Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Be Like Big Brother and SPY on People!"


Yes, you to can spy on your family, especially that no good spouse and those spoiled brat kids someone raised, using the same spy-ware the government uses to snoop on employees who have a bad habit of telling the truth.

You too can be like the FDA, another government behemoth that does a sloppy job of monitoring the meds coming onto the market, like anti-arthritic meds that killed tens of thousands, but does a helluva job of spying on its employees:
Spying on Scientists: How the FDA Monitored Whistleblowers Who Raised Concerns over Radiation

The Food and Drug Administration has been found to have launched a massive surveillance campaign targeting its own scientists for writing letters to journalists, members of Congress and President Obama. The scientists were expressing their concern over the FDA’s approval of medical imaging devices for colonoscopies and mammograms that could endanger patients with high levels of radiation. The covert spying operation led the agency to monitor the scientists’ computers at work and at home, copying emails and thumb drives and even monitoring individual messages line by line as they were being composed in real time. The agency also created an enemies list....

The New York Times has revealed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration conducted an extensive spying campaign against its own scientists. The spying began after the scientists warned the FDA had faultily approved medical imaging devices for colonoscopies and mammograms that endangered patients with high levels of radiation. The covert spying operation led the agency to monitor the scientists’ computers at work and at home, copying emails, thumb drives, and even monitoring individual messages, line by line, as they were being typed in real time. Messages monitored included emails to journalists, to members of Congress and even to President Obama himself. The agency also created an enemies list.

The FDA has denied any wrongdoing.
"What they did was they put spyware into the computers. We’re not sure how far it moved. We know it went into thumb drives. It went into their own property. And this spyware enabled them to do keystroke analysis, so they could get all the private passcodes of the scientists. So they could get into their—so they had the ability to get into their medical records, their financial records, their confidential Google-to-Google communications—all that capability, they had.

They also had cameras, which would take a photo of any image on your screen, pretty much maybe every 30 seconds or minute. So if you had an image on your screen that you were not saving, you were merely looking at, they took a photo of it. And so, you could get a photo of a dog or anything else."
The New York Times identifies the spyware as sold by SpectorSoft of Vero Beach, Florida, costs as little as $99.95 for individual use, $2,875 to place the program on 25 computers, marketed mainly to employers to monitor their workers and to parents to keep tabs on their children’s computer activities. SpectorSoft’s website says, "Monitor everything they do. Catch them red-handed by receiving instant alerts when keywords or phrases are typed or are contained in an email, chat, instant message or web site."
$99.95 to spy on your hubby or wife?


What a wonderful world of enlightenment we live in!

After all, you wouldn't want all that money 'Big Brother' is spending to build that massive data base collection center in Utah to go to waste, would you?
The Utah Data Center will be built on a 240-acre site near Camp Williams, Utah. Once completed in September 2013, it will be twice as large as the US Capitol. The center will provide 100,000 square feet of computer space, out of a total one million square feet.

The highly-classified project will be responsible for intercepting, storing and analyzing intelligence data as it zips through both domestic and international networks. The data may come in all forms: private e-mails, cell phone calls, Google searches – even parking lot tickets or shop purchases.

“This is more than just a data center,” an official source close to the project told the online magazine Wired.com. The source says the center will actually focus on deciphering the accumulated data, essentially code-breaking.

This means not only exposing Facebook activities or Wikipedia requests, but compromising “the invisible” Internet, or the “deepnet.” Legal and business deals, financial transactions, password-protected files and inter-governmental communications will all become vulnerable.

Once communication data is stored, a process known as data-mining will begin. Everything a person does – from traveling to buying groceries – is to be displayed on a graph, allowing the NSA to paint a detailed picture of any given individual’s life.

William Binney, NSA’s former senior mathematician-gone-whistleblower, holds his thumb and forefinger close together and tells the on-line magazine:

“We are that far from a turnkey totalitarian state.”
Gotta fill that puppy up so they can build another.

Between the UAV's flying overhead, the government snooping done online and their satellites ability to peer down inside your home, I feel SOOOOO much safer now that my Big Brother is ALWAYS looking out for me!


  1. Yeah let's all be the real deal ideal citizens in our freedom-loving democratic society. Our first duty is to help our government protect us from our evil kids, our evil family and our evil neighbors... Let us realize that our imagined freedoms must stop when they infringe upon our own elected government, which, unlike that "Goddamn paper" is always right.

    Together we must evolve from mere subjects to abject objects if we are to realize our American Dream. We must constantly spy on our evil founding fathers' graves; who knows they might rise and lead us astray again?

    Finally let me pay my deepest gratitude toward the venerable and respected FDA's sacred enlightenment and give a million thanks to each and every one of their staff who, among 1000's of other goodies, have finally authorized us to eat aborted human fetuses

  2. Talk about spying, I was just tempted to sign up for it.

    A very good looking young Asian lady came by the house a few hours ago to try and sign me up for putting a Nielson ratings box on my TV and computer. She said according to their profiles I was an excellent candidate for this zip code. If I didn't want to use my phone line they would set up a digital phone to feed back the info.

    I told her no to the computer but let her tell me the details on the TV. She kept saying no government involvement and there were no cameras or microphones in the box or phone.

    It paid $100 up front and $50 every six months and I could cancel at any time. I could use the money so yeah, it was tempting. With only basic satellite there's not much I watch other than the local news and weather so what the heck?

    My wife said no so that was that.

  3. It paid $100 up front and $50 every six months

    Whoa, that's a big jump in payments that I received back in the days when I was still married before the Internet became so huge.

    We had to fill out some paperwork, indicating what shows we watched over a 30 day period and for that task, we were paid around 50 cents.


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