Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something's BLOGging up my Toilet

Looks like Blogger has went with what they call a 'new, streamlined' look. It might be easier for some IT geek in Silicone Valley or it might be easier for some NSA snoop to read and spy on, but the 'new' look to me is a pain in the ass to navigate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's not easier to use, but more difficult. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To me, it looks like it's geared more to making money for Blogger, or at least that's what I took from looking at all their adds urging one to make money off your blog. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't write this blog to make money, but to expose corruption; show that I am anti-War; anti-Zionist; anti-Occupation and pro-Palestinian and do my best to expose the lies behind the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which I'll continue to do, with or without a large Blogger turd clogging up the site. P.S. How in the hell does one use paragraphs?


  1. I finally figured out some things through trial and error so maybe it just takes some getting used to.

    Google doesn't like those of us who don't go along with their business plan especially those who don't have ads and never on purpose click on ads on other sites.

  2. If you go to the settings star/wheel at the top right, you can change back the old view. I have done so myself. The new view is awful!

  3. Aangirfan has had horrendous problems with this new format you speak of.

    So far I have escaped whatever it is going around.

    And I refuse to advertise. Like you I do not blog for money although some have encouraged me to do so, but that is, to me a sell out on a level I am not interested in at all.

    As it is, the changes have basically killed YouTube. It is not a place to go to learn anymore... or to communicate. The flow has been disrupted.

    Silencing of voices .... all around us... however they can... but some of us are just too damn stubborn to go away, mm?

  4. Wordpress is not that bad ... yet

  5. Hey GB,...I use Opera which is very secure, it IS IMPOSSIBLE to Post or do any housekeeping from a secure Browser, I have to open up Mozilla to Post or have a dust and vac session in my Blog. The NEW LOOK Blogger, is a bonk without full protection!

    Very yiddish, to expose people to disease and vice!


  6. I think I figured out how to make paragraphs without using the "br" tag: When you're typing your post in HTML mode, to the right of the screen there should be a column called "Post Settings." Under this, click on "Options". One of the options should be "Line breaks." Click the option for "Press 'Enter' for line breaks." Hope this helps.

  7. May I add that Jody Paulson is absolutely correct and I'm grateful she showed me the easy way to get paragraphs.

    Previous to using JPs instructions I used the 'lotsa dots' paragraph method.


  8. I appreciate the comments and feedback and apologize for not replying sooner, but there are some personal issues going on in my life that is taking a tremendous toll on me and my time.

  9. Yeah, the new Blogger is an improvement!



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