Thursday, August 11, 2011

To Run for US President, You MUST Vow to Protect Apartheid Israel & Shield the Federal Reserve

"AIPAC meets with every candidate running for Congress. These candidates receive in-depth briefings to help them completely understand the complexities of Israel's predicament and that of the Middle East as a whole. We even ask each candidate to author a 'position paper' on their views of the U.S.-Israel relationship--so it's clear where they stand on the subject."

"Members of Congress, staffers and administration officials have come to rely on AIPACs memos. They are VERY busy people and they know that they can count on AIPAC for clear-eyed analysis.. We present this information in concise form to elected officials. The information and analyses are impeccable--after all our reputation is at stake. This results in policy and legislation that make up Israel's lifeline."
In 2004, Cain ran for the U.S. Senate in Georgia. Wouldn't you like to see his 'position paper' on Apartheid Israel?

Where do these CLOWNS Come From That Run for President?
GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s Bankruptcy Rant Shows Bankrupt Understanding Of The Constitution

Herman Cain kicked off his campaign last week by lecturing the country on its need to “reread the Constitution” — even though Cain himself couldn’t tell the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Sadly, this does not appear to be an isolated incident. Last October on his radio show, Cain launched into a impassioned rant about how federal bankruptcy law violates the Constitution:
All of the talk about a national foreclosure freeze . . . all they’re trying to do is appeal to people’s emotions. You see, the United States federal government, folks, has no jurisdiction over bankruptcy law. States do!

So, if some states decide that they want to investigate some of these phony or incomplete foreclosures, it’s up to the states. This is not even under the jurisdiction of the federal government!
But it sounds good. It really sounds good, though.
Once again, Cain really should try reading our founding document before he lectures others about it. According to Article I of the Constitution, “[t]he Congress shall have power . . . [t]o establish a uniform rule of naturalization, and uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies throughout the United States.” So the Constitution actually says the exact opposite of what Cain claims it says, because Congress power to make “uniform” bankruptcy laws prevents the states from creating their own rules for bankruptcy.

Or, to put it another way, claiming that helping foreclosure victims is unconstitutional may “sound good” to Cain’s right-wing supporters, but it has no basis whatsoever in the actual Constitution.
Surely Cain Helping to Protect the World's Largest Counterfeiting Outfit Doesn't Play a Role?
Herman Cain, 2012 hopeful: "There's No Reason To Audit The Federal Reserve"

Herman Cain, former Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, flippantly denies the need to Audit the Federal Reserve while hosting the Neil Boortz Radio Show on 12/29/10.
Cain says if you want to audit the Fed, that just shows your ignorance.

Why would anyone want to know why the Fed helped bail out the bank owned by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, "... at the same time that working Americans, small businesses, local governments and schools boards struggle to stay afloat financially?"

Just because state and local governments are going broke, that's no reason for the Fed not to loan 26 BILLION to Central Bank of Libya, who was borrowing money at almost zero interest from one arm of the government, the Fed, at the same time the Treasury Department was borrowing money at a higher interest rate.

Yep, people that ask questions about those backroom deals are just plumB ignorant!!

I don't remember CNN or FOX reporting on this, but that just shows I'm an 'ignoramus!'

As always, that 'SLC' figures prominently in the equation

Herman Cain: Anyone who messes with Israel, messes with the U.S

Herman Cain: Don’t Mess With Israel

Herman Cain Promises to Protect Israel

But who's going to protect the USA from Israel?

And who will protect 'We the People' from war mongering bozos like Cain?

Cain's past business successes proves he's not an idiot, but the BIG question is, would he put America first as president and that answer is NO.

But he LOVES Israel, and would have no problem with sending off more of our sons and daughters to fight and die, all to protect the region's #1 terrorist state. He's a BIG fan of the Zionist owned, Jewish run Federal Reserve and he hates Muslims.

Cain is just a 'Crazy Sarah' or the even crazier Michelle Bachmann without a skirt.

Crazy Muslims & Mosques Comments By Herman Cain

2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain made some outrageous statements regarding Muslims and mosques on Fox News. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on Jul 18, 2011

Two days after posting this video, MSNBC fired 'The Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur.



  1. Where do these CLOWNS Come From That Run for President?

    I know and tell me about it! All the rethuglican Presidential dopefuls are no better than any half educated mullahs in countries US likes to invade opps "spreading democracy" is the proper term, I think.

    Instead of thumping Quran, these mullahs are thumping Bible which has be neutered & kosherfied long time ago and how 'bout their unconditional support for israhell? Umhmm, you can write best selling novels on that subject alone!

    herman cain, rick perry, rick santorum & michele bachmann they are all known as zio mullahs.

    Cain is just a 'Crazy Sarah' or the even crazier Michelle Bachmann without a skirt.

    Greg, you have to look at that bachmann's crazy beyotch look on the cover of Newsweek.

  2. Isn't 'Newsweek' now owned by the recently retired from Congress, Jane "Let me waddle in and help free those Israeli spies" Harman?

    A US clone of 'Sir' Ruppie's News corp.

  3. Isn't Cain from Kenya?

  4. No cure for ignorance. These dolts don't realize their spew has worn beyond thin to threadbare. Over the years a lot of people has figured it out, in part from people like you. Give 'em no quarter.

  5. My god these people are such cowards. I watched a few segments of the GOP debate in Iowa tonight, and even Ron Paul was not that impressive. The rest of the Zionist puppets were spewing absolute bovine excrement. Their entire premise (Israel is an ally, 9/11 was done by Muslims, ect.) is a blatant lie to begin with.

  6. I watched a few segments of the GOP debate in Iowa tonight

    Mr. Friemd, you have a stronger stomach than I.

    I've seen and heard all that BS so many times, it makes me retch to see it anymore.

    At least 'Twit' Romney caught hell at the Iowa State Fair.


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