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How to be a Truthful LIAR

No, President Obama isn't actually proposing to cut defense spending

A lot of rhetoric is being thrown about in discussing the Pentagon budget. Reporter R. Jeffrey Smith from the Center for Public Integrity takes a look at what's actually been proposed by President Obama, in his explainer, "Puncturing the hot air balloons on defense spending: A reader's guide to the debate in 2012." The Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative reporting group in Washington.
Where would these changes leave the United States military, compared to others?

Does the Pentagon protect the Fed or does the Fed protect the Pentagon?
Obama said on January 5 that after his proposed changes, U.S. military spending will still be “larger than roughly the next 10 nations combined.”

He did not list them, but those countries are, in rough order, China, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, Italy, and Brazil. Experts have complained that Obama understated the American predominance, by not saying “the next 17 or 18 nations combined,” but China’s military budget is opaque, making this calculation imprecise.

The vast majority of the money the war junkies whine about being 'slashed' from the bloated Pentagon budget isn't from the actual budget, but cash they projected to spend in the future.

Smoke and mirrors. Look at it this way: You could say that within 10 years, you'll be a millionaire, since you won't spend that one million dollars. Which would be easy to do, since you don't have a million to spend so you won't have a million to save, but it looks good on paper.

Regardless of the fact that our nation's infrastructure is looking like a 3rd world country and our public schools are woefully outdated and that we're so broke and we are forced to borrow money from the Zionist owned, Jewish run Fed just to pay the INTEREST on money already borrowed, there are some very vocal House members who are yowling like a dog that got scalded with hot water about the defense budget's future planned spending might be cut.

One is House Armed Services Committee chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) — the top recipient of defense industry contributions in the current election cycle. No conflict there, right?

The other proclaims to be an American Congressman who has taken an oath to protect the Constitution and by extension, this nation, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, but his loyalty really lies with Apartheid Israel.
That two-faced bozo is House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, whose only major concern is that the US taxpayer be forced to give Apartheid Israel and unlimited supply of money, weapons and that always reliable UN veto anytime a vote comes up in the Security Council that 'SLC' doesn't want passed.

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside Tucson, Arizona where our tax dollars go to die and fill the horizon as far as the eye can see.


I've seen this symbol of the Pentagon's unbridled lust for more, more and more. Billions of dollars, that could of been put to productive use, sit lying in the Sun, wasting away.

Here's another example of the Pentagon's piggies spending OUR money like a drunken sailor on shore leave.
The 50 year old aircraft carrier the USS Enterprise

In April 2010, the Navy announced that the cost of refurbishing the carrier had risen to $655 million and was scheduled to be completed the same month. On April 19, 2010, Enterprise left the Northrop Grumman shipyard to conduct sea trials in preparation for return to the fleet. The total cost of refurbishing the carrier was $662 million, which was 46% over budget and took eight months longer than originally scheduled. The Navy stated that it planned to use the carrier for two six-month deployments before her scheduled decommissioning date in 2013.
I must be a bit dense, since I can't understand why the Navy would spend 662 MILLION DOLLARS in 2010 to refurbish a ship that was due to be decommissioned just three years later--taken out of service and sold for scrap iron, or maybe sunk in the ocean, since the on-board nuclear reactors have made parts of the ship too contaminated with radioactivity to be safely handled.
Ditto for nuclear powered subs, at least 100 have been dumped into the S. Pacific over the decades. Now you know why a good cook can make a meal out of fish that leaves you feeling all warm inside:)

Or maybe the USS Enterprise will be used for the next false flag, attacked by Israeli or American special forces, dressed up to look like it was an Iranian military group, then off we go, fighting another war for Wall Street and Israel.

If you were going to tear down your home in a couple of years, since you were building a new one, would you spend an ungodly amount of money to completely remodel the structure?

Not if you were sane, but when you have access to an unlimited amount of money, and if you don't spend your entire budget for that year, you risk losing additional appropriations the next year, guess it makes sense in a perverted way to 'shop till you drop' at the taxpayer's expense.

Regardless of the fact that our nation's infrastructure is looking like a 3rd world country and our public schools are woefully outdated and that we're so broke, we have to borrow money from the Zionist owned, Jewish run Fed just to pay the INTEREST on money already borrowed, there are some very vocal House members who are yowling like a dog that got scalded with hot water about the defense budget's future planned spending might be cut.

"Bring Back the Good 'Ol Days!"

Let's bring back GW Bush or some other Republican clown like that drunk so he/she can appoint some clueless bozo to the SEC, then stand by and yawn while Wall Street goes on another of its looting sprees and the Pentagon can keep stealing OUR money for weapons that either don't work or cost so much, the government steals money from the poor, sick and elderly to pay for those bottomless pits.

The last one, involving mortgage backed securities fraud, cost Americans over SEVEN TRILLION DOLLARS in wealth and wrecked the economy in the process. Add in other organized gangs like 'Junior's' good buddies at Enron and you can add in another couple TRILLION that was stolen from Americans in broad daylight.

I'm not an Obama fan, he's just another in a long line of corrupt thieves that stole into the WH, helped by their very rich buddies on Wall Street.
Obama’s fundraising advantage is clear in the case of Bain Capital, the Boston-based private-equity firm that was co-founded by Romney, and where the Republican made his fortune. Not surprisingly, Romney has strong support at the firm, raking in $34,000 from 18 Bain employees, according to the analysis of data from the Center for Responsive Politics.

But Obama has outdone Romney on his own turf, collecting $76,600 from Bain Capital employees through September — and he needed only three donors to do it.
Republican, Democrat, it doesn't really make a difference, damn near all of them need to be brought up on charges of corruption and conspiracy to defraud the public.

Anyone who thinks that a Romney, Gingrich, Paul or some other comprised, sold-out professional politician is going to change the DC culture has been watching too much FOX News or listening way to much to multi-millionaires like Limbaugh--who bought a mansion on New York's 5th Avenue, right in the heart of the people he likes to rant about while pretending to actually care about us 'little people.'

BTW, 'Drugs' Limbaugh is putting up his luxurious digs for sale and for the price of only 14 million, it's a steal!
Conservative talk radio blowhard Rush Limbaugh has put his Fifth Avenue penthouse on the market.

Limbaugh promised that he'd sell his Manhattan apartment last March after the Paterson administration proposed raising taxes on New York residents who make more than $500,000 a year.

The 20th-floor penthouse at 1049 Fifth Avenue, which Limbaugh purchased in 1994 was officially listed two weeks ago for $13.95 million.

The penthouse features 10 rooms with expansive Central Park and Reservoir views and four terraces, two of which face the park.

There's a double living room with a fireplace, a wood paneled library, large media room with a terrace, a kitchen with a breakfast room, a large dining room with two terraces, four bedrooms with en-suite baths, and his-and-hers dressing rooms and baths, each with an oversized tub and stall shower.

The foyer entry floor is patterned Italian hand-cut marble with herringbone mahogany in the uncarpeted rooms, and walls are upholstered in Fortuny fabric.
Any takers?


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  1. Guess who lives in California's 25th congressional district?
    adly that will be me.

    Sometimes it is good to remain ignorant about your congressional reps or the district you reside. sigh .....
    I am surrounded by mega corp.(from apple to whorebucks) lovin yappie arrogant zombies, judeo-Xtian freaks with tats and SoCal bubbas with gas guzzling SUV's & monster trucks.
    Wish I had stolen shoes from Dorothy - 'cause I rather be in NorCal than here.

    OH Mine ...I was wondering 'bout the same thing! I remember watching documentaries not too long ago about atomic experiments in those islands and how toxic those islands are. Native people were treated like shit cause we are "superior".

    Shortly after the announcement that the islands were safe, a group of the native people left their makeshift home to return to Bikini, but were evacuated ten years later after some developed radiation poisoning from Cesium-137, including thyroid cancer, (some sources also state Strontium-90), a remnant of the radioactive fallout. As of 2009, the islands remain uninhabitable, and many of the displaced natives now reside in the Carolines and Marshall Islands in the Western Pacific; also some live in California, and in Nevada. The US Department of Energy, along with the representatives from the government of the Marshall Islands, sends scientists to the atoll for temporary stays to study the island's environment and measure residual levels of radiation. The researchers grow a small vegetable garden and send the produce to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for testing. The US and Marshall Islands' governments still advise that nothing harvested from the island be eaten.
    We are worried about radiation coming from Fukushima, Japan but in reality those islands are much closer to Hawaii & mainland USA. We been poisoned & radio active for a long time.


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