Sunday, November 27, 2011

Think You're NOT Being Pimped for More Wars? Think Again.

Half of Americans Would Bomb Iran if Sanctions Fail

Half of all Americans think that bombing Iran is necessary to stop the country's burgeoning nuclear weapons program if sanctions fail, according to a new Quinnipiac poll. And 60 percent of Americans think that economic sanctions will fail.
A psyops article written by a Danile TOVROV... sounds like a 'Tribe' member to me, since they're always clamoring for more death and destruction to protect their beloved state of hate, Apartheid Israel.
But the 'Chosen Ones' wouldn't be doing the fighting and dying, it would be Americans, tricked again by the 'Tel Aviv Terror Masters' into doing their dirty work.

The poll, conduced by Quinnipiac, is a university located in Connecticut that even advocates on their web page for war against Iran.

I thought polls were supposed to be fair and impartial. Silly me.

But when you conduct the majority of your 'polls' in states like Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, well, count the number of American Israeli's living in those states, & when it comes to bombing the hell out of Israel's 'existential' enemies, the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

It also helps to have an American Jew of questionable loyalty running the poll.
Douglas Schwartz, PhD, director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, is responsible for the poll's methodology and all aspects of the survey process, directing each project from conception through analysis.
Even back in 2007, the mass murderers that head Israel and have America by the balls were drumming up support for attacking Iran.

But these back-stabbers aren't satisified with only having 52% of Americans scared so much that the demand their bitch, the USSA bomb the hell out of a nation that is NO threat to us, but which Israel doesn't like, their greed for death matches their desire for gold, so they want more, more and more.

This 2009 poll, from PEW--no, not that kind of 'pew,' although it does have a certain smell to it--says that 61% of brainwashed Americans want to bomb Iran.

Again, we have some 'Tribe' members in senior positions at Pew, like President: Andrew Kohut and Project Director Tom Rosenstiel, who get help from Henry and Peter BERNSTEIN.

No conflict of interest there, right? Right?

Yet another poll, courtesy of "Yahoo,'

Half of US voters say bomb Iran if sanctions fail to stop nuclear development: Poll - Yahoo!

Yahoo's CEO is Roy Bostock, another American Jew who would love to see the USA self-destruct fighting the never ending 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel.

No war mongering and psyops campaign would be complete without that 800 pound gorilla blasting out BS and lies, the Zionist Borg hive also known as the ADL, which stands for ANOTHER DAMN LIE.

You can go to this Google search page and see how much press the ADL received for deceiving Americans so much, that over 80% say we should attack Iran.

I won't go to the actual ADL page for the link, since I don't trust what those fifth columnists have been doing to American minds, and take a chance on getting my computer attacked by some nasty 'Stuxnet' type virus, but if you're feeling ballsy, hop over to Abe's fav site, but since it's daylight, he's probably not awake, since he likes to hand upside down by his claws when the Sun is out.

Abe Foxman, the sleazy head of the ADL, has been pushing lies about non-existent Muslim boogiemen for so long, he's seeing 'anti-Semitism' in everything, including vodka ads.

When the ADL and 'Abe' aren't pushing lies to scare Americans' they're engaged in spying on Americans. If you think for yourself and don't rely on TALMUDVISION, you might be on their list of patriotic Americans who love their country that has been hijacked by war mongering scum who not only love death and destruction, but make huge sums of money financing these wars, and looting the life savings of hard working Americans.

Israel is NOT a democracy, but a bunch of greedy, savavge thieves in a nation being led by war lovers and haters of TRUTH.

Journalist Receives Death Threat for Talking About Israel

Apartheid Israel is being led by a collection of murderers, thieves, psychos and lovers of war.

It's completely corrupted the US Congress, the WH and controls the MSM.

It needs to be disarmed before those loonies turn the entire planet into a radioactive ball of dust.


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