Thursday, March 15, 2012

FBI Director won't say if the President can have Americans killed in America

We're all GAZANS now. And those Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that are flying over the central part of the USA, from a program designed to train students how to fly them at Middle Tennessee State University, are they actually being used to seek out and map potential future targets?

I've been in the Army and spent over 20 years of my life as a career firefighter. When you train, you train for possible scenarios that you might encounter, so if those UAV's are flying over the USA, what do you think they're training for?

The US Constitution is finished! FBI Director Robert Mueller on Wednesday said he would have to go back and check with the Department of Justice whether Attorney General Eric Holder's "[criteria] for the targeted killing of Americans also applied to Americans inside the U.S.

Will FBI Director Robert Mueller ask DOJ head Eric Holder, who helped cover up the government massacre of innocent civilians at Waco, Texas?
"Penetrating the Web of Official Lies Regarding the Waco Incident" David T. Hardy with Rex Kimball

How and by whom the fire was started remains unclear to this day, but one thing is indisputable. Once it began, the agents took measures to ensure that Davidians would burn. Fire trucks were held at bay by agents even after the building collapsed in flames.

In the grand scheme of things, a civilian’s life was literally worth less than that of a law enforcement dog: a civilian is subject to ten years’ imprisonment for killing or seriously injuring a Federal law enforcement dog.
Goon Squad: "Global Hawk, Why Are You Flying Above Ozark Skies?"



  1. Can you imagine being a patriotic student and going up to the program director and expesss "Yeeeah! I wanna sign up! I wanna survey on those who are robbing America, creating illegal wars and using our soldiers to fight for their self- interests, and clamping down on our system like a big giant blood sucking octopus..I wanna expose 'em!"

    Poor johhy will be sent to the maximum security prison, being labeled as "al gayda" co-op.

    Coming soon to America!
    Criticize 'em and you'll be branded as enemy of the state:

    A British teenager will appear in court on charges of racially aggravated offense after posting Facebook comments about six British soldiers killed in Afghanistan last week.
    In his Facebook comments Azhar Ahmed, 19, reportedly criticized the amount of attention the deaths of the six soldiers received as compared to the civilians losses Afghanistan has sustained in the NATO-led war.
    A police spokesperson said that the teen "didn't make his point very well and that is why he has landed himself in bother."

    Greg, these days they are making as tiny as a hummingbird sized drones.
    Here is the video link:,32068,1281633027001_2099853,00.html
    I am sure that you can find the same video on youtube as well.

    With pictures
    Micro-machines are go: The U.S. military drones that are so small they even look like insects

    Pressure builds for civilian drone flights at home

    Who's pressuring? Not you or me for sure!

  2. Yeah, I've read those stories about the drones being as small as a hummingbird. Leave it to the Pentagon to take one of Nature's most beautiful creations and create a duplicate of it for nefarious purposes.

    And that Brit teenager got arrested for exposing and telling the truth about the illegal and immoral war against the Afghan people. Can't let the sheeple read independent writings, why, they might start thinking for themselves and then where would the Rothschilds do when they started getting exposed for the money-grubbing murderers they are?

  3. Over the past 10 years I've watched the Bill of Rights get trampled and pissed upon by a bunch of sell-out traitors. Between the Patriot act, NDAA and HR 347 (anti-protest Trespass Bill ... aka "What first amendment?") it's time to clean house, people.

    "... [W]hen a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security." -- The Declaration of Independence

  4. Jody, I'll second that emotion/motion. 'We the People' have been turned into slaves, wearing invisible electronic shackles.

    And until we take back control of our hijacked government that is being run by a motley collection of thugs, liars, thieves and mass-murderers, matters will continue to worsen.

    If we adults that let this tyranny happen can't find enough spine to take back our nation, we're condemning our kids and grandkids to a fate worse than we are currently experiencing.


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