Sunday, February 12, 2012

Deputy Gets Caught Stealing and Selling Prescription Drugs, Found Guilty and Only Gets Fined

Former Deputy Convicted of Stealing Drugs From Sheriff's Department

A former Douglas County, MO Sheriff's Deputy has been convicted of conspiracy to steal narcotics from the Douglas County Sheriff's Department.

Douglas County Prosecuting Attorney Roger Wall says James Verow, 35, has been found guilty of the following counts: conspiracy to distribute hydrocodone, conspiracy to steal narcotics from the offices of the Douglas County Sheriff's Department, conspiracy to distribute morphine/alprazolam, and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

A Texas County jury heard the trial after a change of venue was granted.

Douglas County Sheriff Chris Degase says Verow was let go from the department in early 2010 following a violation of department policies.

The jury found Verow not guilty of conspiracy to distribute oxycontin, and recommended a fine on each conviction, which ended up being a total of $5,000.
What the article didn't mention is that the jury didn't want to send this poor, misunderstood thief to prison for fear he might be in danger from other inmates, since he was a cop.

Wonder how many of those inmates are in prison for possessing drugs, but didn't get a sweet deal like Verow got from our corrupt justice system?

If it was you or I that had been caught in a similar circumstance, you can damn well be sure we'd be looking at 10 years hard time.

Or if you're caught cutting 'donuts' in your front yard, that too is now a capitol offense, with the punishment being extrajudicial execution, administered on the spot by John Law.



  1. verow sounds like a typical con(servative)man, doesn't he?

    He probably goes home everyday and tune into faux news and limbaugh religiously, like many other g_d fearing judeo-Xtian males out there.

    Now that he's free,he can always go to the Conservative Political Action Conference to meet up with fellow ditto-heads in DC!

  2. Someone close to me GAVE two Lortabs to a dude and was set up. He didn't even receive any money and faced 60 years (30 for each pill).

    It cost him for an attorney that basically took his money, doing little and now he is on house arrest for a year and isn't allowed to see a doctor for the back condition that got him into this mess to begin with (the cops actually call the doctor offices and suggest he is but a drug head with no real ruptured disk... I have seen the Cat scan and the original Doctor's report).

    This particular cop would certainly be in danger and deservedly so. He probably put many of them in there, THEN sold some of the drugs he took from the ones he was instrumental in imprisoning.

    60 years for GIVING two pain pills away and ZERO for the corrupt cops, (and bankers, corporations and politicians who have ruined this economy).

    A Fitting End for America.

  3. "He was fined $5,000, but he made $25,000 from the sale of the drugs he stole..."

    This is a "fraternal" issue, pure and simple.

  4. "verow sounds like a typical con(servative)man, doesn't he?"

    Actually, I don't see a single thing that indicates it at all. Maybe he is, maybe he is not.

    "He probably goes home everyday and tune into faux news and limbaugh religiously, like many other g_d fearing judeo-Xtian males out there."

    Maybe he does, maybe he does not. It may make you feel better having said so, but there is nothing to indicate that your comment has any foundation in reality. Godspeed.

  5. Friend of mine got 18 years for growing pot. At the sentencing, the DA brought up his past conviction of possessing cocaine, and bringing up a defendant's past conviction is against the law in Missouri when considering sentencing, but the judge ignored the law and lowered the boom.

    About a month later, the same judge was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. Witnesses said they'd seen his vehicle weaving back and forth, like he was driving drunk. But the judge knew how to work the law and after he smashed into the vehicle, made to his country club and started slamming down his favorite booze, so by the time the police arrived, he could claim was wasn't drinking and driving, plus, he couldn't remember hitting anything and in Missouri, if you don't know--or claim you don't-- you hit something with your car, you can't be charged.

    Bastard got all the charges dropped.

    Another CLOSE friend got busted growing pot, spent a BIG sum of money on an attorney and wound up with doing 90 days 'Shock Time' in the local county jail, plus he's on five years probation and if he breaks that, it's off to the state pen for 10 years.

    Now get this: When visiting anyone in that jail, you can't bring any reading materials or food, yet he said illegal drugs were easily available inside.

    What a wonderful world we live in.


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