Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What do Walmart, FOX News, and Koch Brothers have in common?

Other than wanting to control your live, your thoughts and help Wall Street and the Fed rob Americans?

Oh, I don't know, maybe being in charge of a totalitarian state?

What do Walmart, FOX News, and Koch Brothers have in common?

This important eight part video series exposes the Koch Brothers' control over your job, your life, and your well-being.

The Koch Brothers are worth somewhere around 50 BILLION dollars and are covertly funding the "Tea Party" to steer the sheeple towards what the Koch Boys want, and it doesn't have anything to do with liberty or democracy.

Koch Brothers Exposed

And the 'Walton Gang' isn't any better.

You'd think that the 'Walton Gang,' whose estimated wealth is around 93 BILLION dollars, would be able to pay their slaves a bit more, but that would mean less gold in their greedy hands and that won't do, not when you're a Mammon worshipper.

Between pay slave wages to working teens and adults in Communist China to build the junk they sell and paying barely above the minimum wage to their slaves here in the USSA, their only goal is to make money, lots and lots of money, ruin any competition and take away any choices you used to have when shopping.

Wal-Mart - High Cost of Low Price part 1 of 10

Here's a comment left at this video about WalMart. It's funny, but I wouldn't recommended doing this act, since the ones who will clean up the mess are the slaves toiling for the multi-billionaire Walton family.

Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I never buy anything. I walk in, shit on their bathroom floor, then leave.

As for FOX News, they're nothing more than a Zionist owned and run psyops outfit that always portrays Israel in a kindly light while demonizing Muslims to keep Americans filled with hate for people who just want to be left alone.

The American traitors and the Zionist Jews behind the FALSE FLAG/NSIDE JOB of 9/11 started FOX in the late 1990's so they'd have TWO Zionist owned outfits, CNN and FOX, broadcasting lies, psyops and propaganda on 9/11 to enrage Americans about 'al CIA Duh' so we'd fall for the ruse and demand a terrible vengeance, and the slaughter as continued to this day.

How many million more Muslims will we murder before our revenge is satisfied?

Tens or maybe even hundreds of millions more, until we we WTFU, realize we've been played for fools and take back what's left of our nation.

That, or condemn our kids and grandkids to a lifetime of misery, poverty and endless wars.



  1. Hi Greg,

    What do Walmart, FOX News, and Koch Brothers have in common?

    koch brothers are the biggest producers of butt wipies. They are known for Angel Soft toilet paper, Quilted Northern toilet paper and Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper.

    Who sells 'em? Wal*mart of course. Wal*mart is known for its China dependency, worker mistreatment and killing off small businesses.

    Who buys 'em? Faux news! Everything about 'em smells like big 'ol pile of shit err news!

  2. Muisque, in a weird sort of way, it's a comforting thought that I get to wipe me arse with the Koch Brothers, because that's where they belong with the other fecal matter.

    Is that 'Soft n' Gentle' tp or "Soft n' Gentile?"


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