Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How and Why Many Americans Became so Stupid and Gullible

This guy could work as a morning news anchor on FOX.
Someone once said that Americans are the best educated and least informed people on the planet. I think that's an understatement.

By accident or design, most likely the latter, many Americans have become dumbed down to the point they shouldn't be allowed to handle sharp objects.

Ignorance is one thing and it's curable. You can educate yourself online, by going to the library and reading a book or take classes at local college, tech school or if you're lucky enough to live in or near a progressive city, they offer adult education classes on a variety of subjects.

But stupidity is another story. It's a nasty virus that has infected America like the Black Plague, killing off our brain cells 24/7 and there's no known cure.

Try to engage the typical American about the Federal Reserve or the Wall Street Casinos that stole TRILLIONS of dollars of OUR wealth and are living like royalty on the stolen loot, with hardly anyone being prosecuted and most will get a blank look on their face.
But ask them about their favorite sports team and their face will light and they'll start spewing out stats, like they were an ESPN sports anchor.

Same thing about Zionist MSM psyop distractions, like the Casey Anthony trial. They'll know all about that sordid murder, and be more than happy to let you know how educated they are on the subject.

And it won't be long before the Zionist MSM finds another heartbreaking tale of some brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of some poor child. Is that news? Yes, on a local basis, but when the media constantly blabs about something that happened 800 miles away from where you live, you know the 'fix' is in and the PTB are distracting the feeble-minded and gullible so they can get away with theft and murders.

Around 800,000 kids go missing each year in the USA, and many are never seen again.

That's around 2,000 each and every day... You could say a 9/11 happens to children each day of the year in the USA.

Now that's a story that should be broadcast nationwide, informing the public over a week or so with solid reporting and turning up the heat on the FBI on what in the hell is going on and why are you sitting on your duffs when our innocent children get 'disappeared.'

That type of story will never see the light of day.

Our apathetic, indolent ways and choosing to stay ignorant about subjects vital to keeping what's left of our democratic republic alive are condemning us to a fate worse than death.

That's one thing, we're adults and WE let this situation get out of hand while we watched last night's 'Big Game,' or NASCAR or read the latest dirt on Lindsay Lohan. But we are also condemning our kids and grandkids to a lifetime of poverty, slavery and brutal tyranny and that ain't right.

Another disturbing aspect is that at least one, maybe two generations of Americans have been trained to be as ferocious as new born kittens.

That's something the PTB just love and have nurtured over the decades, by putting out their psyops messages on TALMUD-Vision, or the 'Boob Tube' that are slyly inserted in Saturday morning cartoons.

I've watched some of that m ind-numbing slop. They're always getting across the messages to submit to authority; never question what your government does or says and the police are your best friend, etc.

Gone are the REAL cartoons, like the "Bugs Bunny-Road Runner" show and the "Looney Tunes cartoons where you had a variety of characters who stood up to power and the little guy, like 'Tweety Bird," was never afraid to fight off the predatory nature of "Sylvester the Cat," and win.

Guess those types of cartoons send the wrong message these days, the PTB don't want people thinking they can actually fight back against two-legged predators and WIN.

Here's a small sampling of the 'good old days' when cartoons were for fun and not brainwashing little ones.

Foghorn Leghorn - Leghorn Swoggled

Little Henery the Chicken Hawk wants to trap Foghorn Leghorn for his dinner, and the barnyard dog says he will help Henery to catch Foghorn on one condition - that Henery find him a bone. Henery's effort to find the dog a bone involves obtaining cheese for a mouse and a fish for a cat, with Foghorn's help! Once the dog is given his bone, he uses it to knock Foghorn out so that Foghorn can be carried away by Henery on a toy train

Time to WTFU America and do it NOW or get used to the coming, absolute police state and forever being Wall Street's and Israel's BITCH.



  1. That 800,000 number freaks me out. I hope the vast majority are just kids "running away" for a day or something, because 800k vanishing is really a staggering number. As a parent, I can protect them from the TV BS (done), but the thought of all these kids being "snatched" or something is very disturbing.

  2. Great article Greg, it's a sad fact of reality that the vast majority of people living in this country have NO IDEA what is really going on, and don't want to know. I got into a very long and deep discussion and pointed out so many facts to my friend the other day about Israel and Jews in the US and their obvious role in carrying out 9/11. None of it was credible to him. It didn't matter, wasn't relevant, ect. I mean, how do you reason with people like this? You can't. He even believed the official theory. I couldn't believe it. Very few are psychologically strong enough to face the facts and understand the reality of the global power structure and real history, like 9/11.

  3. Call me paranoid, but I seriously think they put something in the water, or transmit weird electro-magnetic signals, or do some kind of weird subliminal messages, or *something*, because I can't believe how blind people have become.

    A few years ago I looked up at the sky outside the local mall and was taken aback by all the chemtrail X's -- I don't know if you "believe" in chemtrails or not, Greg, but in the old days contrails didn't last much longer than 5 minutes -- and they didn't turn the sky totally white. Well, that day the sky looked a lot like this. And I saw an elderly couple come out of the mall and I asked, incredulously, "Don't you see that? What do you think that is?" And they just looked at each other like I was crazy and said, "well they're just lines from the jets, I suppose," and went on.

  4. The article and the comments answer the opening question perfectly well. Thank you! Chemtrails.....yeah right.

  5. The title of this post is pretty misleading, as you don't actually ever explain the "how" or "why". This is partially due to the fact that your reasons (cartoons, TV in general, "choosing to stay ignorant" {really?!}, etc.) are not specific to the US, and then there's the fact that even if they were, they're pretty obviously not the reason behind Americans' general ignorance. Come on, now. There's clearly so much more to it than that.

    Sorry, it's just kind of annoying when you're doing a Google search on the topic and trying to find actual relevant info and this inaccurately-named timewaster of an article comes up. I read the damn thing at least 3 times trying to find where you answered the question, thinking I had missed it, but nope, nothing.

  6. Americans are stupid because we really do not need to use are brains to exist. We veg out with TV, videos, games, cell phones, computers, technology does everything ..... Why use one's mind! So what happens when a person does not have to use their brain?
    The brain dies! Americans are basically BRAIN DEAD!

  7. I totally agree, Americans are so gullible it's sick! All the way to the point where over 95% of Americans believe in the lies that it was fires that sent the World Trade Center crashing and crumbling all the way down to it's bare foundation on 9/11, and to totally exclude from their dead brains that no highrise building in the world has ever crumbled all the way to it's bare foundation because of a fire, and/or that even the Empire State Building had a plane crash into it in 1945, and the Empire State Building is still there today. Not to mention the bigger fibs that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction" even though no weapons of mass destruction were ever found in Iraq; Bush only attacked Iraq for their oil and to jack up oil and gas prices as high as he can, and used his lies to get voted in for a second term.

    It's especially shocking when someone lands outside the U.S. Capitol in a gyrocopter and they treat it like Tsar Bomba being about to go off there.

  8. Probably no one will see this on their tiny cell phones but later it has proven that the reason for the lack of WMD's is they were all shipped piece by piece to Syria which is why it would've been a MAJOR mistake to go to war with.

    A whistle blower I can't remember the details so don't ask warned Obama that if he were to bomb Syria there would be a major chemical mess because that's where the weapons went and that's why we didn't go to war with Syria.

    The threat of Iraq WMD's existed way back in the early 90s which even Bill Clinton made several statements concerning about them as UN Inspectors were being blocked from doing their jobs back when YOU were either in diapers or playing video games not giving a damn about anything outside of the US of A unless it involved your homework.

    That's when the full effects of this dumbing down was really beginning to be effected in America. 9/11 is just a good insight but it is far from the cause.

    Instead of *doin the twist* with TSA security theater we should have sued the responsible airports such as Boston International for not enforcing security measures such as the lack of cameras at checkpooints or patting Atta down who was video taping security check point lanes which airport authorities at the time DID have the right to intervene but refused to do so despite credible witnesses and workers very concerned.

    We should've kept existing security and make national rules so people would understand and not be confused if they should pull their laptop out of not which was a problem as each airport had different procedures.

    Instead we installed TSA to cover up the problems which will no doubt reoccur in some other fashion to the point we will (well not me) comply to flying in our box shorts and hopefully then people rise up and string up the rich folks who royally screw with us to put it politely.

  9. I feel that subliminal messages are what's happening most likely in our dream state they are fooking with us to get rid of those who will stand up.

    We are in Satan's final hour and then will be the treaty that brings on the one world system. The Anti Christ sometime will get slain and be brought back to life as an image people will have to bow to or be put to death. *3D hologram*.

    Each generation Satan tries out an anti christ to test us seeing if we are ready for a one world system.


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