Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Shell Shock in WWI to PTSD Today, It's How the Banking Crowd Makes Their Pay

War is pure hell for those that survive the combat, troops and civilians alike, but for the international bankster gangster crowd, it's a VERY lucrative way of 'making a killing' by killing.

Shell Shock Victim (WW1)

Some of these souls languishing in a private Hell, caused by endless days or weeks of shelling, were considered cowards and executed by their own country.
To their far-off generals, the soldiers' executions served a dual purpose - to punish the deserters and to dispel similar ideas in their comrades. Courts martial were anxious to make an example and those on trial could expect little support from medical officers. One such doctor later recalled, 'I went to the trial determined to give him no help, for I detest his type - I really hoped he would be shot.'

Those condemned to death usually had their sentences confirmed by Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig on the evening following their court-martial. A chaplain was dispatched to spend the night in the cell with the condemned man and execution took place the following dawn, with some men facing their last moments drugged with morphine or alcohol.
When the time came, the offender was tied to a stake, a medical officer placed a piece of white cloth over the man's heart and a priest prayed for him. Then the firing line - usually made up of six soldiers - was given orders to shoot. One round was routinely blank and no soldier could be sure he had fired a fatal shot.

Immediately after the shooting, the medical officer would examine the man. If he was still alive, the officer in charge would finish him off with a revolver.

There is an excellent movie on this subject, 1957's "Paths of Glory," starring Kirk Douglas as a colonel who is ordered to mount a suicide mission by ordering his regiment to 'Go over the top,' which means leaving your trench and charge into 'No Man's Land' that was filled with barbed wire, mines and behind that, fixed machine gun positions.

The machine gun fire is so intense, the attack fails, pissing off an egomaniac French commander who then wants to show the rest of the soldiers that you will be subject to a court-martial and executed if you can't accomplish your insane mission.
Paths of Glory is based loosely on the true story of four French soldiers during World War I, under General Géraud Réveilhac, executed for mutiny in Souain, France; their families sued, and while the executions were ruled unfair, two of the families received one franc each, while the others received nothing. The novel is about the French execution of innocent men to strengthen others' resolve to fight. The French Army did carry out military executions for cowardice, as did all the other major participants. However, a significant point in the film is the practice of selecting individuals at random and executing them as a punishment for the sins of the whole group.
It's an excellent anti-war movie and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching this insider's view of the insanity of wars and the troops being at danger from being killed by the enemy or their own country.

Douglas tries to defend the soldier's randomly selected for the trial, but the outcome is already decided and the resulting trial is a farce.

This is how the Western world brings democracy to the planet, one bullet, shell or cruise missile at a time.

Paths of Glory - trench warfare scene

Since the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, there's been plenty of killing, but where's the anti-war movies?

The only one of note is "Avatar," which was anti-war, anti-occupation and included a healthy dose of Native American spiritualism.

No wonder those who own Hollywood hated the movie. Can't have people thinking that invading, occupying and stealing another nation's or planet's resources is wrong or that loving and respecting Mother Nature is the right thing to do.

No money and fortunes to be made that way.



  1. Good stuff as always Greg.

    This is off topic but I've been meaning to ask you if you know anything about what has happened to w at Facts Not Fairies. Have his email? I left a comment on his last post a good while back but no response. I hope he's OK.

  2. War is a racket. Nothing else to say.

    I took a course my last year in college on the history of WWI and WWII, and we actually read Paul Fussell's 'The Great War and Modern Memory' - check it out when you get a chance if you haven't. Ugh, trench warfare. Horrifying stuff.

    Good question about w.... his site has an email address at the bottom of the page:

  3. Kenny and John, don't know what happened to "Facts not Fairies" blog spot.

    Couple of months ago, got concerned and left a comment asking if everything was alright and no reply.

    He was a dedicated 9/11 truth searcher and helped expose many of Zionism's lies and fronts, so my gut feeling about what happened to that person behind the blog isn't good.

    Just checked that site again and the last post was the last post, way back in September 2011.

    Something's up and it ain't good.

    Mr. Friend, the book that I recommended about WWI is "All Quiet on the Western Front." The first-hand stories told in that book about what the survivors saw and endured is amazing.

    "The Guns of August" is also a good book. That's the book that opened my eyes even more, after reading it and realizing that nearly all the kings and queens that ruled most of the countries during WWI--on either side--were either related by blood or marriage to the English monarchy.

    Another 'Rothschild Inc.' production.


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