Monday, September 17, 2012

Americans are totally brainwashed… and slaves to Zionism

An excellent example would be the current war mongering directed at Iran. If you know what owns the MSM, then you know that when one group controls the medium, they can dictate the discussions.

You will never hear “Would bombing Iran help the American public in any way?” and the answer is NO.

What you will hear are endless questions that revolve around the core subject and usually go, “Should we bomb Iran now or can we afford to wait until next week?”
WTFU America, you’ve been had by the same bunch of con artists that brainwashed you into thinking the Holocau$t actually occurred as they endlessly propagandize and the ones who brought you the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

Jewish Funders Behind Explosive Anti-Islam Film



  1. “Would bombing Iran help the American public in any way?”


    Uncle nuttyahoo keep screaming about "EyeRan has nukular weapons!" since he was in his mommy's womb but officially record goes back as far as early 90's, read that somewhere.

    That movie was pre-pre-Rosh HaShanah gift to us, excuse for whatever future invasion, interference etc. boiling in the pot. After all, we are always ready to die for israhell at any cost.

  2. Americans are brainwashed by Jewish propaganda to a level never seen or experienced in human history... there is no doubt. It's incredible. We cannot trust anything being said on the Talmudvision or in the mainstream in general.

  3. The depth of the brainwashing is incredible.

    Couple of friends of mine who are no fools when it comes to worldy events, repeat FOX talking points like they were bits of wisdom.

  4. Yes, Musique, IsraHELL has been braying like a jackass since the 1990's that Iran was only weeks/months away from getting a nuke.

    When is Wolf Blitzer going to do an in-depth story about Israel's nuclear arsenal?


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