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Who Stole the GOLD on 9/11?

The BIG Question is, was there any gold in the vaults or had it been stolen before the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11?

Did the gold wind up in Israel's Negev Desert, where it was cast into a giant, golden calf?:)

Picture of the purloined gold that is now in Israel, being worshiped by the Zionist thieves in 'StolenLand.'


At least several HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS of gold missing from the WTC complex during the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11

Damn, isn't Bin Laden and 'al CIA duh' shrewd? They not only could evade the ENTIRE intelligence apparatus of the Western world, cause havoc at NORAD so they wouldn't be able to protect the USA on 9/11, knew exactly where those blind radar spots that can't pick up errant jets and also knew where to steal several billion dollars worth of gold!!!
November 2, 2001: Giuliani Reduces Number of Firefighters at Ground Zero, Following Recovery of Gold New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani angers firefighters when he decides to severely reduce the number of them that can search for remains at Ground Zero. Until now, up to 300 firefighters at a time have been involved in the search and recovery effort. Giuliani’s decision will mean no more than 25 at a time can do so in future.

So far, the bodies or remains of 101 firefighters have been recovered, out of the 343 who died at the World Trade Center on 9/11. According to the IAFF, the mayor refuses to even meet with local union presidents about the decision [to stop looking for FF remains AFTER the gold was found]. Due to the ensuing public outcry, Giuliani will modify his policy and allow firefighters back on the pile at Ground Zero. The remains of another 113 firefighters will subsequently be found. The IAFF later alleges that “the mayor’s switch to a scoop-and-dump coincided with the final removal of tens of millions of dollars of gold, silver and other assets of the Bank of Nova Scotia that were buried beneath what was once the towers” (see (Mid-October-mid November 2001)). “Once the money was out, Giuliani sided with the developers that opposed a lengthy recovery effort, and ordered the scoop-and-dump operation so they could proceed with redevelopment.”
Gold? Did someone mention Gold?

9-11 WTC Biggest Gold Heist in History: $300 Billion in Bars

The fate of nearly $1 billion worth of gold, silver and other precious metals stored beneath the WTC before 9-11 continues to baffle many.

The Times piece also reported that some of the recovered gold may have been found outside this vault.

“The gold, which was discovered . . . was being transported through the basement of the building on the morning of Sept. 11,” reads the article. “Recovery workers reached a service tunnel and discovered a 10-wheel [truck] and a number of cars [that] had been crushed by falling steel.”

Was the uncovered 10-wheel truck the last in a fleet of gold-laden rigs with an armed security escort? Did personnel decide to abandon these vehicles and flee on foot as they heard the structure above them giving way? Answers to these questions may never be fully addressed so long as the federal government refuses to revisit the 9-11 tragedy with an adequate investigation.

Meanwhile, some insist the official story is an unabashed lie and that another reason behind the 9-11 attacks was to pull off the biggest gold heist in history. One of the more outrageous claims along this vein comes from former mob boss Tony Gambino, who declared in a 2007 radio interview: “I know for a fact that Bush [and other] U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and helped organize 9-11. They did it for many obvious reasons, one being to instigate a war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below the [WTC].”

"Who you going to believe, the Feds or your lying eyes?"
Missing Building Contents

Accounts of Ground Zero agree on the thoroughness of the destruction. What remained was primarily the structural steel, other metal pieces, paper, and dust. Not only were the non-metallic parts of the building -- such as concrete and glass -- pulverized, so were the building contents, as firefighter Joe Casaliggi recalls.

"You have 10-story buildings that leave more debris than these two 100-story towers, Where the f___ is everything? A serious week-long search and we've found 200 [bodies] in a pile of 5,000? What's going on? Where is everyone? Why aren't we finding more bodies? Cause it's all vaporized -- turned to dust. We're breathing people in that dust."

The levelings may have destroyed evidence of crimes beyond just plane impacts and building collapses. There were vaults of gold bullion in the basement of 4 World Trade Center, but the amount of gold recovered seems to be only a small fraction of the amount known to be stored there. Was the gold stolen? Being a dense, malleable metal, gold should not have been broken up by whatever destroyed the towers. Gold is also one of the most inert elements, and is extremely unlikely to participate in chemical reactions. Even if it were possible to pulverize and disperse the gold, its storage in the basement of WTC 4 assured that it escaped the violent forces that pulverized the towers.
Gold and Silver Recovered from WTC Basement Area; Evidence Suggests Attempted Theft

Attempted Theft?

Confessions Of A 911 Hitman: How & Why I Helped Blow Up The World Trade Center

Or was the REAL gold stolen and replaced by gold-colored tungsten bars, which now seem to be popping up all over the world?

9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB pulled off by the White House; elements of he CIA and FBI and ISRAEL.

The 300 billion in gold pales in comparison with the TRILLIONS stolen from American 401k accounts and pension funds, by those "Too Big to Fail" Wall Street bankster gangsters, who hid their thefts behind the 'War of Terror' and using their Zionist owned, Jewish run MSM to scare Americans non-stop with horrifying tales of non-existent Muslim boogiemen.


Are the gold bars in Fort Knox really made of the precious metal? Or has the government secretly sold off the stockpile and replaced it with tungsten bars that are painted gold?

As a postscript to the story, CNBC asked for a tour of Fort Knox to film the gold, since our only footage of Fort Knox is from 1974. An official at the Mint told us that not he was not aware that any member of Congress had toured the facility since that year. Fort Knox is "a closed facility," the official said.

There is NO gold at Ft. Know, the crooks at the Federal Reserve already stole OUR gold as collateral for the funny money they sell us as debt.



  1. Brilliant article, Greg! No one ever talks about all the missing gold that was kept under the WTC. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. It appears USA are in hands of the Mafia anything they do not agree with they ignore like 3 months of molten steel

  2. OMG ...OMG Greg,

    Terrorists are gonna get us Again! Did you see this one in the "muzzie" controlled news?

    Feds: US man planned to blow up Pentagon

    BOSTON (AP) — A man was arrested Wednesday and accused of plotting an assault on the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol using remote-controlled aircraft armed with explosives — the latest of several terrorism cases to spring from federal sting operations.


    Hmmm, Pentagon and remote control plane, Again??!! Global hawk ooops Flight 77 episode part deux? Did dov kakheim left a penny or two behind from the last time and they just realized? May be few pieces of gold still scattered at the Pentagon to bling blingified his greedy crooked teeth.

    Rosh hashanah only a day away ....time 4 another false flag, yay!!

  3. Rosh hashanah only a day away ....time 4 another false flag, yay!!

    Shit! Usually, the 'Chosen Ones' celebrate their unHOLY days by invading a neighboring country or bombing the hell out of Gaza or setting off a FALSE FLAG against their 24/7 ATM, free weapons depot and UN protector, the USSA, so if you live in a large city, better have that cell phone camera handy and hold on tight.

  4. My belief is that the making of the movie die hard, was the cover-up to remove the gold long prior to the september 2001 incident.

    By september 11th 2001 there was no more or little gold left.


  5. I no longer believe Muslims did 911. I think it was Israeli Jews

    1. Enough were Arrested that day yet sent off back to Israel no charges wonder had they had been Muslims would they have been treated thiscway

  6. I can't believe the American people don't know this was treason. 16 years later and they can't find 300 billion in bullion.

    1. Nor the Trillions missing from Pentagon Able Danger see how they were shut down!

  7. I guess I should mention that everybody was obviously paid off to look the other way


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