Saturday, August 11, 2012

Israel's Colony, the USSA Strikes Again

“When the world looks at America, what it sees is an Israeli colony.”

Paul Craig Roberts


Are there any Americans left in the USSA that put America first or have we become so dumbed down and brainwashed by Zionist propaganda that we act like a bunch of trained seals, clapping loudly for more wars to protect Apartheid Israel from reality and advance the Zionist agenda?
The Obama administration set new, largely symbolic, sanctions Friday on Syria's state-run oil company and the Hezbollah militant group, moves designed to underscore Iran's key role in propping up the Syrian regime over the span of its civil war.
State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said the penalties against energy firm Sytrol come after it delivered $36 million worth of gasoline to Iran in April. At the same time, Tehran was "actively advising, supplying, and assisting the Syrian security forces and regime-backed militias that are carrying out gross human rights abuses against the Syrian people."

Meanwhile, the Treasury Department targeted Hezbollah for "training, advice and extensive logistical support to the government of Syria's increasingly ruthless efforts to fight against the opposition." It also blamed the Lebanese Shiite militant group for coordinating Iranian assistance to the Syrian government.
Neither action will change Americans' behavior much. Americans have been banned from doing business with Hezbollah since the U.S. declared it a foreign terrorist organization in the 1990s.

Sytrol had mostly exported to the European Union, but the bloc also declared an embargo against Syrian oil last year.

"Hezbollah's extensive support to the Syrian government's violent suppression of the Syrian people exposes the true nature of this terrorist organization and its destabilizing presence in the region," the Treasury Department's sanctions chief, David S. Cohen, said.

Asked what the latest U.S. action against Hezbollah might accomplish, the State Department's counterterrorism coordinator, Daniel Benjamin, said he hoped it would lead other countries to follow suit. "That would limit the amount of space for Hezbollah to operate in," he told reporters in a telephone briefing.
The United States and its Western allies are stopping short of providing lethal assistance to the opposition, but it has become an open secret that several Arab countries are supplying weapons and ammunition.

Go to the State Department's Counter Terrorism unit page and it reads like a Bar Mitzvah guest list.

Surely there's no conflict of interest there, right?


Ditto for the U.S. Treasury Department, which is flooded with Zionist Jews and Israeli Firsters.

Both the Treasury head, Tim Geithner, who helped Bernie Maddox launder billions and billions of OUR money to Israel when Timmy was head of the New York Federal Reserve to his sidekick Wolin, can't Congress find any Americans who are willing, ready and able to put America first and tell Israel to piss off?

How much more blood and money to we have to sacrifice to Israel and shed on the altar to Zionism?



  1. Good post Greg, isn't it amazing how blatantly the Jews have subverted the US government? All key positions in the Executive Branch, Congress, and Supreme Court are controlled by Jews. The Jews own and control the mainstream, corporate media. The Jews own and control the Federal Reserve Banking system and the major Wall Street banks. Could it be anymore obvious?

    Brother Nathanael just did a good article on Jewry's total control of the US:


    I posted that link on my blog yesterday and got a rather high number of hits from the zionist entity shortly thereafter. go figure :P
    i feel the pics should be widely disseminated. wanna pile in?

  3. Yes, Mr. Friend, our government has been hijacked and it's so blatantly obvious, but thanks to a certain group controlling the MSM and the Fed and Wall Street, people can't see the forest for all the Star of David shaped trees.

    feel the pics should be widely disseminated. wanna pile in?

    Do I wanna pile in? Sure, but you're probably getting all sorts of heat for posting the TRUTH.

    Be sure your AV software is up to date or you'll get hacked by Zionists who are allergic to the truth.

  4. thanx greg
    i am not puter saavy,soo i'll let it ride
    (you have mentioned in your blog how you have come under attack)
    i think these pics are disturbing these zionists and i am tickled to death about fears


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