Friday, July 22, 2011

UPDATE: Were Murdoch's MOSSAD Buddies Behind the Norway Blasts?


It wouldn't be the first time the MOSSAD (Or their fellow gangsters in the CIA or Britain's SAS) were behind a false flag, just like they were the prime movers behind the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, as laid out in an excellent piece here by investigative reporter Wayne Madsen.

MOSSAD has been behind numerous false flags, mostly to make the ones they hate, which besides us GOYIM, are the Arabs and Muslims in neighboring countries, so for the MOSSAD to set off bombs in Oslo, Norway that looks like will be pinned on Iraqi's and or 'al CIA Duh' will do wonders to shift the MSM news cycle off the daily reports coming out of Britain, especially this recent one that Murdoch's son James gave false testimony before Parliament:
MP calls for police to investigate Murdoch son over crucial email

James Murdoch was today facing the possibility of being investigated by police after two former senior News International executives challenged the evidence he gave to Parliament.

Labour MP Tom Watson said he would formally ask Scotland Yard to look into Mr Murdoch's claim that he did not know about a vital email, which suggested the News of the World hacking went beyond one rogue reporter.

Prime Minister David Cameron, on a visit to the Midlands, said: "Clearly James Murdoch has got questions to answer in Parliament and I am sure that he will do that." The development came as the Standard revealed links between the judge put in charge of the hacking inquiry and the Murdoch family.

Lord Justice Leveson has attended two evening events at the London home of PR boss Matthew Freud - who is married to Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth - as well as having another dinner with him.

The revelations raised questions over why the judge had been chosen to carry out the landmark inquiry into the media, police and politicians.
'Sir' Ruppie has shown no remorse over tossing his flunkies overboard to take the heat for his crimes, will he do the same to his son?

Most likely, as his putrefied heart and diseased mind only seek two things: To protect Apartheid Israel from reality and more power.

However, if it turns out that this was an actual attack by Muslims, then considering the amount of damage and the number of innocent civilians Norway has help kill in Afghanistan and Libya, then the blasts would be a legit act of war.

"Pssst, Hey Norway, how much money did you make off the removal of Libyan crude from the markets and replacing that lost oil with some from your North Sea fields?"

Hani Hanjour... Israel, 9/11 and Jonathan Kay

UPDATE: Terror "Expert" being quoted as saying Muslims did Oslo is author of anti-Muslim book.
The Borders Of Islam, Stig Jarle Hansen

Exploring Samuel Huntington'S Faultlines, From Al-Andalus To Virtual Ummah

In his seminal work The Clash of Civilisations , Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington claimed that conflict between cultural blocs, or civilizations, will dominate the future. More controversially, he predicted that future conflicts will occur on the borders between Western and Islamic civilisations. The statements of Osama Bin-Laden seem to support his views: 'This battle is not between al-Qaeda and the US,' he said in October 2001. 'This is a battle of Muslims against the Global Crusaders. ...

Corporate Media Runs False CIA Story Stating Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Olso Bombings


  1. Hi Greg,

    Here is the picture of the "muzzie lovin" pretty boy

    Single White Norway Psychopath Killer: Anders Behring Breivik, 32, Nationalist, Hates Islam

    He's "pretty" alright. Obviously he he went to the same barber & hair colorist where "sexy geert wilders" get his roots done.

  2. That sadistic butcher murdered 84 kids?

    There's only one 'Tribe' around that produces those types of psychos and I'm guessing that with a last name of 'Breivik,' he's a Norwegian Jew.


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