Monday, May 21, 2012

More Zionist BS on a Colossal Scale

Watched part of Zionist MSM brainwashing series this morning called "Against all Odds.'

If there is is a bigger piece of Judaic Horsheshit out there, please reply.

Some 'Chosen One' was interviewing a David Mckay, supposedly a journalistic--Nice touch, getting someone with a British sounded name to tell LIES.

McKay was lying about how the undermanned--BS--and lacking in arms--BS--ZOF was trying to defend itself against the Syrians and Egyptians trying to take back the land Israel--spelled ISTEAL in Yiddish.
What he DIDN'T mention that during the "Yom Kippur" war of 1973, neither the Syrians or Egyptians actually invaded 'Stolenland,' they were tryng to get back the land ISTEAL had stolen back during the ZOF's sneak attack back in 1967.

This is the kind of lying BULLSHIT one can expect when the Zionist MSM controls 96& of the world's media.

Watch and judge for yourself.

Filmmaker Bill McKay on Documentary 'Against All Odds'

Filmmaker Bill McKay, creator and producer of the Against All Odds DVD series, reveals the makings of this fascinating documentary project that details the miraculous birth of the Nation of Israel and the stories of those who risked their lives to support her God-given destiny.

Now please excuse me, as I feel a sudden need to vomit.

P.S. I'm not a Christian, nor am I a complete heathen. I've read the Bible several times and know that if you consider yourself a TRUE Christian, then you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who brought the New Testament to Earth and taught the people to feed the hungry; shelter the homeless and tend to the sick.

Not to support a land grabbing nation of thieves like Apartheid Israel.

So you might want to read the NT again and make sure what God or entity you're praying to; don't be fooled by the lying, thieving, FALSE FLAG experts and mass murderers of ISTAEL.



  1. Well said Greg. I also believe in the New Testament.
    I support israel in no way whatsoever.
    They're genociding the people whose land they stole.
    They're pushing for WWIII.
    I do not believe they should continue to exist - an apartheid war-mongering state.


  2. We want Greg back.....
    We want Greg back.....

  3. I lasted until 5:32 or so and then the gag reflex forced me to hit the STOP button.

    The drunk general wanting to give this guy his story ... well... another miracle! These guys and their miracles.

    Israel, the angry wasp hidden beneath the saddle preparing create chaos with a sting.

  4. We want Greg back

    Me too. Right now, I'm dealing with some personal issues that has taken up a lot of my time and fucked with my mind.

    Plus, the IRS sent me a bill for an IRA that they claim exists, but doesn't--they have the paperwork to prove it--and are trying to charge me almost $2,200 for an IRA that doesn't exist.

    Wonder why the IRS is fucking around with a retired firefighter on a fixed income? Hmmmm...


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