Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet the World's Most Sickest and Twisted Maniacs, the Zionist Army of Occupation

When it comes to shooting kids in the head or their pregnant mothers in the stomach, the Zionist Army of Occupation has no peers.

What a sick and twisted nation Apartheid Israel has become, but if you know Palestine history, and what happened in the village of Deir Yassan back in 1948, then you'd realize the Eastern European and Russian Zionist Jews infesting Palestine have been butchering the indigenous Palestinians since at least 1948.

RAMALLAH--The Palestinian Authority on Sunday warned that Israel's attacks on Palestinian children were escalating at "an alarming rate" and urged the UN to step in.

Israeli soldiers and settlers have killed nine children so far in 2011, and almost 200 children have been injured by settler violence and the Israeli military, a statement by the Government Media Center said.

"Hundreds of children are being illegally rounded up monthly by Israeli forces and detained, abused, and imprisoned without due process of law and in direct violation of international, Israeli, and Palestinian laws," the PA added.

The statement referred to a recent event caught on camera in which young Palestinians were kidnapped by masked, armed Israeli forces while playing football.

One of the children in the video, 13-year-old Islam Jaber, was taken to a graveyard and beaten up, the PA said, adding that he suffered severe anxiety attacks since the incident.

The PA said Israel attempted to bypass humanitarian law by applying "military orders" against Palestinians.
Like Father, Like son


'Alarming' rise in attacks on Palestinian children-video of kidnap Occupied Palestine

Can you kill a dead man?

A Bedouin teenager Ahmed Salama Eid Abu Hashish, 18 from the border area east of Beit Hanoun has been missing since 21st April, 2009. His family believe that he may have been killed in the buffer zone an area of Gaza next to the border that Israeli soldiers attempt to prohibit access to by shooting at people. On Sunday, 14 June 2009, his family, along with members of the Local Initiative from Beit Hanoun, and volunteers from the International Solidarity Movement Gaza Strip will attempt to search for his body in this area.
The ISM is aware of 18 people who have been injured by Israeli gunfire or shelling.
5 June 2009, Shoka, Rafah: Khaled Ismail Mohammed Jahjuh was shot in his lower spine by the Israeli army.
3 June 2009, Beit Hanoun: Ali Mohammed al-Zummara, 65, injured by shrapnel in the back.
3 June 2009, Beit Hanoun: Saleh Mohammed al-Zummara, 66, injured by a gunshot to the left hand.
3 June 2009, Bedouin village Um An-Nassir: Ahmed Tawfiq Abu Hashish, 17, injured by shrapnel to the left shoulder and foot.
3 June 2009, Bedouin village Um An-Nassir: Saleh Ahmed al-Madani, 17, seriously injured by shrapnel to the neck and the left shoulder.
20 May 2009, Beit Hanoun: Ziad Salem abu Hadayid, 23, was shot in his legs with live ammunition by Israeli forces.
7 May 2009, Rafah: Randa Shaloof, 32, was shot in her hand with live ammunition by Israeli forces.
3 May 2009, Beit Hanoun: Mohamed Harb Shamia, 12, was injured in his leg by Israeli forces.
3 May 2009, East of Jabalya: Mona Selmi As-Sawarka, 30, was injured by shrapnel wounds to her chest.
2 May 2009, Khozaa: Nafith Abu Teima, 35, injured in his neck by shrapnel from Israeli forces.
10 March 2009, al-Maghazi refugee camp: Muhannad Sehi Abu Mandil, 24, was shot in the left foot with live ammunition by Israeli forces.
24 February 2009, Khozaa: Wafa Al Najar, 17, was shot in the kneecap with live ammuntion by Israeli forces.
18 February 2009, Al Faraheen: Mohammad al-Breem, 20, was shot in the right leg with live ammunition by Israeli forces.
14 February 2009, Jabalya: Hammad Barrak Salem Silmiya, 13, was killed when Israeli forces shot him in the head with live ammunition.
27 January 2009, Al Faraheen: Arwan al Ibrim, 27, was killed when Israeli forces shot him in the neck with live ammunition.
25 January 2009, Khozaa: Subhi Tafesh Qudaih, 55, was wounded by a gunshot to the back.
23 January 2009, Khozaa: Nabeel Ibrahim al-Najjar, 40, was wounded by shrapnel from a gunshot to the left hand by Israeli forces.
20 January 2009, Sheyjaiee: Ahmed Hassanian, 7, was shot in the head by Israeli forces.
20 January 2009, al-Qarara: Waleed al-Astal, 42, was shot in his right foot by Israeli soldiers.
18 January 2009, Khozaa: Maher Abdul Azim Abu Rjaila, 23, was killed when Israeli forces shot him in the chest with live ammunition.

Someone's mind has to be totally twisted and beyond redemption to shoot kids.

Looks like the Zionist Army of Occupation has them by the thousands.

Israeli soldiers beat a Palestinian child

It sickens me that this sadistic terrorizing of the peace loving Palestinians is being supported by MY tax dollars.


The 'Tel Aviv Terror Masters' excel at being bullies, thugs and murderers, as long as they go up against women and children.

But when they invaded Lebanon in the Summer of 2006 and went up against a rag-tag army of Hezbollah freedom fighters, they got their asses kicked.

I can still remember the Zionist Army of Occupation retreating back to Apartheid Israel, with their tail between their legs, and some of the 'tough guys' were crying like little babies.

The Zionist Army of Occupation Shows How Tough They Are Against Caged Gaza Zoo Animals

Brave IDF soldiers kill animals in Gaza zoo who were cooperating with Hamas?

Monkeys and camels were among many animals killed by Israeli fire at a Gaza zoo.

The Gaza Zoo reeks of death, a month ago, it was attracting families - he says the zoo drew up to 1,000 visitors each day. He points at the foot-long hole in the camel in one of the enclosures.

"This camel was pregnant, a missile went into her back," he tells us. "Look, look at her face. She was in pain when she died."

Around every corner, inside almost every cage are dead animals, who have been lying in their cages since the Israeli incursion.

The zoo opened in late 2005, with money from local and international NGOs. There were 40 types of animals, a children's library, a playground and cultural centre housed at the facility.

Inside the main building, soldiers defaced the walls, ripped out one of the toilets and removed all of the hard drives from the office computers.

The Zionist Army of Occupation is filled with psychos, who usually shoot Palestinian kids in the head and their pregnant mothers in the stomach.

For more laughs, they blast away at CAGED zoo animals.

It doesn't get any sicker than this.



  1. Great article Greg.

    An israeli, Mossad, zionist NWO Rothschild everyday;

    "Someone's mind has to be totally twisted and beyond redemption to shoot kids."


  2. Thanks for your kind comments, Anon.

    Believe me, there was no shortage of material, I had to stop adding facts so the blog wouldn't turn into a book.

    Plus, I was starting to get nauseous from reading all of that sick stuff, so for my own sanity, I stopped where I did.

  3. Our military isn't much better. It's inevitable for shit like this to happen when the power structure controlling the military is so evil and lawless. What we are lacking these days are decent, honorable men. All these guys in DC, London, New York, Tel Aviv, Paris, ect. are psychopaths, literally. They actually enjoy making money and advancing their global agenda off of war, murder, torture and suffering. Many of them are probably Satanists.

    Another interesting thing I remember reading: Israel was instrumental in training our CIA and private mercenaries in these torture and "anti-terrorism" policies. I can't really think of a source at the moment, but I'm pretty sure Israel was involved in a lot of this shit going on at Guantanamo, Abu Graib, ect. And almost all governments were or remain complicit in the extraordinary rendition program, which is basically state sanctioned kidnapping and deportation for torture in a third country.

    I tell people to think about one little fact: the US government officially and unabashedly sanctions torture and murder ie, it is our policy to engage in these crimes. There's no way you could spin that fact; we either committed all those outrageous crimes and continue to do so, or we didn't. Which is it? Because I have a lot of evidence that we did commit those crimes and continue to do so. It's fucking ridiculous. And no one-- absolutely no one-- is saying anything about it, not even Ron Paul really. Until we start arresting these guys, and enforcing the rule of law, this madness will continue full speed ahead.

  4. Very good article, and I much appreciate the apt comments of John Friend.

    If we add the fact that the known terrorist organization ADL is "training" American cops and has been for some time.

    Educate Yourself has a recent case of insane police behavior, anyone going through the backfiles can find how many more there are:

    For anyone checking, it's interesting cops are practicing on the homeless right now. This deeply saddens me. I went to high school with two career police officers who were dedicated and upright, and it's sad their memory is almost certain to be tarnished by the thugs in uniform that are taking their place. No doubt thanks to ADL "training."

  5. Franz, when I first started my firefighting career back in 1983, on occasion, we'd have to call the police, since the situation was or had become volatile.

    Back then, the police were a little older, wiser and laid-back and would take a non-aggressive approach when entering the house or arriving at the emergency scene and defuse the situation.

    About 10 years later, those kindly gentleman started retiring to be replaced by young punks, looking like they were cut from the same mold.

    Crew-cut hair and wearing aviator type sunglasses, arms so muscled up it looked like they spent 3 hours a day pumping iron.

    They'd enter the scene in a hostile manner, with their gun drawn or their hand on their gun handle
    They usually made a bad situation worse.

    Some of us officers got together off-duty, had a few beers and talked about this, and finally decided to NOT call the PD unless the situation was going to imperil your crews safety.

    That info we passed on to other fire officers and it must of worked, because you could listen to 9/11 Emergency dispatch while on duty and notice that calls to respond the PD had definitely dropped.

    And no firefighter was hurt because of our actions, since we applied the knowledge we'd learned by watching the older PD officers over the years.

    A typical situation would have a firefighting crew in someone's house, doing CPR on a heart attack victim and giving them oxygen, maybe even using the defibrillator, staving off death while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

    Sometimes, some young punk, acting big and bad, would have one hand in a pocket, letting you know he had some type of weapon, all the while mouthing us, saying shit like, "You Mother Fuckers, if that was a white man on the floor, you'd be trying harder..."

    Which was total BS, we focused on the emergency at hand and didn't care about that person's color.

    When that would happen, I'd glance around the room and find the oldest person, usually a female, walk over to her and ask her in a kind, soothing voice, saying; "Ma'am, we're doing all we can to help our patient, but that young person in the corner, yelling at us in a threatening manner, isn't helping the situation, Could you please help us out?"

    That person would jump up out her chair, go over to the punk, grab him by the ear, drag him out of the room while saying; "Boy, these men are trying to work and they don't need your smart-ass mouth, so get out."

    Here would be a female, probably around 5' 7" tall, weighing all off 135 pounds, grabbing this muscled up 6' 4" dude who looked like he could play linebacker, leaving the room, while whining, 'OK Grandma, I hear you. I'll get out."

    If the situation wasn't so serious, I would've laughed at the sight.

    Yes, I'm aware of the ADL brainwashing our cops and even worse, JINSA sponsors Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, etc to go to 'Stolenland' and get their brains filled with toxic slop about how the brave peace loving Israelis', are blah, blah, blah.

    I don't know if my personal experience had anything to do with the ADL training our cops, or if fascist thugs who liked to have a 'license to kill,' were slipping past the psychological portion of the hiring process.

    Just another sign that America has been completely hijacked by that SLC.


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