Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Gasp, Don't Ever Use the 'M' Word Around Me!"

'M' would be the word morals/morality and that's one thing the bankster gangster crowd doesn't want to hear, it makes them squeamish and diverts them from their most favorite activity; stealing American's money and their homes.

Millions of Americans have already have lost their most precious and cherished possession, their house and millions more are heading down the same path. Figures vary, but almost 30% of American homes are 'underwater,' a term for the mortgage owed is way more than the home's value.

The Zionist owned, Jewish run Federal Reserve, which openly admitted--over 80 years later--it caused the first 'Great Depression,' says that Americans have lost, or the more appropriate word would be stolen, that buzzards enjoying an endless bounty of corpses have chewed thru over SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS of American's investment in their homes.
"We're in uncharted waters," Zillow chief economist Stan Humphries said in an interview. "More than one in four homes underwater and about 9 percent unemployment is a recipe for more foreclosures."
"Uncharted waters?" The same waters that the US Titanic was deliberately steered into so it would hit the international bankster gangster strategically placed iceberg, that some survivors say was a 'Star' shaped iceberg?

Now that the same blood suckers, the Fed, along with those 'Too Big to JAIL" Wall Street Casinos helped wreck the economy and make trillions in the process, and there's no serious judicial criminal prosecution going on, in fact, it's the opposite, they're being protected, why should 'We the People' get robbed in broad daylight, with the Fed, Wall Street and SEC in on the robbery and not take action to protect what little we have left?

After your lifetime's investment in your home has gone to hell, with the Feds and the banking bandits laughing at you, why not walk away from the fraud perpetuated upon you by the Zionist owned, Jewish run Federal Reserve, along with those Zionist owned, Jewish run Wall Street casinos, who are starting to get a bit nervous, as more people are leaving their 'underwater' homes and doing so successfully, which a recent which a recent study by the Mortgage Bankers Association likens the rise in the rate of strategic defaults to the spread of a disease.

It's OK when 'We the People' get the 'disease' and wither away, but G-d forbid that it should impact the blood suckers bottom line.

Mr. Banker, here's what the 'M' word looks like:
As home prices fall, more borrowers walk away

When David Martin and his wife bought their north Seattle condo five years ago, they figured they had plenty of time to downsize if they needed to before they retired.

Now, with the property worth roughly $60,000 less than the balance of their mortgage, Martin, 68, has been giving serious thought to just walking away, a process lenders call "strategic default."

"Guilt and morality are one side, and objective financial analysis are on the other side," Martin said. "They're coming to two opposite conclusions. I wonder how many other people are struggling with the same question."
The Federal Reserve has admitted they caused the first 'Great Depression,' and IMO, they, along with those 'Too Big to JAIL' Wall Street bankster outfits helped cause this economic depression, making trillions, robbing 'We the People' in broad daylight while the DOJ and SEC stood by, doing nothing, why should we keep getting fleeced?

If the government refuses to protect its citizens, then you must protect yourself.

If only the bankster gangster crowd had the morals of the good Mr. Martin.

Judge Juan B. Colas, Anchor Bank and Office of Thrift under fire by Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin foreclosure fraud case.

One of the comments left pretty well sums it up:

PS: BTW I am wondering why I don't feel so good, and it has less to do with the fact that I haven't worked out in a few days than what I just lived through even as a documentary film maker. It's so foul I could puke as well. How these people go home to their families every day as if nothing is wrong amazes, me. In fact I often wonder if they eat their young.

Like Yogi Bear said, "It's Deja Vu all over again, as the criminal elite that caused the first 'Great Depression,' the Fed and their Wall Street bandit buddies, then bought up the foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar, are now committing the same crimes.

Got your hiking tent and camping utensils in good shape?

You're going to need them, and not for a few days of fun and sun.



  1. Those very same that eat their young have been at my place rubbing the hands in giddy expectation of the death and carnage to come.

    They are Ron Paul base.

    Paulsterity is coming. Be prepared.

  2. "Paulsterity?"

    I like that word. Paul will never get into the WH, until he mans up about the REAL perps behind 9/11, he's just another attraction and distraction in the PTB Traveling Circus.

    Saw that the woman with two heads, 'Crazy Sararh' from Alaska might rejoin the troupe.

    What did we ever do to deserve this?

    Maybe we have already died and are in some kind of Purgatory, serving time for past wrongs until we get to the next dimension?


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