Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Parasites Among Us

Margin Call: A look at the parasitical one percent

The release of Margin Call—which fictionally (and rather scathingly) chronicles 24 hours in the life of a major Wall Street firm during the September 2008 financial crisis—in the midst of the Occupy Wall Street protests is a further indication of a change in global popular mood.

The film by J.C. Chandor of course took some time to prepare and create; it has now emerged in a situation where the hostility of millions for the bankers and the super-rich is an acknowledged fact of everyday life. It is to the credit of the filmmakers that they embarked on the project, with whatever trepidations and limitations, when they did.

Margin Call attempts to enter into the thinking, motivations and psychology of the Wall Street power brokers who helped crash the world economy in 2008.

Thieves, criminals and semi-criminals run the financial machinery, draining and destroying society’s resources. The “we-have-no-choice” decision of Tuld et al to launch a meltdown is additional proof of the anarchy of capitalism. In one scene, Irons’ Tuld—to justify the collapse his firm’s activity will bring about—speechifies that since the 17th century there have been financial crises at regular intervals. But making the case that “we can’t help ourselves—there will always be the same percentage of winners and losers,” is harder and harder as social polarization intensifies.
Margin Call Trailer

"You're selling something that you know has no value!"

Will "Margin Call" be more truthful in outing these planet wide destroying parasites or will it be a cover-up like Oliver Stone's 2010 movie, "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps."

Stone's movie portrayed one Jewish banker CEO, Louis Zabel, played by Frank Langella whose firm was crashing the market as being distraught over the results of risky trading and outright theft, so he does the 'honorable' thing, commits suicide.

The other Jewish banker, Jules Steinhardt, played by Eli Wallach is cast as some sort of good guy, 'soothsayer' type whose role makes him into some paternal grandfather type, watching over the GOYIM destroy the markets.... What a load.

The BAD guy, is the GOYIM character Bretton James, played by Josh Brolin who has no conscience and only loves money... Too much is not enough for Bretton. Both are with the fictional Wall Street investment bank, Churchill Schwartz.

Both Steinhardt & Bretton James work at the same firm that partially implodes towards the end, but the film shows Steinhardt lecturing James on his foolishness in getting involved in this mess and says he wants nothing to do with James, as if he was washing his hands of criminal activities the film infers he didn't know that his own company was engaged in.

The lead character, Shia LaBeouf portrays Jacob "Jake" Moore, a young trader who comes across as being ambitious, but having a conscience and filled with concern for humanity's future... Phew.

Guess what. Shia is a full-fledged 'Tribe' member. No wonder someone who has such abysmal acting skills keeps getting work in Hollywood.

Wonder if the screenplay writers had a part in pulling the wool over the GOYIM's eyes.... AGAIN.

"Everybody Has a Number" Clip - Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Jacob Moore (Shia LaBeouf) questions Bretton James (Josh Brolin) in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Do you have a 'number?' My only number is one that allows me to keep a roof over my head; put food on the table and have enough left over to save for a rainy day and donate to a few charitable organizations, like my favorite, the excellent American Near East Refugee Aid charity, which since 1968 has been helping provide vitally needed supplies to Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank; in the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza and the refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.... and thanks to the illegal and immoral "Operation Desert Slaughter, Part II," they also help Iraqi's in need.


  1. Another movie to avoid.

    But then, yours truly avoids anything possible that enriches the tribe so movie going is pretty well out.

    Now I know, however, what that labeouf child does besides get drunk and into bar brawls.

    I feel so enlightened!

  2. Hey GB,...I'm just sittin' here watchin' the wheels go round and round...stripping, cleaning, reassembling and loading my Ruger 3.08 long-rifle, with Bushnell Elite 6500 Rifle Scope 4.5 - 30 X 50 scope!

    My kids and their mum are safe and I don't give a shit anymore, too hard, too late and not prepared to negotiate!

    Call me when it hits the fan! Coooeeee!

    Paulie Grice.


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