Sunday, June 17, 2012

"BARACK" in the lead, No wait, it's 'Twitt' Romney, no now it's...


Zionist BS time. "BARACK" Obamastein will win this Fall's presidential election, so all the bull you're hearing coming from the Zionist owned, Apartheid Jewish MSM is just crap to fill your mind with sludge, making you think that we still live in a democratic republic where 'We the People' actually get to pick the president.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Wall Street, the Zionist owned Fed, the death-dealers at the Pentagon and our Lord and Master, Apartheid Israel are very satisfied with 'BARACK."

A president is sworn to protect the people of the USA from harm, but what did "BARACK" do when a boat carrying much needed supplies to the world's largest concentration camp, GAZA, got hijacked on the high seas--a violation of numerous laws and treaties--then the Zionist terrorists went about murdering people on board in cold blood, including an American citizen?

Not a damn thing, except to offer up some mealy-mouth excuses about Israel having the right to protect 'Stolenland.'

My prediction is that it will be another of those close, rigged elections where "BARACK" will win the presidency by a vote total of around %51-49% or somewhere close to that total.

That gives the 'sheeple' a false assurance that the elections are held honestly and everything's going to be OK, so go back to watching "American Idol," and FOX News.

I weep for the shitty world will be leaving our children.



  1. Hey Greg, I actually think they are going to put Romney in the White House this fall. Obama has served his purpose, and will be left out to dry in November. At least that is my hunch, you may be right though. Time will tell... what is clear is that the American people will be getting just another puppet president, as always, no matter who wins.

    Check out Merlin Miller if you haven't. I'm voting for him. Just do a google search and you'll find his platform and campaign info.

    "I weep for the shitty world will be leaving our children."

    Me too man, me too.

  2. Hey GB,...The only alternative to that long-legged step'n'fetchit is your version of a "Hung Parliament", all the recent Parliamentary "democracies" have been "hung" lately, I don't know what that alternative would manifest itself as in a congressional republic, however I believe that the first 'truther' to describe this possibility in real terms will be seen as prophetic.

    How do you give ALL the "voters" what they want, at the same time, "all things to all men"; give them a split decision, no genuine debate is ever won by anyone, all legislation is passed on a knife edge so Broadcast congress becomes a pseudo-reality show and the cuddly rainbow touchy feely we are all one nation "united under Guard", shit happens when they do agree to disagree, God bless Amerikah!.

    Remember the syrupy BS after israhell's 911 scam?

    They did it in rothschalia, now we have warrantless entry, they did it in the jUK, they have fifty squillion surveillance cameras, they are about to do it in Greece and they will do it in the jUSA - be the first Cab off the rank!

    Just sayin'...


  3. Bonnet Blanc or Blanc Bonnet? Romney Obama or Mitt Barak?

    Fire or frying pan?

    The Yiddish Mafia gangsta have their guns pointed at the electors' foreheads:

    "head I win
    face you lose"

  4. Fire or frying pan?

    The Yiddish Mafia gangsta have their guns pointed at the electors' foreheads:

    "head I win
    face you lose"

    Either way, 'We the People' lose. 'BARACK" is a black clone of the mass-murderer GW Bush and Romney is the Mormon version.

    Mormons and Israel have at least one thing in common; their love of gold.


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