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'Sexy Sadie' or Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?

Practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) has helped many, but after watching this doc, I realized TM has been hijacked or was it just a con from the beginning? When the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died, he had several BILLIONS in assets?

(My first semester in college, I was seeking 'enlightenment' by drinking, taking drugs and chasing and catching some of the babes on campus, which got my roommate so distraught, he moved out at the end of the semester, and joined a TM chapter.
Didn't realize having so much fun could drive someone to seek redemption by paying for it to a TM cult.)

At first, the Beatles almost worshiped the Yogi, but later discovered they had been conned and even wrote a song about the Maharishi, called 'Sexy Sadie.'
"... Lennon said that "We believe in meditation, but not the Maharishi and his scene". McCartney said The Beatles' association with the Maharishi was "a public mistake", and Lennon "an error of judgment".
Why does a 'spiritual' leader need all that dough and why are the ones now leading the movement chauffeured around in customized, 30' long limos? 'Sexy Sadie' moved his empire out of India in 1988 after a dispute with Indian authorities over lying on his amount of income and expenses. Getting out of Dodge one step ahead of an arrest warrant for tax evasion is definitely an 'enlightening' moment.

Just another cult that is sapping those seeking TRUE enlightenment.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, promised creativity, health, professional success, world peace and no less than "heaven on earth". David Sieveking decides to take the personal advice of the great David Lynch and begins to practice TM himself. Even master film directors start as novices, after all. And the best thing about it: TM is easy to do. Not cheap, but easy!

Funded by donations Maharishi and his followers built up an unparalleled global enterprise with the global headquarters in the Netherlands; a world peace center in India; a clandestine "TM world government" in the Swiss Alps; over 20 "Invincible Universities" have been founded and there are obscure gated camps dedicated to "yogic flying". For the second time, David Sieveking discovers a whole new world.

The more research the young filmmaker does, the more discrepancies surface. Suddenly TM apostates start contacting him, former high-ups in the organization who claim to have been ruined by the Maharishi -- financially as well as psychologically. Should he believe them? Is TM just a cynical money machine after all, as critics maintain, or a guru sect gone haywire?
Source: LINK TV

The deeper Sieveking delves into the true TM movement, the more disturbing facts he finds. Like the promise that each individual is assigned a specific mantra, but they are given one based on a formula involving gender and age.

He eventually gets banned from interviewing TM leaders, and receives threats from the cult leaders.

The full doc is available at this link, Youtube only had versions that were either in German or only a couple of minutes in length. You need to watch the entire doc to see how this cult has turned into a cash cow.
Lennon originally wanted to title the song "Maharishi", but changed the title to "Sexy Sadie" at George Harrison's request. Lennon was disillusioned after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had allegedly made a sexual advance at one of the female members attending the course the Maharishi was teaching at his ashram.
( Lennon once said of the song: "That was inspired by Maharishi. I wrote it when we had our bags packed and were leaving. It was the last piece I wrote before I left India. I just called him, 'Sexy Sadie,' instead of (sings) 'Maharishi what have you done, you made a fool...' I was just using the situation to write a song, rather calculatingly but also to express what I felt. I was leaving the Maharishi with a bad taste. You know, it seems that my partings are always not as nice as I'd like them to be."

After returning from India, Lennon scratched the lyrics into a piece of wood, with the original title "Maharishi". The recorded version changed only after Harrison insisted that if the song was used he wanted the name changed and persuaded Lennon to change the title to "Sexy Sadie."

According to Mark Lewisohn's The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, an early outtake of "Sexy Sadie" features Lennon demonstrating the song's original working lyrics to the rest of the band: "Maharishi, you little twat/Who the fuck do you think you are?/Who the fuck do you think you are?/Oh, you cunt."

"Maharishi, you little twat..."... another reason why I loved John Lennon and salute his musical talents and his ballsiness to speak truth to power, which eventually is why he was murdered.


At one time, the Dali Lama was on the CIA's payroll, which makes one wonder if 'Sexy Sadie' was also a 'company man.'



  1. No way!!!

    Imagine my shock!!!

    A smelly old nigger, amounting to the sum of a smelly old nigger?

    How can this be?

    It's like shit being brown and stinky!

    A surprise.


    No wonder the stupid cunt got shot.

  2. Greg, you're totally right about John Lennon. The more I hear about him, the more obvious it is that Reagan had him shot.

    I don't remember when it was exactly, I was in the service, but at one point the Beatles went to the Maharishi with Mia Farrow, and the old boy tried to make time with her. Lennon was actually the one who stood up for Mia's honor, and told everyone "We're going" right then.

    The Maharishi is supposed to have asked, "What is the matter my son, tell me what is wrong here?" And John replied, "YOU'RE THE MYSTICAL ONE, YOU TELL US." A riot!

    What mincemeat Lennon would have made of what came later. Bush? Obama? His own fellow-whatevers like Tony Blair? It would have been no contest. They had to get rid of John Lennon. It's obvious now.

  3. Maybe surviving this shit is laughing, and ducking, at the same time. Ouch.

  4. I saw this one recently and puked everywhere!

    According to Fred Seaman

    Working class hero? John Lennon 'was closet conservative and fan of Reagan'


    Seaman ...(giggle) Very muslim soundiong name!

    Oh..I donno what to believe these days. Whattdoyathink, Greg?

    Speaking of being fan of Reagan'
    ray gun?? YUCK!! He's the baby killer of Lebanon ..that's how I remember him from the news.

  5. Paraphrasing Lennon, "the gay's and Jew's run the entertainment biz"

    THIS PIC of Lennon makes me squeemish but hey shit happenz.

  6. Working class hero? John Lennon 'was closet conservative and fan of Reagan'

    I'm not buying the Zionist controlled MSM's distortion of history. Lennon was murdered before 'Ronnie Raygun' became prez, but was California Guv when Lennon was still on Earth, but I can't recall Lennon praising Reagan for anything.

    This part of the article makes me even more suspicious of Seaman:

    Seaman worked for Lennon during the year leading up to the star’s death in December 1980 aged 40.

    Worked for Lennon or the FBI, to keep tabs on Lennon so they could set up his murder and frame a patsy?

    We're supposed to believe that Mark Chapman was insane, but was able to pump four lethal rounds into Lennon at night, using what police call the 'combat stance?'

    Right. A guy who needed thick glasses to see was able to put four deadly rounds into his target at night?

    If you read about Chapman, he was a guy who couldn't keep a full-time job very long, but was able to travel all over the world? How does one do that when only working now and then?


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