Thursday, July 28, 2011

OUTED: Another ADLTUBE Disinfo Agent

What follows are my futile attempts to ask a serious question about how a Boeing jetliner, made mostly out of aluminum, could smash thru NINE layers of heavily reinforced concrete and steel beams:
A Plane Hit the Pentagon, baby steps for the parrots of loose change etc

Dear retards, go argue about it here if you like, I'm not getting into comment wars with the mob. this is where you can take it

All these people with their theories. It commonsense. The plan was to blame al qaeda for hijacked airliners and crashing them into buildings the purpose of hitting that part of the pentagon was to destroy financial records. Thus the crashed a PLANE into that part of the building. The is no reason at all to pretend to crash a plane and secretly land it somewhere else and fire a missile instead.

To back up my claim that this clown is a Zionist shill, twice I left comments asking how a Boeing jetliner, that has an aluminum frame and skin, could smash thru NINE layers of reinforced concrete.Reinforced concrete that was made even stronger after the OKC bombing, since the feds figured the Pentagon would become a prime target.

Both comments were never posted.

This is the comment, which was similiar to the first comment left and not posted:

"Please explain to this 'retard' how a Boeing jetliner, which has an aluminum frame and skin, can smash thru NINE layers of reinforced concrete at the Pentagon? Concrete that was doubly reinforced after the OKC bombing, since the Pentagon feared they might become a target.

While you're at it, look up what up April Gallop, who was at the Pentagon that day, said about there being no debris of bodies."

I filed a complaint with YouTube about them censoring my comment and here's what they said:

"The short answer is... the video owner has chosen not to approve your comment. It's as simple as that. As to why, you'll have to ask them."

Yet, the video poster posts hateful comments like these, copied from that page:
"Jason Bermas is a KIKE sucker and useful idiot to the Talmudic Jews."

Hey KIKESUCKER how about I make you the poster child for 'Morons Anonymous''.

Now fuck off, you little JEW PIG,

Kikes are vermin, especially the Ashkenazi PIGS that stole Palestine.

Listen you kike cocksucker, the day Israel gets vaporized is the day the whole world rejoices.
To post that sick hate and refuse to post my honest question that contained no cuss words, nor used ugly sayings proves that you're just another Zionist disinfo outlet getting paid by Zionists and Israel to perpetuate the lies hiding the real perps behind 9/11, Israel and the WH.

P.S. I worked a number of years in construction before joining the Fire Department. Some of those years were spent setting up forms and pouring concrete foundations, then pouring the concrete floors.

Add in the years spent as a bricklayer working on some concrete block buildings that the architect stated needed to be reinforced by filling the concrete block cavities every 4' and using block wire every 2', and you have one helluva strong building, and it only had ONE wall that enclosed the structure, so I know a little about concrete built buildings and how strong they are.



  1. The US government, concerned about the possibility of some hijackers smashing planes into Nuclear Power Plants, conducted a test called "The Scandia Experiment" to find out experimentally what would happen when a plane running at full speed hits a strong structure. Thanks God that video still exists. It visually proves the NSA 9/11 infiltraitors are wrong no matter how convincing they seem to be. Upon hitting a small concrete wall, the plane was totally smashed into tiny pieces as the wall stood like nothing has touched it. Part of this experiment is in the bottom front page @ facts not Fairies

  2. Wow! that dude in the video is seriously deluded.What a shill!

  3. I had the same problems with them. As luck would have it, I had just had my 4th or 5th YouTube account receive some penalty where my account is "frozen" for 2 weeks. Over total BS claims as usual. I don't think there's a single time that of all 5 accounts I've had, where I honestly broke any rule or guideline. Certainly not copyright as I was just posting "fair use material".

    In any case, I've noticed with both Ry Dawson and Anthony Lawson, they both take up this fight with whether there was video fakery or CGI used on the 9-11 plane crash videos. THey twist people's arguments and basically act like asses. I already have been suspect of Ryan for a quite a while because he always has to add a vehemently anti-christian screed to most of his videos. Even Albert Pike said that in the end, it would be the destruction of the 3 monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. He mentioned zionism before it was even invented supposedly. So I'd listen to what Pike said as it was written 160 yrs ago and has been 100% accurate so far about WW1, WW2, and the 1st 9 yrs of WW3.
    Ryan Dawson with his anti-religion anti-god message is just not a safe bet. If he supports Ron Paul so much who's supposed to be this turbo-libertarian, why should he care what religion anyone is?

    As for Lawson, I don't know much about him except he has a good voice and he's made great vids about AIPAC, Israel, and even the Holocaust(which got censored). But when I posted the 1st 2 comments as "chromelung4", he jumped all over me. So then I did some digging and could see he's had the same trip with ridiculing "no planers". So I think he may be disinfo too. It's not much of a secret anymore that some very strange UFO's are masquerading themselves off as jets. YouTubers like FakePlane & Spacecowboy1954, amongst many others, have filmed this many times. If you haven't seen it, you really should.

  4. Ryan Dawson is a dis-info agent. Spotted that as soon as I saw a few seconds of video on You Tube. Israelis offer us one thing. Because they are so insular they think we are going to believe their sloppy hoaxes.

  5. Yes.

    Ryan Dawson is a dis-info agent.

    But, just like Alex Jones, he makes sure
    that anyone with a brain sees that.


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