Friday, July 8, 2011

Those filthy, underhanded, sneaky, crazed throat-slitting Arabs


(Notice the knife-wielding thug in the above poster getting ready to slit someone's throat?)

At least that's what was once my favorite movie channel, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) was programming you to think on 7.7.11.

TCM's brain-washing began much earlier in the year, when they repeatedly show WWII movies, the ones dripping with patriotism, with John Wayne and his fellow freedom-fighters taking on those Nasty Nazis and those devious Japanese.

War movies have always been a staple on TCM, but lately they've went overboard with the programming.

This started happening about the same time stories came out in the MSM about Americans getting 'war fatigue' from fighting all of those 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

But on Thursday, July 7, they really waved the flag and repeatedly reminded us that we're dealing with a sneaky, underhanded, back-stabbing con artists.... no, I'm not talking about Zionist Jews or the war criminal, Israeli CRIME MINISTER 'Betty Nuttyahoo.'

I'm referring to movies made in Hollywood that portray Arabs as some sinister gangsters, trying to take over the world... Or slit your throat for your pocket change.

Movies like "Adventure In Iraq" (1943), which is about Americans getting captured by Arabs working for the Nazis.
En route from India to Cairo, an airplane piloted by Doug Everett and carrying estranged husband and wife George and Tess Torrence, is forced to land in the Iraqi desert. George tries to radio Cairo but finds that the radio tubes are dead. Doug then suggests that they hike to a settlement about ten miles away, which he observed from the air. When they arrive, Doug recognizes the inhabitants as a sect of devil worshippers. They are about to leave in a panic when Sheik Ahmid Bel Nor, the leader of the town, arrives and invites them to dine with him. The trio are struck by the elegance surrounding the sheik, but they are quickly disillusioned when he informs them that they are to be sacrificed in exchange for his three brothers, who are about to be executed for espionage by the British.
Devil worshippers? They must of run into the devotees of the cult religion, Judaism.

And "Action In Arabia" (1944)
In the spring of 1941, American newspaper correspondents Michael Gordon and William Chalmers land at the Damascus airport on their way home to the United States. The war has turned Damascus, the political center of the Arab world, into a breeding ground for espionage and intrigue. Consequently, when Gordon witnesses French diplomatic official Andre Leroux meet Mounirah Rashid, the daughter of a prominent Arab leader, the reporters are intrigued, and Chalmers decides to follow Leroux while Gordon checks into the Hotel International. At the hotel, Gordon is greeted by Mathew Reed, a member of the American Consulate, who accuses the reporter of stirring up trouble and orders him to leave town the following afternoon. Then, in the lobby, Gordon encounters Eric Latimer, a Nazi sympathizer who owns the hotel. When Yvonne, a glamorous woman, sashays through the lobby on her way to the gaming tables, Gordon follows her. As Gordon and Yvonne bet against each other, Latimer escorts gambler Josef Danesco to his office and, after exposing him as a cheat, makes him a proposition. Back at the gambling tables, Gordon wins Yvonne's stake and invites her to dinner to apologize. That night, as Gordon waits for Yvonne in the bar, he is approached by Danesco, who offers to sell him information regarding Nazi plans for the Arab countries.
When the man shows Gordon the German currency that the men whom Chalmers was following used to pay for his camels, the reporter realizes that Leroux is a Nazi collaborator.
Plus, "Sirocco" (1951)

A movie about a mysterious American who gets mixed up with gunrunners in Syria.
In 1925, in Damascus, the Emir Hassan meets with two Western reporters to publicize the Syrian nation's determination to continue resisting French occupation. After several French soldiers are killed in yet another Syrian ambush, General LaSalle summons Colonel Louis Feroud, the head of military intelligence, and insists on harsh retaliatory measures against the Arabs. Louis resists the demand and, indicating that he has a lead on who might be selling illegal arms to the Syrians, persuades LaSalle to refrain from implementing drastic action. Later, Louis meets with local food merchants, including American Harry Smith and Balukjian, and accuses the men of profiteering. Louis has compiled a dossier on Harry, a former journalist and army volunteer who went AWOL to run a local gambling house and now runs a substantial black market trade. That night, Harry dines at the Moulin Rouge club and notices a beautiful woman, Violette, who is soon joined by Louis. Dining is abruptly and violently disrupted when a Syrian national sets off a grenade.
"Trunk to Cairo" (1966)
Made at the height of the James Bond craze of the 1960s, the 1966 Israeli-West German co-production Trunk to Cairo attempted to cash in on the popularity of movies featuring international intrigue, beautiful women, and a strong central action hero. Although star Audie Murphy was in his forties and nearing the end of a rather undistinguished film career, he still retained enough real-life credentials as the most decorated American soldier of World War II to pull off the role, even if the picture was not hugely successful stateside.

Murphy is Mike Merrick, an American agent sent to Cairo to foil the plans of a neo-Nazi German scientist, Schlieben (George Sanders), who has developed a rocket weapon he plans to use against the world's superpowers. Complicating matters are an involvement with the German's daughter and a group of radical Muslims who are seeking to destroy both Merrick and the rocket. Part of the action involves Merrick's daring escape from Middle Eastern intelligence agents after he has been captured in Italy and sealed in a trunk shipped by plane back to Cairo...hence the title.

Trunk to Cairo was filmed in Italy and Israel, with some sources listing location work in Algeria as well.

Even though Sanders' character is a neo-Nazi bent on world domination, the Middle Eastern characters come off even worse in the story, perhaps in part because this was an Israeli production made at the height of tensions between that country and the Arab world. (Of course, Arab characters and their depiction in other movie productions at the time rarely fared any better). Trunk to Cairo was released one year before the Six Days War between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.
"Trunk to Cairo" has an interesting background.
It was made by Menahem Golan, an Israeli director and producer. He has produced movies for such stars as Sean Connery, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Charles Bronson.

He was co-owner of Golan-Globus with his cousin Yoram Globus.
As a director, Golan is probably most known for his 1977 film Operation Thunderbolt (Mivtsa Yonatan), about the Israeli raid on Entebbe airport in Uganda and "The Delta Force."
"The Delta Force"
Taking all passengers and crew hostage, the group, the pro-Khomeini New World Revolutionary Organization, led by Abdul Rifi (Robert Forster) and Mustafa (David Menachem), forces Captain Roger Campbell (Bo Svenson) and his crew to fly the plane to Beirut, Lebanon, where they make demands to the United States government that, if not met, will result in the death of the hostages. During the crisis, they separate the Israeli passengers from the Americans by forcing the flight attendant to identify them against her will. When the plane lands in Algiers for refueling, the terrorists bring a dozen additional men on board and surrender the female hostages and children. Meanwhile Delta Force, led by Colonel Nick Alexander (Lee Marvin) and McCoy, are deployed to resolve the crisis. Once the female hostages are evacuated, they launch their assault, only to discover too late that there are additional hijackers and inadvertently alert the terrorists. Abdul kills one hostage, a US Navy diver named Tom, taking the other two US divers with them as well as dozens of male Jewish passengers on board to Beirut. Delta Force gives chase to rescue the remaining hostages.
Source: Wikipedia

I watched part of this stink-bomb, where the Arabs (Actually Jewish actors) that hijack an airliner and force it to fly to Beirut, Lebanon, where they make demands to the United States government that, if not met, will result in the death of the hostages. During the crisis, the crqazed gun-wielding Arabs force the flight attendant to identify the Jews against her will.

The Arab hijackers pointed their machine pistols at the flight attendant, demanding that she point out the Jewish passengers or else. She starts to cry, saying she can't because she's German, and that Hitler had killed six million Jews during the Holocaust™ and she wants no part of helping them kill more Jews. The hijacker waves the machine pistol at her in a menacing manner and showing the audience his most vicious sneer, says, "Six million dead Jews wasn't enough!"

At that point, I turned the movie off and if you have any respect for your brain cells, I'd advise you to not watch this MOSSAD Studios psyops special.

To say that these Israeli Jews, Golan and Globus (Actually, they were born in Tiberius, Palestine) produced movies of such abysmal quality would be an understatement. They brought forth such stinkers as "Cobra," "Masters of the Universe," "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace," (Which was such a bomb, their production group went into bankruptcy) and "Operation Thunderbolt," about the rescue of hostages held at the Entebbe, Uganda airport, which we now know was an Israeli False Flag, and most of those horrible Chuck Norris action films.

"Sinbad The Sailor" (1947)
Centuries ago in Persia, at the time of Caliph Harun-Al-Rashid, boastful Sinbad the Sailor regales his doubting comrades with yet another tale of adventure: One day, near the port city of Basra, Sinbad and his faithful friend Abbu lay claim to a foundering baggala, or ship, whose crew has died from poisoned drinking water. On board, Sinbad is thrilled to discover a map he believes shows the way to Alexander the Great's legendary treasure-filled island, Deryabar.

Sinbad feels his destiny is to sail the ship to Deryabar and is therefore distraught when the map suddenly disappears. Before Sinbad can set sail from Basra, he learns that a newly enacted law requires that all found property must be offered at public auction before the finder can claim it. Sinbad tries to discourage any potential buyers by describing the ship as cursed and is annoyed when a veiled woman begins bidding on it. Sinbad outbids the mysterious woman, who then invites him to her home, and uses money that Abbu has pilfered from the auctioneer to pay for the baggala. Unknown to Sinbad, the woman is the beautiful but greedy Shireen, mistress to the ambitious Emir of Daibul. Shireen assumes that Sinbad, who is wearing some of the fancy clothes he found on the baggala, is Prince Ahmed and therefore must know the way to Deryabar, while Sinbad assumes that Shireen's interest in the baggala indicates that she knows the way. When Sinbad meets Shireen at her house, however, he woos her with his simple charms, and she feels her greedy desires evaporating. After Shireen warns Sinbad against pursuing the treasure, an assailant hiding behind a curtain tries to stab the sailor.
Poisoned drinking water? Bet I know who sold them that toxic slop.

Nakba: 63 years of incessant brutality

Beginning to see a theme?
Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged form the earliest days of silent film to today's biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs--from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding "terrorists"--along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today. Shaheen shows how the persistence of these images over time has served to naturalize prejudicial attitudes toward Arabs and Arab culture, in the process reinforcing a narrow view of individual Arabs and the effects of specific US domestic and internationl policies on their lives.

100+ years of brainwashing, nearly always showing Arabs as some sinister, backstabbing throat-slitter back in the early days, to showing them as 'terrorists' hijacking airliners and killing people in the modern era.

All a prelude to the rogue op of 9/11.

If you know who controls Hollywood (and our government) you'll know who was really behind 9.11



  1. Damn that is a lot of bad press for the Middle East! We know that the Ayrabbs have been getting bad media since the days of The Sheikh of Araby. Consider Indiana Jones and his fight with the Arabs, consider all the evil stereotyped Arabs in Disneytrash.

    A few years ago there were 30 anti Iranian movies in the making but I guess they hit a snafu because Iranians are Persians, NOT Arabs. No swarthy there.

    I notice in the list you mention there are no Hamburger Hills, no Apocalypse Nows, no Deer Hunters or any of the other movies with lessons to be taught about war.

    Remember, who owns this movie station. Is it not Ted Turner, Mr. Chop-the-Pop down to 5%?

    How many young folk watch these old movies do you think? Do you think it gets under their skin and urges them to get out and enlist?

    I have done a few pieces in the past and I am sure you know how it goes. To do the really good fighting movies, to get the great props and special effects, to get the captured troops attention, you play fair with all branches of the American military who frequently rewrite the score where they are dissatisfied at how things are looking in terms of press.

    They open recruitment booths outside the flicks they think will work well in that way. Apparently Top Gun was their most effective recruiting film ever. I cannot see Apocalypse working that way, but then they were denied military aid cos of the truth portrayed.

    Anyhow... good piece. BTW, the character slitting the throat in that pic looks to be Jewish slitting an Arab throat,non?

  2. Remember, who owns this movie station. Is it not Ted Turner, Mr. Chop-the-Pop down to 5%?

    Not anymore. Turner sold his interests in TCM a long time ago to what has now become Time Warner.

    Seeing what's happened to his cable news outlet CNN, I think he now regrets making that sale.

    BTW, the character slitting the throat in that pic looks to be Jewish slitting an Arab throat,non?

    Most likely. Damn near all the Arab 'bad guys' in those awful Golan-Globus movies were played by Isaeli Jews.


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