Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Keep a PERVERT Out of Jail

It's easy, you just stack the jury with people who don't want their sacred football player factory, oops, university, go to the dogs because a former assistant football coach had been molesting and sodomizing kids for decades on the campus, even AFTER he retired.

You stack the jury with NINE jurors who have close affiliations (like long time season ticket holders) with this university so you'll know the outcome in advance.

Better to save a nationally know football program than to dish out justice to some child molester.

There's no way in hell that anyone associated with PsU should have been allowed on that jury.

That's America for you. You can molest kids, but God forbid that the police catch you smoking pot in the privacy of your own home, because they'll toss your sorry ass in jail.



  1. The jury is still out. For what its worth, if anything, there will be a lot of outrage if he's acquitted, for awhile anyway.

    I wonder what was up with this:

    "...the Sandusky family was "crushed'" by their adopted son's recently-disclosed claim that he had been abused by his father. His attorney, Andrew Shubin, said in a written statement Thursday that the son met with prosecutors and was prepared to testify for the government.

    He said Matt Sandusky, 33, had attended the first day of the trial with the Sandusky family and had been on the defense witness list.

    He was not called as a witness by either side. The Pennsylvania attorney general's office had no immediate comment."

    I also wonder how many other of Sandusky's 'friends' were involved.

  2. Looks like they brought in a guilty plea. But that's only the first step, there's many more to come. Appeals that will last forever and finally, sentencing. That's when we'll know the real story.

  3. Greg,

    Just saw the headline:
    "Jerry Sandusky on Suicide Watch, Undergoing Evaluations"

    Um...he should've considered long time ago. Leave a sharp blade in his cell. He should castrate himself with it.

  4. Actually scratch the previous idea.

    How 'bout putting jerry in the same cell with the Canadian gaynnibal? Jerry likes 'em young (although the gaynnibal is bit too old for jerry, but who cares, it's prison for Christ's sake!) and gaynnibal likes meat. Match made him heaven!

  5. Leave a sharp blade in his cell. He should castrate himself with it.

    Or use it to cut something off, like one of his heads.


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