Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Israel Attacks Boston, Killing 20,000, but US Still Stands Solidly Behind Israel

No, it's not real.... at least not yet. AIPAC is having another 'Kum Kiss Kosher Ass Fest" this coming October in Boston, Massachusetts, so there better be plenty of sold-out US politicians in attendance, lips puckered and on their knees or else who knows, maybe the next FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB pulled of by Israel and American traitors will hit Boston.

This is from the satire 'news' channel, the Onion News Network, but it comes so close to the truth, I about fell out of my chair when I saw it on IFC.

Israel Attacks Boston, US Supports Israel

This piece of mind fuck is part of the ONN episode called "Missing Baby Kate." That it is still on the 'Net is a mystery to me, since it comes too close to What Really Happened on 9/11.

"ONN" might be making fun of what the MSM calls news, but it's an obvious poke at the Zionist controlled FOX News.


  1. Hey Greg -- yeah, it's funny how spot on the Onion can be. Here's a ominously prescient classic:
    Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over'

    And here's a recent one I posted on my blog: Facebook CIA Project

  2. The Onion always has good stuff. Much more truthful than anything you'll see or hear in the Jewish controlled mainstream. It's quite astonishing how completely they've flipped the script, totally reversing the truth. Virtually everything I read or hear coming from the mainstream is literally the exact opposite of reality. The Jews are masters of projecting their own crimes onto their enemies, and completely turning the truth around to suit their agenda. And everyone's too afraid to call them out because it's "anti-Semitic". What a bunch of cowards we live amongst.

  3. "ONN" is excellent at satirical news, but they come closer to telling the truth than the Zionist controlled media.

    The Jews are masters of projecting their own crimes onto their enemies..

    It's the old saying of "Admit Nothing, Deny Everything and Make Counter-Accusations" and the 'Tribe' are Masters at those deceits.


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