Monday, March 12, 2012

Bill Maher asks his Yid Masters the Wrong Question

On the March 9, 2012 segment of "Real Time with Bill Maher," Billy Boy posed the wrong question to Israel Ambassador Michael Oren.

Several minutes into this video, when Oren is making the case for bombing Iran, Maher asks about the killing of all those Iranian nuclear scientists and who was behind that, Norway?

The camera pans to Oren, who doesn't answer, but gives Maher a hateful look before the camera person, realizing that type of question isn't appropriate to ask a 'Chosen One,' pans back to Maher after only showing Oren's face for about two seconds.

Maher also asked 'Mikey' about that Stuxnet computer virus that someone sent to fuck up the Iranian computers that are working on building Iran's nuclear energy powered reactors, and again, Oren refuses to answer...Is that because Stuxnet might have also slipped into Japan's nuclear energy program last March and severely compounded the Fukushima nuke disaster?

All thru the segment, Oren keeps braying about how Israel is a democracy, yet when Maher asks about the settlements, Oren dodges the question. That's not the way a person that claims to be from a democracy acts.

Also, keep your ears open to the audience applause, or rather the lack of it when 'Mikey' spouts off some Zionist nonsense.

You can hear one person clapping REALLY loud, joined by about 6-7 others.

What a change that is from previous years, when damn near anything Oren or 'Betty Nuttyahoo' would hold court and the audience would clap loudly with approval.

Is part of the world finally coming to its senses and seeing Apartheid Israel for what it really is, a murderous, blood-thirsty THEOCRACY who hates all non-Jews and steals what they want from their nieghbors and goes about casually killing people around the world, just because they aren't 'Tribe' members who have been condemned to death without the benefit of any evidence or trial?

Real Time w. Bill Maher: Support for Israel, NOT the Likud Party


  1. I think we will see more of this as the world wakes up. The problem is, the focus of their attentions, Zionist Israel, does not suffer scrutiny well and could explode like the loose cannon it is.

    And most likely will.

    And America will toddle along most likely at this point.... because her reputation has been shot.

  2. Most of the sane world realizes that Israel has hijacked America and is running this nation with the help of traitors.

    Both nations are viewed as being murdeous psychos and it won't be long, one way or the other, that the world will tire of these never ending wars, war mongering and threats and take down these two mad dogs before they destroy the world.

  3. I must have missed something. Where did he get a bad look or when did Maher ask about Iran scientists?

  4. Greg, what you said!

    Amerika and israel are being used as sacrificial pieces on a Rothschild thermonuclear chessboard.

    They will both be totally destroyed. Think Haroshima and Nagasaki but 50 times worse. 200 years of radiation AND one world zionist government creating and loaning out a one world currency backed by 500 billion in gold vaulted in Switzerland.

    Wonder why the chess pieces don't see they are being set up for glass?


  5. I guess this is progress, when even the uber zionist Maher is taking pokes at the rogue entity.

    The best Bill Maher reaction shot was when he interviewed Michael Schuerer & Schuerer said not one more US dollar or one more drop of US blood for the parasitic state that wants us to call it Israel.

  6. I must have missed something. Where did he get a bad look or when did Maher ask about Iran scientists?

    Unless they changed this video from the original airing, Maher did question Oren about the killing of those Iranian nuclear scientists. As for the 'bad look,' that's the way I saw Oren's face look.

    Or maybe you could call it a hateful glare?


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