Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Vote for Israel’s Interests in 2012

It's easy, just go to IVOTEISRAEL.COM and get advice on how to register to vote in the upcoming USA elections, even though you're living in and have sworn loyalty to Apartheid Israel.

At that link, you'll find suggestions like the following:
We are a diverse group of Olim, recent-arrivals as well as vatikim from all over the country who are deeply concerned about the safety, security and future of Israel. Most importantly, we want to see a President in the White House who will support and stand by Israel in absolute commitment to its safety, security and right to defend itself.

Since we believe that ‘there is no such thing as friends in politics, only interests,’ we started thinking about how to be proactive about this. One fact that caught our eye was that while the 2000 Bush-Gore Presidential elections all came down to 537 absentee ballots cast in Florida, only 64 of those - out of the many thousands of Floridian-Israelis - were cast from Israel!
And more Yid brainwashing from the same site:
An estimated 200,000 to 500,000 US citizens currently reside in Israel. Of these, a substantial number are eligible to vote in key swing states, such as Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. By mobilizing this never-before targeted micro-group we can be a decisive factor in the 2012 elections, ensuring a Congress and White House who will stand by Israel.

Beyond the direct electoral significance, mobilizing and energizing American voters in Israel will play a key role in influencing the votes of friends, family, and supporters of Israel back in the US; voters whose vote would otherwise be driven by domestic concerns rather than concern for Israel.
Hey GOYIM, here’s a novel idea! Vote for those candidates who will put America first and not the racist, bigoted and war mongers of Apartheid Israel.

And more Zionist brainwashing:
I grew up in Israel; I don’t have anything to do with America, why should I vote in this election just because I can?

Whether we like it or not who wins the US presidential election has a big influence on the State of Israel. As Israel's best ally and biggest supporter, we need to make sure that the United States has someone running the country that has the best interest of Israel in mind.
Israel’s prime minister and defence minister would like to attack Iran’s nuclear sites before the U.S. election in November...

Why send in Israeli's to bomb Iran, which would have devastating consequences for the ME when you can trick the USA into doing your dirty work?

If you can't get Americans psyched up about another war to benefit Israel and Zionism, you can always pull off another 9/11 FALSE FLAG.
Decision To Attack Iran is Almost Final : Israel TV

PM believes Iran’s regime is aiming to ‘destroy the Jewish people,’ does not think Obama will resort to force. Nuclear drive ‘further ahead’ than previously thought. In a year, Israeli action could have only ‘negligible effect’

August 11, 2012 "Times of Israel" -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have “almost finally” decided on an Israeli strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities this fall, and a final decision will be taken “soon,” Israel’s main TV news broadcast reported on Friday evening.
Will the world ever be rid of this Zionist menace that is threatening top 'wipe humanity off the face of the Earth?'



  1. Every time I hear someone complaining about the recent increases in gas prices I take the opportunity to tell them that "it is because of Israel. The sanctions on Iran for Israel have resulted in a 15% rise in oil prices." (not sure if that's totally correct but have seen that number)

    Then I add, "what if there is an attack on Iran by Israel or by the US for Israel? What will we be paying then? Is that worth it to you?"

    Many people's eyes will glaze over if you talk about the billions we give to Israel but when they pay more at the pump they tend to feel personally abused and maybe will listen to a little sound byte about the cause. For what it's worth that is my talking point of late. Maybe we should all try it because there's no shortage of folks once again moaning about the new gas increases.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks Greg, sorry about using your blog for experimentation

    Kenny's comment is great
    He is spreading memes, we need to do that.
    It is done to us all the time and we need to think of and spread more realistic meme thoughts then what the msm spreads


  4. spread more realistic meme thoughts then what the msm spreads

    I know what the MSM spreads and it's more fit for the garden than minds.

    Kenny's comment is right on. Gasoline has been steadily increasing and it isn't because of some refinery fire, its all those damned sanctions that the bought and sold corrupt Congress has been passing at Israel's urging.

    If we're stupid enough to bomb Iran, Israel is the one that will get that cheap oil out of the reserve that's being held in a Lousiana salt mine, not us.

  5. " Israel is the one that will get that cheap oil out of the reserve that's being held in a Lousiana salt mine, not us."

    That's right.
    Therefore, start spreading more relevant memes

    I have been dropping them everywhere I go

    "If tax cuts really created jobs, we would have full employment"

    "Use cash deny the credit card companies their massive fees"

    "People who use cash are more effective money managers"

    RE: cable satellite tv

    "So, you pay for corporate advertising to come into your home"

    Stuff like that, you can think of some?

    Just enough to get people thinking

    Never know which one will catch on

  6. I like this one the best, maybe because it's so true:

    "If tax cuts really created jobs, we would have full employment"

    Just keep repeating then loud and often.
    If it works for the Big Lie, it should work for the truth.

  7. That is my favourite.

    I say it to everyone, everywhere.

    It is called "stating the obvious" right?

    But, people simply don't see the obvious. Not surprising given the level of media mind control so we have to plant the seed

    You just gotta help them see the obvious.

    Once they start, it will build exponentially from there.

    If lies can spread like wildfire, so can the truth!


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