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Is This the Location Where OUR Gold, STOLEN from Ft. Knox is Being Stored?

"Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants - but debt is the money of slaves."

Norm Franz, "Money and Wealth in the New Millenium"

Gangsters always have 'hide-outs' where they stash their stolen loot and the Fed is just a bunch of well-dressed gangsters that have been stealing wealth from Americans since 1914.
Just released today, the SECRET LOCATION of a New Federal Reserve Property. In a densely wooded area in Richmond Virgina lies the heavily guarded office building. According to a report, "Information about the function and location... .

SECRET LOCATION of a New Federal Reserve Property. In a densely wooded area in Richmond Virgina lies the heavily guarded office building. According to a report, "Information about the function and location of the property are classified by the Federal Reserve System, and employees are prohibited from discussing the site with anyone outside the organization."

The facility is known as the Federal Reserve West Creek Operations Center. So why the veil of secrecy?

The report, issued by the government transparency advocates at states, "There is no reference to the Federal Reserve on the property. At the entrance is a black sign with white letters that reads "West Creek Operations Center." Security gates, hydraulic vehicle barriers, and guards with loaded weapons control access to the parking lot. A meticulously maintained and patrolled perimeter fence encloses the property."

Ron Paul to Ft. Knox: Show Me The Gold May 10, 2010

Ron Paul, long the leader in American public life for sound money, sound banking, and the free market, talks about the progress of his Audit the Fed bill – and why the Fed, the Treasury, and the banksters fear it. He also discusses the crisis in Europe and especially Greece, and the Fed’s sinister and secret role. We know why the Fed wants its secrets kept safe from the American people, about what banks and other institutions it bails out by printing new money.

Lew Rockwell: Ron, what about the people who think that maybe all the gold isn’t there in Fort Knox or in the New York Fed?

Ron Paul: You know that’s the big thing now. If we could audit the Fed, that would include the gold because they have that on their balance sheet. I think obviously we should. You do recall during the gold commission I proposed that the gold commission go on record of auditing the gold reserve and we had 17 members of the gold commission. I think […] and I voted for auditing the gold and nobody else did.
Ron Paul to Ft. Knox: Show Me The Gold

Because many Americans have been dumbed down to the point of stupidity that most shouldn't be allowed to handle sharp objects, we have condemned our kids and grandkids to a lifetime of slavery, tyranny and starvation.

Back to work, peasant and stop complaining about all that gold we stole from you.

You didn't need it, you were too busy watching NASCAR and 'Dancing with the Stars' while babbling about Hollywood gossip, so we did you a favor.

VE are 'Masters of the Universe,' while you are nothing more than cattle, peacefully chewing your cud while we rob you right in front of your eyes.
The Gold Commission Finds That The US Government Owns No Gold--1981

President Ronald Reagan was looking into re-introducing the Gold Standard. He appointed a group called The Gold Commission. They found that the US Treasury owned no gold at all. The found that all the Fort Knox gold remaining is now being held as collateral by the Federal Reserve against the national debt.

Total US national debt back in 1981? $997,900,000,000.
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, the total US debt in 1981 was less than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

Within 10 years, that amount had grown to $3,665,303,351,697, with Americans being forced to pay $286,021,921,181 in interest on the fraudulent debt to the international bankster gangsters.

10 years later, in 2001, the US National debt had ballooned to $5,807,463,412,200, with 'We the People' being forced to pay $359,507,635,242 interest on the debt to the world's largest counterfeiting operation, the illegal and unlawful Federal Reserve.

This debt was before the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

The Fed Wages Its War On Gold On Behalf Of Fraudulent Paper Money
Question: If you were advising the Federal Reserve, what would you say are the unsolved economic problems of the day?

Milton Friedman: One unsolved economic problem of the day is how to get rid of the Federal Reserve.--January 1996 interview on NPR

"The world will soon wake up to the reality that everyone is broke and can collect nothing from the bankrupt, who are owed unlimited amounts by the insolvent, who are attempting to make late payments on a bank holiday in the wrong country, with an unacceptable currency, against defaulted collateral, of which nobody is sure who holds title."

- Anonymous

Ron Paul asks Ben Bernanke - Is Gold Money? July 13, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul questions Fed Chair Ben Bernanke in the U.S. House Financial Services Committee meeting. The FED is considering another round of money printing, QE3.

How Much Gold is in Fort Knox?

Who knows, no independent auditors appear to have had access to the reported $137 billion stockpile of brick-shaped gold bars in Fort Knox since the era of President Eisenhower.

This group is calling for freedom of information request:

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  1. They stole all the gold long ago. You know it's funny- I've never been rich. One thousand dollars in cash is a lot of money to me, seriously. I don't need a lot of money to live my life. It's amazing the greed of these psychopaths. All for what?

    When you ask yourself these types of questions, you come to the conclusion we are dealing with evil people here.


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