Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is "Veterans Today" Just Another Zionist Gatekeeper Outlet?

I've read Veterans Today (VT) for several years and found most of their articles informing and thought they were trying to get out the TRUTH.

But after reading this article, "America Must Attack Gaddafi Now," from February of 2011, I'm beginning to have huge doubts about VT's veracity.

In the past, I've defended VT from those who have accused it of being a disinfo site, a gatekeeper for Zionist interests that only tells a little truth to make the rest of the story believable.

But after reading this flag-waving pablum, VT no longer has my support.

In the article, the writer, Senior VT Editor Gordon Duff says we must attack Gaddafi to regain our 'sacred honor?'

WTF is he babbling about, sacred honor?

I'm not sure he even knows. Either Duff is a Zionist gatekeeper, pushing lies and disinfo to lead us down a road to a dead end, or the only American history he knows was gathered from watching way too many John Wayne war and cowboy flicks.

Maybe we should ask the 50,000 or so Libyans the NAZI AMERICAN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, aka NATO, murdered in their brutal campaign to invade and occupy Libya, but they're not talking much, since they're too busy providing flesh-eating worms with a buffet.

Maybe 'Gordo' is referring to the 'sacred honor' of our ancestors, who murdered over 3 MILLION Native Americans when they invaded and occupied what eventually became the USA.
They even went so far as to use what was possibly the first case of biological warfare, by giving blankets riddled with smallpox germs to the indigenous people.
Of the 400 or so treaties we made with the Native Americans, how many did the USA honor?

NONE, zero, zip zilch.
(I highly recommend reading Dee Brown's excellent book on our treatment of the Native Americans, "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.")

Or maybe he's talking about that 'sacred honor' that enslaved millions of blacks for centuries, terrorizing and brutalizing an entire people kidnapped from their native homes to work as slave labor to help make this country prosperous?

No? What about the FALSE FLAG sinking of the USS Maine in Cuba that was used by President Teddy Roosevelt as an excuse to send American troops nearly 10,000 miles away to invade and occupy the Philippine Islands?

We lied to the Filipino people, telling them we'd give them freedom if they would fight alongside American marines to oust the Spanish, and then we reneged on our 'sacred honor' and only gave the Filipino's the business end of the rifle.

Maybe he's talking about the nefarious meddling we imposed on Central America in the early part of the 20the Century, making it safe for Wall Street to impose their will on various nations, or what TWO TIME Medal of Honor winner General Smedly Butler called 'gangster capitalism?'
That kind of sacred honor we kept imposing for the next 60+ years and even now, we keep sticking our well armed noses where they don't belong in Central America.

That's not what he's talking about, is it?

What about interfering in a bloody and sadistic way in South American nations, helping to kill off or overthrow the democratically elected leaders so we could prop up some murderous SOB who was free to kidnap, torture, make disappear and kill as many of his countrymen and woman as the psycho deemed fit to keep him in power. The USA encouraged all of that, as long as the tyrant in charge kept referring to them as 'Commies.'


We did the same to large portions of the ME, like Iran. The CIA and their brutal cousins in England's MI6 helped depose Iran's democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in 1953 so we could install the tyrant bastard Shah, whose secret police set new records for cruelty.
Mossadageh's crime? He wanted to use the oil resources of Iran to help Iranians and not bloat Wall Street's bottom line.


We helped install, fund and arm Saddam until he was needed to replace the Commie boogeyman that had fell in 1989, giving the Pentagon a convenient excuse to demand and receive huge funding increases to inflate their war machine beyond any legitimate needs.

Then there's our murder of over 2 MILLION South Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, another war started by another FALSE FLAG in the Gulf of Tonkin.

We've have given large sums of money and an endless supply of advanced weapons, plus political backing in the UN to the world's #1 terrorist state, Apartheid Israel, so it can continue with its ethnic cleansing campaign of genocide and stealing Palestine from the indigenous Palestinians. Doesn't matter who's in the WH, the song remains the same and the latest Zionist shill, Obama, is setting new records for showing his subservience to the 'Tel Aviv Terror Masters.'

Then there's the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, which was pulled of by the WH and elements of the CIA; the FBI, the Pentagon and ISRAEL.

What I've written so far only scratches the surface of our 'sacred honor.'

So what exactly is Mr. Duff referring to when he mentions that America must regain its sacred honor by invading another Muslim country?

I have no idea and neither does Duff.



  1. nice stuff mr squad,hopefully he was in john wayne land when he wrote that,lets hope he has now come to his senses...

    good morning from colonialist central...

    and respects to you....neil

  2. I have had questions about Duff for quite some time now. However, I had not read that particular article until you pointed it out.

    After also reading thru the comments of the post (especially Mr Duff's), I have come away convinced that this man is either a blithering idiot or a shill for the war machine.

    He actually commented to someone with a question about the Zionist regime controlling all this by saying that we are invading to get rid of the Zionist influence.

    I know the guy is smart, so such a sentiment is misdirection. He can't be that clueless.

  3. I have steered clear of VT for about 7 months now. Personally I do my damndest to stay out of personality conflicts that seem to arise from time to time in bloggerland. It is just so counterproductive in any format.

    HOWEVER when I find something that really disturbs me I just quietly move away and this I did when GD came out swinging and supporting NATO against Qaddafi. It was just too flag waving and support our troops etc etc for my taste.

    I also happen to trust the work of the firebrand Jonathan Azaziah and have always found his analysis of matters to be in depth, backed up and very eye opening. He was a feature writer at VT.

    He pulled out from VT after this get Qaddafi stuff began. I forget where I heard him say that he would talk to GD about his stance but that his ethics and scruples would have him leave because he knew the truths of the situation there. And Ziah is extremely ethical and passionate about truth.

    I heard other stuff about Duff through the grapevine, but I stay away from that. Gossip that I am sure could be proven or not but... blah. The support for NATO in Libya was all I needed to scoot.

  4. Veterans Today must be mad or bad if it is supporting NATO.

    - Aangirfan

  5. Nazi American Terrorist Organization. I like that. Much more accurate description of NATO. You're good at coming up with stuff like this Greg!

    I agree with Aangirfan 100%.

    I don't think VT is a disinfo site like many others do though, they have plenty of brilliant articles and writers there. I just think Duff is completely wrong about Libya. And their entire readership thinks Duff is completely wrong about Libya, including many of the staff writers and editors. That's a good thing.

  6. Greg,

    Must be Duffy's holohoax suvioror granma yentila poked him with a twig (saved from anne frank's backyard) and warned him about cutting from her will "Bubala, write a hit piece on Libya or no more reparation shekel 4 U!"

  7. There's some good writers at VT today, so it's difficult for me to paint the entire rag with the same brush.

    But Duff is the head honcho and as such, he bears the responsibility to act like he's actually trying to throw off American Imperialism and not defend it by writing such BS about invading Libya.

    Libya has just become another in a long line of nations the USSA has invaded to bring them democracy, which sells great back here in LA-LA Land, but when you're in one of those nations on the receiving end of the smart bombs and Hellfire missiles delivering American democracy and being 'liberated' by getting blown to pieces, then I can no longer support VT.

    More's the pity.


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