Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Apartheid Israel Doesn't Want You to See

Israeli PR machine in frenzy over CBS report on Christians

By going to such great lengths to interfere in a report by CBS News simply because it involves Israel, the government and foreign ministry of Israel are proving just how reprehensible the country’s policies are – that they require constant PR surveillance.

When the Israeli government and its embassy in Washington discovered that CBS News show 60 Minutes was going to run a segment on the increasing departure of Christians from the West Bank, they felt obligated to step in. With Prime Minister Netanyahu’s advice and blessing, Ambassador Michael Oren decided months ago that before the show even aired, he must speak with the network’s chairman in order to make sure the report included an Israeli reaction, delaying the report’s airing from last Christmas to this last Sunday.

The Ambassador claimed he had information the 60 Minutes story was going to do a “hatchet job” on Israel which, apparently for Israeli leadership and diplomatic officials, means any mention at all of the possible suffering of Christian Palestinians in places like Bethlehem, due to the separation wall towering over their homes, or the myriad other hardships and violations committed by Israel’s military occupation.
In this clip from the full 60 Minutes report, Bob Simon tells Ambassador Oren that he has never in all his years of journalism been confronted with such interference in his reporting, before a story even aired.

Christians of the Holy Land

Jewish Settlers Make Mosque Into Chicken Coop

WATCH: Palestinian child kicked by Border Police in Hebron

WATCH: Palestinian violently dragged by ununiformed soldiers

WATCH: Olive trees destroyed by settlers in South Hebron Hills

This is only a small sample of the hatred Apartheid Israel shows towards the indigenous Palestinians, who have been labeled as terrorists, when the actual terrorist is the crazed Hasidic Jewish settlers who think the world owes them a living, so they go about stealing what they want, when they want, killing anyone who gets in their way, while the IDF sits by, yawning and do their best to not pay attention to the Zionist atrocities.

Whether it was the blood soaked butchery of psychotic Jews wiping Deir Yassin off the map, to 'Betty Nuttyahoo' and his gang of criminals maintaining a vice-like grip over Gaza and the West Bank, nothing much has changed since the Zionist interlopers invaded Palestine.

These are the same loonies that are trying to trick the USA into bombing Iran.

Sorry Israel, we fell for your 9/11 FALSE FLAG and invaded Iraq for your benefit, we're not going to be sucked in again, doing your dirty work.


  1. What a piece of lying shit, Oren is.

    "First time for everything", except truth from those scumbags.

  2. Check this out:

    "F*ck you, we're from Israel"

    Can you believe these Jews man? And people are so stupid, brainwashed, or cowardly to recognize this, it's incredible!


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