the El Paso Herald Post read “Army Ammunition Explosion Rocks Southwest Area.” The El Paso Times reported the “ammunition explosion” on July 17, 1945, on page three, in a short, ten-line article.
Three weeks later, on August 8, 1945, the El Paso Herald Post headlines reported “Atomic Bomb Dropped on Japs,” with the subtitle revealing the earlier explosion had really been the first test of the atomic bomb. By then, El Pasoans had discovered that the ammunition dump story was a cover up by the army and the government to keep the atomic bomb project secret.
"We're With the Government and We're Crazier Than an Outhouse Rat"
The observers set up betting pools on the results of the test. Predictions ranged from zero (a complete dud) to 45 kilotons of TNT, to destruction of the state of New Mexico, to ignition of the atmosphere and incineration of the entire planet.

News reports quoted a forest ranger 150 miles west of the site as saying he saw "a flash of fire followed by an explosion and black smoke." A New Mexican 150 miles north said, "The explosion lighted up the sky like the sun." Other reports remarked that windows were rattled and the sound of the explosion could be heard up to 200 miles away.
So the next time someone laughs about anyone being able to keep the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 a secret, you'll know they're part of the cover-up; or getting paid to lie or have become so dumbed down by the Zionist MSM, especially FOX News that they no longer have the ability to think and reason things out.



  1. Very good post and commentary.

    Next 9/11 planned very soon.


  2. The next 9/11 type of FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB will have to be more destructive than the first.

    And more, much more dead.

    Plus, there's all those pesky cell phone cameras and all those hand-held digital video recording devices.

    Way too many chances for someone to be caught red-handed.... unless a 'suitcase' nuke is detonated.

    It will happen in a split-second and anyone that might of had a chance of filming treachery and treason will be vaporized.... along with the evidence.

  3. Excellent perspective.

    I'm so glad that has kept its wonky-tonky sense of absurdist humor! Most of the 120K people working across the whole country from Chicago to Oak Ridge kept the secret, as the public record has always shown.

    It was precisely the "small privileged cadre of inner scientists" who were the only ones to give the game away, to the Soviets. After the wall came down the "former KGB" was kind enough to supply their code names. Enrico Fermi's was especially apt.

    The connections in my mind this brings up: Exactly the same as the Roosevelt Administration protected the Atom Scientists as they passed years worth of critical research to Stalin, 911 had Michael Chertoff getting a truck full of his co-conspirators out of the country, among many other probable acts of treachery.

    The Atom traitors, like the 911 traitors, were never much of a secret either. Whom the gods destroy the first make fat and happy.

    Or as Harry Truman far more aptly put it, the only thing new is the history we haven't read yet.

  4. Hey Greg!
    speaking of false flag potentials...
    Some US nationals were "detained" filming in a restricted area of the Suez Canal....

  5. Some US nationals were "detained" filming in a restricted area of the Suez Canal

    Their names were 'Moshe, 'Ariel,' and 'Shlomo' Smith.


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