Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Israeli CRIME MINISTER Betty Nuttyahoo's Halloween Costume

What Israeli CRIME MINISTER Betty Nuttyahoo really looks like, which his aide said made him look soooo beautiful, it wouldn't work to scare the GOYIM on Halloween.


The costume chosen by his Most Royal Majesty, Betty Nuttyahoo on Halloween, dressed up like he has in the past while looking for helpless Palestinian children to kidnap and butcher so his personal physician could steal the child's organs.


Afterwards, 'Betty Nuttyahoo' lets his VP Obama of Israel's colony, the United States of Zionism, what he thinks of his bitch.




  1. Betty? Did his surgeon give him a sex change too?

  2. Hmmm ...very good question, Noor!

    "betty nuttyahoo" is also known as "bibi" - in India, "bibi" generally means wife.

    Bibi A Sikh women is also referred as Bibi. that's according to

    Also the word "Beta" means son/boy in Hindi language. Beti - you guessed it - daughter!

    binny as betty!

    URRGH ...eeekhh .....can you imagine binny nuttyahoo as a woman? I am having nightmares looking at Cher's ex-daughter/nuevo son Chaz.

    The first pic is truly nuttyahoo.


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