Saturday, October 29, 2011

9/11: Comparing What Happened at the Pentagon with Another Jetliner Crash

Frame of what we've been told is a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon


Pic of what's left of that Boeing's 757 engine that allegedly hit the Pentagon


Notice the man's leg and how small the engine rotor appears?

Now here's a pic of one of the two types of jet engines used to power the Boeing 757, the Pratt-Whitney. Notice the man working on the engine? Must be a midget.


How many 'passengers' survived the Pentagon attack?


But back in 1989, another passenger jet crashed into a hardened concrete runway and many people survived that crash and there are videos that one can actually see what happened, as opposed to those released by the REAL 9/11 perps; videos that only leave one confused, since you can't see or discern what happened.

Sioux City Flight 232 Crash

United Airlines Flight 232, a scheduled flight between Denver and Philadelphia via Chicago. On July 19, 1989, the Douglas DC-10 (Registration N1819U) suffered an uncontained failure of its number 2 engine which destroyed all three of the aircraft's hydraulic systems. With no controls working except the power levers for the two remaining engines, it broke up during an emergency landing on the runway at Sioux City, Iowa, killing 110 of its 285 passengers and one of the 11 crew members.

Compare the above disaster, which is fairly easy to see what happened to the video below, which happens so fast, no one can really tell what in the hell hit the Pentagon.

Pentagon crash

At Sioux City, it was amazing that so many survived, along with numerous parts of the DC-10, which had a wider wing span and weighed more than a 757.

For you math geeks, using the physics law of Force=Mass x Acceleration, and the fact that the DC-10 was bigger than a 757 and going around 300 MPH when it impacted the runway, wouldn't that mean that there would have been so much damage, that hardly any pics of that showed what was left of the DC-10 would have been available and NO ONE would have survived?

Other than London, England, the Pentagon probably has more CCTV surveillance cameras than anywhere in the world, yet the FBI refuses to release video footage from 84 cameras that captured What Really Happened on 9/11 at the Pentagon.

When you do some serious research into that FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB, you'll know who was really behind that act of treachery against the American public.
FBI Claims 84 Videos Show NO Flight 77 Impact

Whereas a large body of reports of eyewitness accounts strongly supports that a twin-engine jetliner (Flight 77) swooped in at a very low altitude and exploded at or in front of the Pentagon, photographs of the facade and lawn show an absence of aircraft debris or a pattern of damage consistent with such an aircraft.

The resulting evidence vacuum has created the conditions for a protracted controversy about what hit the Pentagon. The lack of evidence of large aircraft debris in post-crash photographs of the Pentagon's exterior, combined with the refusal of officials to produce evidence supporting the official story, has led many skeptics to believe that the damage was caused by something other than a jetliner hitting the building.

Further, there is neither video footage nor any photographic evidence in the public domain showing a jetliner approaching or crashing into the Pentagon. Not only has the government refused to release footage that would clearly show how the Pentagon was attacked, it has also seized footage not belonging to the military. The FBI reportedly confiscated video recordings from three locations shortly after the attack (Sheraton National Hotel, NEXCOMM/CITGO gas station, and the Virginia Department of Transportation). The FBI has, in its latest response admitted possessing at least two of these CCTV videos. These two recordings could provide decisive evidence about the crash and end the controversy.



  1. File a lawsuit and appeal against the criminals and get fined. This is what passes for justice in America.

    "Attorneys Who Filed 9/11 Conspiracy Suit Are Sanctioned for Pressing Frivolous Appeal"

  2. This is what passes for justice in America

    Justice in Amerika? There is no such thing anymore.

    It's like Richard Pryor said, that when you go into a courtroom looking for justice, that's what you'll find, "Just Us."

  3. I was slightly sceptical after reading and watching videos I am convinced. How to spread this to general public?


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