Monday, November 14, 2011

SIX MILLION CHEER... for Death and Destruction

WW1 propaganda poster


Six Million? Where have I heard that number before? Wait, don't tell me, it will come to me in a minute.

Brainwashing at its simplest style; get Americans out of their homeland and shipped 'Over There' to fight for democracy.
"Over There" is a 1917 song popular with United States soldiers in both world wars. It was written by George M. Cohan during World War I.
The USA had no business getting involved in WWI, but England was losing the war to Germany and the Rothschilds were in danger of losing huge sums of money and their base of operations, so America got tricked into 'keeping the world safe for democracy.'

Not really. To fight to make huge sums of money for the Zionist bankster gangsters financing both sides of the conflict.

Another propaganda exercise was before and during WWII, to get American again involved in conflicts in which the only real winners were some of the same Zionists gangsters that financed both Hitler and the USA to fight to exhaustion.

But this time, they could use more colorful imagery to warp minds both young and old; Hollywood and their mass media:
Hollywood's World War II Combat Movies

Ninety million Americans went to the movies every week during World War II. The shows began with a newsreel. The audience saw Hitler dancing a jig or Pearl Harbor engulfed in flames or Roosevelt meeting with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. A cartoon followed, perhaps Bugs Bunny "Nipping the Nips." Then came the main attraction, with Errol Flynn spitting grenade pins out of his mouth or John Wayne using a bulldozer to push an enemy tank off a cliff.
Rare Bugs Bunny Featuring Hitler

You can go to this Wikipedia link to see how many WWII propaganda films Hollywood made. There's too damn many to count.

Hollywood really put a lot into this massive brainwashing op, to get Americans foaming at the mouth about Hitler and Nazism, all the while, the bankers in NYC, London and Zurich were rubbing their grubby hands and filling their pockets with bloody gold.

But most importantly, to get their dreams of an Israel established on land stolen from the indigenous Palestinians and other local Arabs.

But during the Vietnam War, the press got a little out of hand, because they broadcast LIVE from another Zionist bankster gangster con game, and Americans got to see on the TV at home their sons getting blown to hell and gone, which eventually led to the end of the war, since they could see no point in fighting or by then, didn't even know what in the hell we were fighting for:

Vietnam War - Battle of Ong Thanh

In carrying out Operation Shenandoah II - October 1967, Alpha and Delta companies of the 2nd battalion, 28th regiment "Black Lions", 1st U.S. Infantry Division engaged in one of the Vietnam War´s most ferocious fights. The battle took place nearby Lai Khe, northwest of Saigon. Claiming 64 Americans got killed, the battle report was not declassified until 1991.

After the Vietnam War, and after they were outed again during the 1980's Iran-Contra scandal, the Zionists and American chicken hawks retreated to their cave, to plot and plan their triumphant return when they could again take total control of the USA and use Hollywood to cheer-lead for endless war to make more money for the greedy banking bastards.

Their plan finally culminated on 9/11.

Now they have even more insidious means to sicken our minds so that we think killing people who mean us no harm, is not only fun, but patriotic.

It's no coincidence that these same nations are the ones Israel wants destroyed or Wall Street wants to plunder their resources,
so they use video games, like the very popular "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3."
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 makes $400 million in 24 hours

The Call of Duty franchise has easily become one of the biggest selling entertainment phenomenons in history, MW3 just made it bigger
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has sold 6.5 million copies in just 24 hours taking sales of a staggering $400 million making it the largest entertainment launch in history, all despite the issues that have been plaguing Call of Duty: Elite.

Without throwing too many more examples around to put this into perspective, the Call of Duty franchise will now have made more than the box office takings for the theatrical releases of 'Star Wars' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. So while it must be a good day for those at Infinity Ward there have been some negative points surrounding the release.
Rounding up another generation of cannon fodder to put even more coins into the murderous banksters financing these 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.'

Infinity Ward is a subsidiary of Activision, whose CEO is Robert Kotick.

Kotick? That name has a certain ring to it, is he a 'Tribe' member?
He's a native of Long Island, NY, but doesn't like to give out any info about his background, or it's been wiped off the web.

Sounds like Kotick's a 'Chosen One,' since the board of Activision reads like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

Plus, us GOYIM don't get financing and financial advice from 'Tribe' members, you have to be on the inside, like Kotick.

What’s Ahead for L.A.‘s Jewish Economy?

Better ask Kotick.

Milken Institute Global Conference 2010 - Speaker: Robert Kotick

'Mikey' Milken's name might sound familiar, since he was one of the 'junk bond kings' that stole billions from Americans in the 1980's and helped wreck the economy.

I seem to be going in circles here, nearly all the roads to endless war and war profiteering wind up pointing back at ONE source.

Milken's scams and schemes were finally brought to light and he actually got sentenced to 10 years in prison in 1990, but only did two, since he had swarm of doctors swear to the parole board he was dying of cancer.

He's still around and in 2006, was named one of the richest people in the world.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

It pays BIG, as long as you don't have a conscience and don't mind killing innocent people and destroying nations.

Is that what the SIX MILLION from WWI were really cheering about, making money?


  1. An infinite supply of gentile

    Clone Wars.

  2. There was a hearing today about a new law to censure the Internet. You can watch in the HouseResourceOrg channel in the YouTube under the title: Web as Weapon: Internet as a Tool for Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Parts 1 and 2

  3. Good post Greg, funny thing about WWI and WII, if I'm not mistaken, is that both presidents promised the American people they would keep us out of those wars! Wilson and Roosevelt both sold us out to the Jewish bankers and war profiteers!

    The War on Terror propaganda pervades society these days. TeeVee shows, movies, books, talk radio, "think tanks", schools, universities, ect. Same propagandists, different generation.

  4. That's right, Mr. Friend. Wilson was especially vocal about keeping America out of WWI during his 1916 re-election campaign. As soon as he won and was sworn into office, he did just the opposite, and in 1917, the USA was sending American kids to the European trenches to keep the Rothschilds money safe.

  5. The turd in the living room is being ignored.


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