Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is There a Difference Between Nazi Germany and the USA of Today?

A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war

When war is ‘normal’

Most soldiers and Marines in today’s military have seen their entire careers consumed by combat. During last year’s 9/11 anniversary, Lt. Col. Christopher M. Coglianese accompanied his second-grade daughter on her school’s annual Freedom Walk outside Fort Hood, Tex.

“Basically the whole student body walks around the grounds of the school wearing patriotic garb and carrying signs about freedom,” Coglianese recalled in an e-mail from Iraq, where he is on his third tour.

The children in his daughter’s Skipcha Elementary School class proudly told him how many times their fathers had deployed and where they had fought.
Photo of Obama saluting fallen troops questioned

The image millions of Americans saw after the bodies of 30 fallen troops arrived at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware Tuesday was of a silhouetted President Obama in somber salute.

Now news organizations are wondering why the White House was allowed to take and distribute that photo when media covering the event were barred from taking any.

Even the Pentagon itself didn't take photos. But the White House did, posting it on its website and sending it out so that newspapers could portray their president saluting. None of the cases used to carry troops killed last weekend when their helicopter crashed in Afghanistan were depicted.
Almost 10 years of endless war, cheered on by the MSM, who helped pass on many a lie about Iraq and Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya and no questions.

But if these jackals don't get to take a pic, they start raising hell?

Sorry MSM, too late to pretend you actually report the news. Go back to the next Casey Anthony trial BS campaign that is surely coming to the Boob Tube, sooner or later.
Freedoms I Wish the Military Were Defending By Laurence M. Vance

"Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended." ~ George W. Bush, September 11, 2001

We have heard it repeated loudly and continuously since 9/11 – the troops are defending our freedoms. This claim is made so often and by so many different segments of society that it has become another meaningless national dictum – like "God Bless America" or "In God We Trust."

This cliché is actually quite insidious. It is used as a mantra to justify or excuse anything the U.S. military does.

U.S. troops are engaged in unconstitutional, undeclared wars – but the troops are defending our freedoms. U.S. drone strikes killed civilians in Pakistan – but the troops are defending our freedoms. U.S. bombs landed on a wedding party in Afghanistan – but the troops are defending our freedoms. U.S. soldiers murdered Afghan civilians and kept some of their body parts – but the troops are defending our freedoms. U.S. helicopter pilots gunned down Iraqi civilians – but the troops are defending our freedoms. U.S. soldiers killed civilians for sport – but the troops are defending our freedoms. U.S. troops carelessly killed civilians and then covered it up – but the troops are defending our freedoms.
If anyone would know what a faceless coward would look like, it would be that stack of human foreskins, the mass murdering, psychotic GW Bush, who went AWOL from his comfy Texas Air National Guard spot the DAY BEFORE a scheduled physical that included a piss test for illegal drugs, but his Daddy intervened and saved 'Junior' from any punishment.

Good training for the future president.


  1. Good work went into this post. Kudos Greg.

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  3. Equating Nazi Germany with the USA of today is not so far fetched as some would have us believe. Nazis have dwelt in and ruled the USA long before Hitler was born and even financed him later. One of those goes by the name Bush.

    Anyone with some basic Hebrew will tell you the word Nazi is anglicized from the Yiddish Hebrew word Nasi which simply means someone with a high position and the legal power to decree life or death. The zionists won't tell you what or who the Ashkenazis are. That would let the cat out of the bag and the Goyim start connecting the dots

    'Modern' Nazism was also born in Germany but long before Hitler was born. Moses Hess coined the term 'National Socialism,' short for 'Nazism,' which he intended to use for Jewish nationalism in 1862!

    While some 'declassified' documents accurately mention that lots of Nazis were brought to the USA after the war with all the technology that made America today, they never reveal that those Nazis were actually Zionists amongst whom the familiar Zionist figures such as Lilienthal, Oppenheimer and Einstein, the most evil characters of all humankind.

    Dietrich Bronder, a Zionist Jew and historian of the time of Zionist Jew Hitler, wrote a book called "Bevor Hitler kam" (Before Hitler", Geneva, 1975), showed, which Jews financed Adolf Hitler all the way to power, it proves that most of the Nazi leaders were Jews or were married to Jewish women. Bronder's book is banned in Germany and elsewhere. It was never reprinted. I have a copy and hope to post it @ 'Secrets of Zion' as soon as a rough translation is ready.

  4. Equating Nazi Germany with the USA of today is not so far fetched as some would have us believe. Nazis have dwelt in and ruled the USA long before Hitler was born and even financed him later

    And "Operation Paperclip," the post WWII smuggling of Nazi's who had some value to the US intelligence or military goals brought in at least 1,400 high ranking Nazis and steathly inserted them into the government, even though they had to make up false backgrounds to get around a ruling by Congress that actual Nazi party members will stay in Germany.


    Greg Bacon at Goon Squad has a very valid point; the USA now resembles Nazi Germany.

    Almost all the leaders in the USA are zionists. The funding of those who reach the bowels of power comes from zionists. Only candidates positively vetted through israel can become president. Once in power no member of congress dares to burp without first asking their zionist masters.

    Israel is USA's zionist brother and though much smaller is very psychopathically sucessful in getting his big sibbling to do the little sibbling's bidding.

    Their common father is Rothschild. He is a infanticidal parent who sacrificed civilians on 9/11 and who would in a heartbeat sacrifice all of israel to achieve a new world order completely owned and controlled by he and his zionist international bankers.

    Psychopaths have no allegance to anything but themselves. This is the one characteristic where they are always consistent.

    The USA is now Germany in 1939.

    Look for and all-out world war very soon.


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