Saturday, July 23, 2011

If You've Swallowed the Official 9/11 LIES, Then I've Got Something Else You Can Swallow

Explosions before planes hit WTC 911 9/11

Never before seen news footage on the day of 911. Eye witnesses confirm explosions in the basement before the planes hit the WTC.
Proof that the bank vaults were broken into and the gold bullion stolen before the towers were demolished.

9/11 South Tower Demolition - Molten Northeast Corner Zoomed With Slow (NBC)

Watch in full screen HD. This is the most widely seen video of the WTC-2 collapse, seen from east and slightly north of the towers. As can be seen, there are what appear to be rows of explosions on the east face at the level of the initial collapse, and the building begins to fall by toppling to the south. The top section (~30 floors) continues tilting to the south, but quickly it can also be seen to start collapsing on itself, losing about half its height before the bottom of it reaches the bottom of the frame


Flight 93 Eyewitness Says No 757 Crashed in Shanksville

Susan McIlwain was an eyewitness to the crash in Shanksville, PA on 9/11, and she did NOT see a Boeing 757. She describes a small white plane, not a large jet airliner. The FBI tried to change her story, and told her that there was a white Leer Jet in the area taking pictures. The question is asked, Can the public stand the truth?

Flight 93 eyewitness admits not seeing dead bodies

2006 911 anniversary guy admits to not seeing any evidence of bodies from flight 93 which allegedly crashed in Shanksville

100,000 pounds of a Boeing jetliner crashes into a remote Pennsylvania field, with hardly any debris or bodies and we're told that the ground 'liquefied' and swallowed the plane?

If you believe that, I've got something else you can swallow.

Sen. John Edwards Refuses To Answer Whether Or Not 9/11 Was Carried Out By Forces Within The U.S.


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