Sunday, May 27, 2012

"9/11 Questions? Ask Dr. Shlomo!"

"Dr. Shlomo, I am an avid reader and have perused many articles about 9/11 in the blogosphere. Although at first, I bought the government's spin that 19 Arabs with boxcutters were behind 9/11, these days I'm not so sure that what we've been told and continue to hear in the MSM about 9/11 is anywhere close to the truth. I'd like to hear your thoughts."

"Where you went wrong is going out into the big, bad world without a helper. You should know better than to believe what you read in those damned blogs. They're full of rumors, paranoia and confusion, which is the job of the MSM, NOT some puny ass bloghead.
You need to get rid of your computer and subscribe to one of the MSM publications that has the Zionist stamp of approval, like the New York Times. And only watch our good friends at FOX News.
And please, get yourself to a psychiatrist and get some help."

"Dr. Shlomo, I have been following your shows for years and its obvious to anyone with half a brain that you're nothing more than a shill for Zionism and Apartheid Israel. That is why you constantly treat your callers with disdain, because some get too close to the truth that 9/11 was an inside job, put together and executed by the Israeli MOSSAD and traitorous elements at the highest levels of the US government.
Further, I'd......."

(Background sounds of Dr. Shlomo yelling to turn that fuckhead's mic off)

"Sorry everyone, we seem to be having some technical difficulties."

"Next caller please?"

"Dr. Shlomo, I'd like to touch on what the previous caller said about the Israeli MOSSAD being involved in 9/11 and ....."

"Oops, sorry to cut you off, we have to go to station break, we'll be back in a moment."

"Dr. Shlomo, why do you refuse to talk about that elephant in America's living room, the involvement of the Israeli MOSSAD in 9/11 and wh....."

"OK, idiots, what the hell is this, National Anti-Semite Day? There are two indisputable and irrevocable pieces of truth. One is that 19 Arabs with box cutters, attacked America on 9/11 because they hate our freedoms.
The other is that 6 million of my kin were killed by Nazis during WWII in the Holocaust. Those two truths are not up for discussion or debate. Anyone who does bring up either of these two hallowed truths and asks question is either some type of raving lunatic or a vile anti-Semite and I won't have either on this show. Next"

"Dr. Shlomo, since you brought up the Holocaust, can you explain how the number of dead at Auschwitz dropped from four million to a little over one million? And if we were lied to about Auschwitz, could it be possible that we were lied to...."

"Well, that's it for today folks, Be sure to tune in next week and my special guest, the most honorable teller of truth, Elie Weasel."


  1. Great post.
    As "we" have lost most of our freedoms, the "bad guys" no longer have reason to hate us now. Check out the following article for further "proof" of our lost liberties and freedoms;
    See, we have no freedoms, so, they no longer hate us. See how "simple" it all is?
    Yeah, I know, it never was about "our freedoms". It is all an inside job.
    America, what a country.

  2. Wonder why the IRS is fucking around with a retired firefighter on a fixed income? Hmmmm...

    'Cause you're their ideal sacrificing lamb, instead of chasing after bigger whales or sharks like Eduardo Saverin, the other juukish co-founder of FarseBook.
    In September 2011, he renounced his U.S. citizenship; the citizenship change may reduce the capital gains taxes Saverin pays after the Facebook IPO, although his taxes may increase initially.
    Jeez Greg, we slaves have no places to go.

    Did you see this one? Made my head spin:
    Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')
    Department of Homeland Security forced to release list following freedom of information request

    Dr. Shlomo is running for congress...I ain't kidding!

    Our man in Congress?
    Itamar Gelbman, an Israeli-American living in the U.S., may become the first Israeli serving in the U.S. House of Representatives.
    Many members of Congress are acknowledged supporters of Israel, but the Jewish state may soon see one of its own serving in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    The Republican Party will hold primaries in Texas next week and among its candidates for Congress is Itamar Gelbman, an Israeli-American citizen who lives in the U.S. If elected, he will become the first Israeli to serve as a member of Congress.

    Gelbman, in his early 30s, was born in the U.S. but immigrated to Israel as a child with his parents. He was raised and educated in Israel and completed his military service, earning the rank of lieutenant.

  3. Our man in Congress?
    Itamar Gelbman, an Israeli-American living in the U.S., may become the first Israeli serving in the U.S. House of Representatives

    Hell, I thought that about 95% of them were already Sons of Zion.


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