Friday, April 27, 2012

"When a Gangster says Wall Street is a Racket..."

Like the Prohibition era gangster Al Capone, who was upfront about his rackets of running booze and controlling most illegal activity in and around Chicago, Illinois.

And had no problem with eliminating the competition, in a rather ruthless and deadly manner.

Here's the quote from Capone:
A reckless gambler at almost anything, Al Capone had shunned the market.

"It's a racket," he said. "Those stock market guys are crooked."
But he also used his loot to feed the poor and hungry--like pictured below--in the Chicago area, and donated to charities.


Capone knew that both the Feds and other gangs were after him, so he his Cadillac fitted with bullet-proof glass, run-flat tires and a police siren. In 1932, Treasury agents working on prohibition issues seized the car; it was later used as President Franklin D. Roosevelt's limousine.

Capone's limo went from one crook to another, Roosevelt who as president confiscated American's gold on a flimsy pretext, then had his Federal Reserve gang jack up the price of the gold they had stolen so they'd make a nice profit.

Although Capone was a true gangster, at least he was honest about his activities, unlike the gangsters in the government. During the Great Depression of the 1930's, up to SEVEN MILLION Americans died from hunger and from exposure to the elements, since the government and banks had confiscated their homes due to the Federal Reserve crashing the market, but not before they let their friends know to get their money out of Wall Street.

Sound familiar?

Capone's murders weren't anywhere close to SEVEN MILLION, probably less than 50.

So who's the real gangsters?



  1. My grandfather was involved the trades circa 1917-1923 in an area around and including Cuba, MO where KC Lansky-types were in competition with Capone for turf. Got bloody, he was a casualty shortly after my mom was born. You makes valid points. I got lots of info from my grandmother over the years.

  2. Hey GB,...He only killed other crooks and bent cops too!


  3. One of Capone's strengths was that he was able to step out of being just and Italian mobster and forge friendships with other cultures. Like with his Irish wife and the Italian mob.

    His life long very best friend was a guy called Jack Guzik whose large Jewish Orthodox family made their living through prostitution.

    This guy knew from crime. Good piece Greg.

  4. Well, you know the guys who did 9-11 had big time connections to Wall Street: Who Made The AA 'Put' Options The Days Prior To 911?

  5. Capone was a murderous gangster, but he was small change compared in the murder business and at least he was honest about what he was, unlike our hijacked, controlled by Israel government, who have used the excuse of the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 to murder millions and millions of Arabs and Muslims and 'frog-march' us into a police state.

  6. Not to mention he bent over backwards to send Americans off to their death while stuffing his fat face with caviar.
    The America First organization are the true heroes of that generation. By keeping us out of the war for several years the Soviet Union took the brunt of German might. If not for them there would be millions more American graves in Europe.


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