Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Oh-No, Yahoo Refused to Publish My 9/11 Memorial Fund Comment!"


Couple of weeks back, Yahoo had a contest where they wanted readers to submit a short essay on 9/11, like where you were at and how that day has changed you, etc.

I submitted my recollections, but for some reason :), they couldn't handle the truth, so they shit-canned my submission.

Kept a copy of the essay, since I knew it wouldn't pass the ADL censors at Yahoo, but it must of got under someone's skin.

Here's what I submitted:
TITLE: "My 9/11 'Eureka' Moment"

The morning of 9/11, I had just finished working a 24 hour shift as a career firefighter/medic and since the night before was rather busy, I was lying down on the couch, trying to catch '40 winks' before I started the day.

The phone rang and on the other end was my brother, who was talking excitedly about some plane hitting the WTC, said there were probably more jets in the air that were suspect, what did I think was going on?
Told him I had been sleeping, so I hadn't watched what had happened, and said that to me, it looks like the CIA are up to their old tricks.

The line got so quiet, thought we had lost the connection, but he spoke again, changing the subject.
Couple of years later, he told me he thought I was crazy for saying that, but these days, he doesn't think I'm so crazy.

Since that day, I have dedicated myself to helping uncover the TRUTH about who was really behind the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.
That's the TRUTH. If you want to REALLY piss someone off, tell them the TRUTH, then be prepared to either stand your ground or if they're bigger, to run like hell.

Here's Yahoo's reply:
Your submission, My 9/11 'Eureka' Moment, has been declined by the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, because of the sensitive nature of some of your statements, we cannot publish this as part of the 9/11 Memorial Fund project. Specifically, your passages about American officials being involved in the attacks cannot be part of this project. We appreciate your enthusiasm for the assignment; if you would like to revisit what you wrote and resubmit a version that doesn't include those or similar passages, we will reconsider. Thank you, Yahoo! Contributor Network

Please visit your Content page to resubmit or delete this content.
No, Yahoo, I won't be ripping out the TRUTH about the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 and send you a pack if lies.

That's the job of Zionist MSM psyop outlets like FOX, the NYT and you, Yahoo, so keep shoveling that BULLSHIT, because you need many tons of that stinky fertilizer to keep the lies surrounding the official version alive and well.



  1. Hey Greg!

    Due to the sensitive nature of your commentary


    They should have said, due to the fact that you can think for yourself and that is simply unacceptable we cannot publish your comment

  2. I left a comment over at my place to you regarding "life changing drug experiences"

    Wondering if you had heard of DMT?

    Interesting, quite.

    There is a documentary called the spirit molecule.

    Heard the doctor interviewed twice.
    Very interesting the whole subject.
    Haven't seen the documentary but both interviews were good.

    Apparently this DMT is in the pineal gland


    interesting stuff, nothing I have really had the chance to look into, but interesting just the same

  3. Obviously the coffee has not kicked in and clearly I did find the topic "interesting"


    I should just delete that comment, but, I won't since it gave me a chuckle

    hope you don't mind greg?
    We all have our sleepy moments

  4. Hehehe...

    Bravo Greg, you're like a sleeping lion, you may appear to be sleeping but your vigilance is way ahead of those appering to be awake.

    CIA ...Dov ...oooh mine! Opps!

    Your brutally honest statements stabbed all the israhell firsters at once at the yahoo! ☺

    yahoo's message board section is swarmed with filthy israhelli agents, can't stand reading 'em.

  5. I have a comment on my blog I haven't published yet re: the FBI documents on the Dancing Dips -


    He's now accusing me of censorship
    e.g. "of course, only Zionists censor - LOL!"

    Most of what he's said is so much horseshit - it's very typical of the type of misdirection the sayanim use. If I had to answer all of these nuts, I'd have no time for anything else.

  6. Apparently this DMT is in the pineal gland

    Penny, I've heard of DMT, but never tried it, probably because never had access to the stuff.

    In Hunter S. Thompson's book, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," there's a part where he and his Samoan attorney friend do some and it turns out to be pretty wild.

    The whole book is one alcohol and drug soaked week of excess, but it's funny as hell.


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