Wednesday, September 26, 2012

America, the not-so beautiful

America is a nation of mostly thieves, liars and murderers that hide
behind their flag. We wax poetically about bringing democracy and freedom
to the world, then go about slaughtering third world peoples like it was
no more than harvesting wheat.

And don't count on the so-called Democrats to do anything to stop this
madness. Americans are under the delusion that we have two mainstream
parties: The Republicans and the Democrats. WRONG. There is one party, the
War Party with two wings; the Dems and Republicans. And both are in
servitude to the criminals in the White House and the crazies in the
Zionist Likud party of Israel. Make no mistake about it; the current
Middle East turmoil is a war against Muslims and Islam. North Korea was
only included in the original "Axis of Evil" so the true aim of the wars
would be obscured. It's the Crusades all over again. This time, with
nuclear weapons. This Arab Holocaust will benefit Israel by giving that
nation of thugs more land and water resources and the USA, by using 9/11
as an excuse to dismantle the Constitution and steal the oil resources of
the Middle East.

To say we are a nation of hypocrites is an understatement.
We are a nation of fat, indolent, stupid and pathetic war criminals only
caring about our immediate needs. Our motto should be: "I don't care how
many Muslims we have to murder as long as gasoline stays below $2.00 a

America was built upon the death and suffering of others. Whether it was
the Native Americans whose land we stole--all proper, of course, with the
white man treaties--or the blacks who we stole from their homeland and
used for slaves for over 250 years. The original colonies in New England
were founded by religious extremists and the ones in the South by
criminals. Criminals kicked out of their country of origin and shipped to
American penal colonies to be rid of them. These two groups of people met
in Washington, DC and the government we have today is a reflection of
that: Populated by thieves and religious fanatics who have no qualms about
murdering people and stealing their wealth. To wash away their guilt, they
go to church on Sunday and pray louder than anyone else in church.

Since there seems to be no way to stop the current madness engulfing this
nation, the only hope is that America, burdened by debt and nonstop wars,
will collapse from within, much like the old USSR did after it tried to
support both the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and meet the
peoples needs back home.

America, you have a lot of dues to pay.


  1. Now, when you say "we".

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with your assessment here, Greg. And vehemently. We didn't bring the slaves to amerika...jewish trade merchants did. And the majority of those that exploited them when they got here were jewish. Amerika now is mostly a nation of workers. Workers whose leadership was stolen and who acts in their own interest...not ours. We are not the war criminals. They are those that have taken over our halls of governance, and most of us don't have the damned time to go out protesting it. We have to get up in the morning to work two jobs so that we can feed our kids. That is how the zionists took over. A LONG time ago. Things are bad...but place the blame where it belongs. Don't own their evil as if it was your national heritage.

  2. Hi Greg,
    Whoa, I can feel the intense heat coming from you in this piece; after all, you were a firefighter for a long time.
    “America was built upon the death and suffering of others. Whether it was
    the Native Americans whose land we stole--all proper, of course, with the
    white man treaties--or the blacks who we stole from their homeland and
    used for slaves for over 250 years. “
    Although the slave importing business hasn’t stopped completely, we call ‘em illegal immigrants these days. Once again, thanks to our Jewish masters! Since it breaks their tiny little hearts to pay us minimum wages, naturally they send jobs overseas to keep maximum profit in their pockets.
    Doesn’t it cost less than 100 bucks to manufacture iphone? Just look at the price we have to pay.
    $100 pair of jeans? Um… they pay less than $40 as monthly wage.
    Therefore, it is not China, India or other countries stealing our jobs, the same ol greedy yiddy corporate overlords are to blame. The whole system is fucked in the name of cost cutting, workforce streamlining and other fancy terms.
    Wanna laugh your head off? The latest report says, “5M Jobs Are Coming Back

    OMG RLY? sign me up as a slave!

    Although one thing I totally disagree with you and that is.. America is still beautiful because of people like you around.

  3. I don't agree completely with you, although you do make a lot of good points, sir. As far as slavery is concerned, it is documented fact that many slave ship owners and owners of slaves, were Jews.
    Not only are Jews successful in human trafficking and usury, they are also masters of mind control, so much to the point, that we still are slaves for them.

    If Americans are stupid, fat, mean, vicious, cruel and evil, we were conditioned to be that way. What they have done is open the Pandora's box of human weakness and used it against us for their evil gain.

    The mind control implemented against us is so effective that rational,critical and objective thinking are now considered hate crimes.

  4. Yes, Jews dominated the slave trade, but they didn't hold a gun to the plantation owners heads, they just appealed to their greed.


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