Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why are the '10 Commandments' in Such an Illogical Order?'

Being raised a Catholic, going to church at least once a week and attending a total of eight years of Catholic schools, where the nuns wore those 'penguin' looking outfits and literally beat the love of God into one, always brought up more questions than answers.

Eventually, I didn't understand the Catholic notion that one could rob and murder someone on a Saturday morning, both against the Commandments, but if you went to Church and confessed your sins before dying, you'd go to Heaven.

And you could repeat that same deadly spree next week and still go to Heaven, as long as you first went to the church and confessed your sins. Telling the nuns that one could keep repeating those horrid conditions week after week and yet, still go to Heaven made no sense to me and was usually good for sharp rap on the knuckles with those oak yardsticks they'd have close at hand, using them like a cop would use a nightstick.

I also never understood how the "10 Commandments" got their ranking, which I also asked questions about and would also get the same negative response, sometimes even getting sent to the principal's office and getting more corporal punishment for being 'blasphemous' against their God.

If, as the nuns and Catholic Church taught me, that their God is the source of pure love, all-knowing and all-powerful, then why are four of the first 10 Commandents have to do with that God, either directly of indirectly?

If that God is the REAL source of pure love, why would such a being be so concerned about his/her/its creations always worshiping him/her/it so much, that it takes up the first of the four Commandments?
That's not one being showing love towards another, but more like an sadistic husband abusing his wife and punishing her for having not made his favorite meal.

One of the most reprehensible crimes one human can commit towards another is murder, yet it doesn't show up until it becomes the Sixth Commandment.

Honoring your father and mother is fine, but shouldn't the crime of murder be ranked higher in God's 'Top Ten List of all Time Favorites' than murder?

What about another nasty way to treat a fellow human, by lying to them? That would seem to rank higher than #9.

Who really wrote the Commandments and what was their real goal?

To show people the path to enlightenment or to keep them scared all their life, fearing a God that is supposed to be the source of all love?

Something doesn't make sense, but in today's world of mega-churches and TV Evangelists always thumping the Bible, it sure does make a lot of money.

P.S. And isn't changing the word of their God in the 10 Commandments from not "coveting they neighbor's ass," to "not coveting thy neighbor's donkey" that all these revised Bibles have, isn't that an act of blasphemy, since a mere human is changing the word of their God to fit the mortal's sense of decency?



  1. Actually, the order is perfectly logical. However, it is clear you are, at present, not interested in having an actual discussion about the matter. As for the bit about sinning and (insincerely) confessing the same sins over and over, it does not work that way and never has. The scenario you describe, as you describe it, would render such confessions invalid, i.e. meaningless.

  2. Interesting comment.

    But if your God states that saying Goddman ranks higher on the 'Sin List' than murdering one of his/her/its creations, then something is terribly wrong with the way the Commandments were ranked.

  3. the nuns wore those 'penguin' looking outfits

    bejerkozy should be tear off those almost burqa like outfits with his teeth and make 'em wear whatever his crypto jib slutty wife carla used to wear instead! ;)

    If that God is the REAL source of pure love, why would such a being be so concerned about his/her/its creations always worshiping him/her/it so much, that it takes up the first of the four Commandments?

    Thanks for pointing that out. These days we call all that brainwashing and acting like an ego-centric dick ..well biggest dick!

    Thou shalt not kill, But dropping bombs on peasant peeps? A-ok! Just ask dubya and obomba.

    Opps, looks like ramney, sanitorium, and nuke totally forgot to read last four.

    Too bad, egomaniac God doesn't part sea anymore to take away those criminals.

    What's my score, Greg? :D

  4. What's my score, Greg?

    A's on all subjects. Thanks for pointing out that the Commandments were arranged by some kind of egomaniac.

    Any being that ranks higher honoring thy father and mother over murder needs to re-think its priorities.

  5. The Jewish scribes have been tampering with God's Revealed Books for illicit gains since the day they became "literate"

    In their "
    50 000 Errors in the Bible
    " booklet, the Jehovah's Witness had this to say about the Bible: "It is human yet divine" yet a few phrases later: "Every word, every sentence, every chapter is the Word of God" and

    Mrs. Ellen G. White, a "prophetess" of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, in her Bible Commentary Vol. 1, page 14, has this confession to make about the fallibility of the "Holy Bible."


  6. The Vatican kept the Bible under lock and key for centuries and didn't let it out to be read by the people until the advent of the printing press. So who really knows what was in the original version, especially considering that during that time, the Vatican had become a den of iniquity, living like royalty, with the cardinals and even the various Popes taking mistresses and or wives.

    Which led to Martin Luther's break with the Vatican because he understood that the leadership had strayed far away from what they pretended to be.

    Add in the fact that the Bible was passed on by word of mouth for several decades before being put into words and no one living can verify what was actually originally said in the Bible.

  7. The original commandments that M.oses received were written by his father-inlaw, Jethro, High Priest of Midian. (See: Book of Jasher).

    Who knows if they are the same as the commandments used today. The Jesuits have been in control of the Vatican ever since the Holy Roman Empire became an 'accomplished fact' about 960 AD.


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