Monday, February 20, 2012

Beware of this Blogger BUG!

Over the last several months, I've been having trouble accessing and posting material to my Blogger account.

I keep my AV software--Not the crap that Microsoft has in its Windows OS--updated and run it each and every day. I also have a bad-ass utility software program that I also update and run each day. Yet, they weren't warning me of any nefarious bugs that had infiltrated my PC.

Finally, one day, I went into my Blogger "Edit Posts" section and discovered that I had multiple 'drafts' for at least four different postings.

One had SEVEN drafts of the same post and I assure you, it was NOT me that had saved that many drafts, since I rarely save drafts. I research and write them on a word processing program, check and double check the writing and links, then post them to my blog.

These drafts I had not created, but had somehow 'magically' appeared.

I went thru and deleted each and every one and amazingly, the problems I had been having with accessing my Blogger account disappeared.

I suspect that a certain group of 'Megaphony' types have found some way to slip into my "Edit Posts" section, and insert multiple drafts of of a blog that somehow denies me access to posting to my blog.

Just a word of caution to those who might be experiencing similar problems.

Go into your "Edit Posts" section and check to see if some butthead hasn't fucked with your Blogger "Edit Posts" section and stuck in an endless amount of drafts which will prevent you from posting the one main thing this assholes fear; TRUTH.


  1. I went through and checked the edit posts but didn't find anything unusual. I'll keep an eye on it.

    Another problem with blogger is the new word verification system for comments. Sometimes they are impossible to read and it seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to frustrate folks from making comments. I've disabled the WV for now but that leaves it open for spam bots which may be the whole purpose.

  2. I had a word verification the other day that was half Arabic!

    This verification system is horrid and awful to read. But Arabic!?

    Thanks for the warning Kenny. So far, not had this problem.

  3. A similar thing just happened to me.
    My malware/attack software went friggin nuts when I was creating a post. It wouldn't stop till I got out of page. I followed the report of where the attack came from, to no avail. The trail stopped. I ended up with two saved drafts of what I was working on. A bug in blogger? I dunno.

  4. I disabled the word verification this morning and found that 8 foreign based spams came in today, all on old posts. That's usually a month or more's worth with it on. At least they are all going to the spam bucket.

    Somethings going on. It took me 6 tries to get the correct secret words to post a comment over at Jody's place. It's either the spam bots will eat up your time or the WV will. Just like all these sites requiring a Facebook account to comment, they are trying to cut back on the talk. So far it seems to be working.

  5. Hey GB,...Yep, 18 drafts, I never save drafts, I edit in a Word Processor, then cut & paste; the only messing I have to do is the juxtapositon of images. Lately I have lost my "Quick Editing" facility which is really handy, I have had to change my browser and completely uninstall the one I usually use. Same with my WP App' totally corrupted. I have was unable to comment anywhere for a week, before I changed browsers: There has also been this fruitcake from israhell (the arrival and comment logs matched up with my crashes, go figure, then my Feedjit Live Traffic app stopped logging hits, though my hit counter kept working???) trolling my comments section with the most foul and belligerent shyte, that put me to shame! I have just had some anon' schmoozer try to get me to link to a "document" about the '6 million' which was obviously a jpg worm ridden trojan. Do they get so blinded by their arrogance that they think we can't recognize dodgy script? Goy 'o' goy something big must be about to roll!

    Has anyone else ever lost their "quick editing" thingy? Can you get around it and get it back?


  6. I also think that Blogger's new verification words are a real pain in the ass. They're so jumbled and distorted that some of them are impossible to type to verify you're not a robot.

    What a slick way to clog up and keep the TRUTH from being spread, if one has to keep attempting to decipher the slimed over words Blogger puts at their front door, denying entry to anyone who isn't an archeologist who can read hieroglyphics.

    And if anyone complains to Blogger about these distortions, you'll probably be told it's for your own good.

    As for Facebook, I don't have an acccount, and don't visit that place, but I do notice that many sites that I visit, when they're being pulled up, have some Facebook http line that pops up for a second, letting me know that FB has gotten into my PC w/o my permission.

  7. Somehow my blog is now coming up with an .au (for australia?) at the end:

    It is also at its original address:

    You might want to check that.

  8. Hey GB,...@andie531, yep, mine is a .au now as well, go figure, organising us for piecemeal dealings?

    Oceania here we come!


  9. "organising us for piecemeal dealings?"

    Can we be prosecuted for violating Australian speech laws? Just wondering.

  10. Hey GB,...@andie531, no these Blogs are published in California under California State libel laws, very broad and difficult to manifest an actionable case against someone else's freedom of speech regarding political opinions, so long as you don't accuse someone of being a crack-whore like Hell'ary Clinton, you're fine!


  11. Found this:

    Why does my blog redirect to a country-specific URL?


    search Google with has .au addresses

  12. Why does my blog redirect to a country-specific URL?

    Probably courtesy of your local 'friendly' CIA, NSA or Kosher Kommadoes.

    Like they say, freedom isn't free, especially when you have some agency constantly snooping in on your non-violent activites, like telling the TRUTH.

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