Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Who's the REAL Threat to World Peace?"

7.7.12, NSC-68

The USA, along with it's colonial master, Israel.
United States Secretly Deployed Nuclear Bombs In 27 Countries and Territories During Cold War

Newly declassified history reveals that the United States stationed nukes in "non-nuclear" Japan, Greenland and Iceland. Other countries unknowingly hosted U.S. nukes.

The United States stored nuclear weapons in 27 countries and territories around the globe during the Cold War.

During the Cold War, 18 sovereign nations and nine former or current American territories or possessions hosted U.S. nuclear weapons. Today, the United States is the only nuclear power that deploys nuclear weapons overseas. U.S. bombs remain stationed in Belgium, Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

The authors also found that during the peak years in the early 1970s, the United States had more than 7,000 nuclear weapons in NATO countries in Europe, and more than 2,000 on land in the Pacific. A variety of naval vessels, including aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates and attack submarines, routinely carried another 3,000 nuclear weapons.

"There isn’t a nuclear analyst alive who didn’t believe that the first U.S. nuclear weapons deployed overseas were sent to Britain," he says. "Now we know they actually went to Morocco first."
William M. Arkin, a co-author of the article

Why is the USA so paranoid?

Or is this part of the grand scheme to be the world's cop, bringing peace to the four corners of the globe when what we actually do is let Wall Street, Israel and the Federal Reserve use the Pentagon and our kids for cannon fodder, invading other smaller nations to steal their natural resources and nations that had no WMD's nor had any part in 9/11. How could they, since 9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB done by a motley collection of murderous, scheming traitors and saboteurs from the WH, along with some insiders at the Pentagon, FBI and CIA. All with help from Israel.

That allowed the USA to use the Global War against Terror as an excuse to invade and occupy numerous nations. All with rich natural resources or that Israel wanted taken out, like Iraq.... and now, Syria.

How crazy has our defense spending become? In 1949, there was a 12.5 BILLION LIMIT on that type of spending. That certain people inside then President Truman's administration wanted to increase to 50 billion a year using their 'Cold War' document NSC-68, kind of like a 'Project for the New American Century' tactic that also wanted the USA to increase military spending, even after the USSR folded.

Back then, there was talk of a 'peace' dividend' that had Americans believing that we'd stop spending so much money on weapons and use some of that to rebuild our long neglected infrastructure.

Truman initially resisted, but gave in two months later when China invaded S. Korea.

Coincidence or the PTB pulling those unseen strings behind the scenes?

Read more about NSC-68 here

Read more WH lies in the past concerning nukes and made-up enemies at this excellent link at the University of Colorado.



  1. Excellent stuff, Greg.

    For years I've been telling people the US had its "regime change" in 1947 when the whole rack of Security State bunkum made half of what Washington does top secret.

    There's a wonderful discussion of this in an old book about US/UK relations called "An Ocean Apart." It seems in the 50s and 60s a couple of dense members of Parliament thought England was their country, and asked the US how many bases were in Britain and what the hell they were for. After a two-year runaround they were given a PARTIAL answer and told the rest was... classified!

    For three dollars at a remaindered outlet I got a copy of "The Cultural Cold War", first published in the UK as "Who Paid the Piper?". In it we find the CIA (etc) funded Betty Friedan, Jackson Pollack, anyone who ever blabbed about the free market, and on and hideously on. No copy of this at my library, only at Big Lots.

    The history of the Secret State also explains certain people who cracked. The ones who didn't go along for one reason or the other. Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando, for two, were harassed mercilessly, her to an early grave, him to clinical madness.

    When the real history of these times are written, there's gonna be tons of surprises.

  2. When the real history of these times are written, there's gonna be tons of surprises

    I just hope that the REAL truth comes out some day so that people can open their eyes.


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