Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Are 'Christian' Evangelicals so Happy About Killing Unborn Babies?

Mention to these religious fundies that you're pro-abortion, and you'll get a variety of reactions, from hateful stares, lips whispering curses at you to some who look like they'd want to punch you in the face.

But these are the same extremists that enjoy reading the books by another 'Christian,' Tim Lahaye called the "Left Behind" series.

Since their are 16 of these fear mongering books out there by LaHaye, I'll just distill the basic plot; One day, Jesus Christ will come back to Earth and those who are in his favor, will be 'Raptured' up to Heaven, and those who aren't, well, all Hell breaks loose... no pun intended. (BTW, these books sell well in the USSA, but not overseas. At least there is still some intelligent life in the world)

When this 'Rapture' happens, those who are on the 'A List' will immediately be taken to Heaven. Those who aren't, well tough shit.

Here's some of the possibilities that these books present; Pilots and co-pilots of passenger jetliners will suddenly disappear, flying first class to some sort of Heaven while the rest of the passengers on the jet dive to Earth, crashing and dying in a horrible plane accidents all over the world.

But what of the pregnant women on those jets? Some might be good, caring, loving decent people who help and love others, which is basically what JC taught people to do. And they might even attend some church or mosque and truly believe in their faith.

So why would a God, who've we've been taught is the source of true love, condemn his loving, faithful creations to that type of horrible death? Even worse, why would the most innocent of innocents, an unborn baby, suffer the same fate from a vengeful, one might even say crazy God on 'Rapture' Day?

And why would these Evangelicals wish, hope and pray fervently for this type of madness to take place? How do they truly know they are to be 'saved?' Didn't someone say "judge not, lest ye be judged?"

Maybe there is a God, maybe not. As for me, I believe in deism, which says that someone or something created the Universe, set it in motion, then took off for other realms.

Who knows for sure, but I do know that praying for this Rapture nonsense is either a form of insanity or these people are praying to the wrong being.

Here's a movie trailer from this madness, watch it if you like, but I'll take a pass on this religious form of brainwashing.

Left Behind: The Movie - Raptured!


  1. hi, just wanted to 'wave' to a fellow deist :)

  2. Hi, I always ask the xtian fundies why they jump up and down against abortion and for capital punishment. What these people don't realize is that they are brainwashed by intelligence service programs. Thanks for what you do.
    Best regards,
    Tim, Cape of Storms.

  3. So true, Greg!

    Pilots and co-pilots of passenger jetliners will suddenly disappear..

    waaait, didn't that happen during 9/11? Neither blackboxs or bodies were found but passport with "Allah did it" stamped survived. Smells very gefiltish to me!

    Aren't we the capital punishment central of the world? According to the wiki, "The United States carries out more executions than any other liberal democracy (as defined by Freedom House) in the world."

    Damn, that makes the fundies as closet case abortionists!

    Watch out for sick sanitorium, his evil stares alone can abort millions of brown babies throughout the world.


    Be prepared!

    I'm going to ask these people for a free car. Maybe a house.

  5. also

  6. If there is going to be a 'Rapture,' let the fireworks begin.

    Maybe when those foaming at the mouth Christian fundies get taken off the planet, we can begin to heal the world.

    As for 'Sick Rick,' if he manages to steal into the WH, recreational sex will be made VERBOTEN by His Imperial Majesty.


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