Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"David's Star"

Sold my soul
For a nifty price
Satan was generous
When I rolled the dice

The money is great
Buys lots of toys
But something strange
Is taking away the joy

Late at night
Lying in my bed
Terrible visions
Invade my head

Asked Ol' Scratch
If I could get my soul back
He let out with a fiendish laugh

Said my soul
Was in a place
Where Stars of David
Would keep it safe

Satan said I had nothing to fear
You'll meet the finest people
Deep down here

Presidents, Prime Ministers
Kings and Queens
Bankers and Hollywood's pretty people
Who made the scene

Enjoy your life
While it lasts
Because for ever more
Your soul and ass
Belong to me


  1. I'm glad to see you got it back. Did you contact them and convince them to restore it? Any reasons given?

  2. Welcome back.

    To the scumbags playing games with truth sites-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fuck you.

  3. Did you contact them and convince them to restore it? Any reasons given?

    If you don't have a cell phone, it's rather difficult to get in touch with Google/Blogger, so a friend of mine let me us his to get their verificatiion code and send back.

    They replied they had been detecting 'unusual activity' on my blog, trying to weasel their way out of wiping my blog off the 'Net by claiming it was a spam blog.

    BS. They probably won't stop and neither will I.


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