Thursday, September 27, 2012


What the at-large war criminal, mass murderer and thief should say at his UN speech, but won't:

"Today, my fellow members, I come to you with a heavy heart and broken soul, to ask for your forgiveness.

Since Israel was illegally created by a bribed and intimidated UN back in 1947, the Khazars and Commie Russian thugs that have moved into Palestine and stolen large chunks of the indigenous Palestinians land thru force; deception, thuggery and outright murder, all in an insane dream called Eretz Israel.

To that end of making an Israel that would stretch from the River Nile to the River Euphrates, Israel and it's fellow Zionist travelers, along with sold-out politicians in the USA, Britain, France and Germany have been sowing misery, death and destruction around the world, then getting our Zionist owned MSM to blame our bloody acts on Muslims, vilifying Islam.

From our craven, sneaky unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty in our 1967 War of Aggression, to the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, it was Israel behind those acts of treachery, that we then blamed on Islamic nations, like Iraq, so we could have our pit bull, the USA, go into those nations we castigated and have them destroyed,all to benefit Israel and Israel alone.

We stand guilty of a multitude of crimes, like wrecking the world's economy after our 9/11 attacks against the USA. We had our Zionist friends at the Federal Reserve and those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks loot, pillage and plunder trillions of dollars from the world's economy, because we knew that most Americans would be too damn scared of our fiction, al Qaeda, to notice that slippery set of fingers stealing their life savings.

We also stand guilty of numerous crimes against humanity, especially against the Palestinians in Gaza, were we have been operating the world's largest concentration camp.

Another of our convenient scams is making people think 6 million Jews were killed by Germany during WWII, when anyone who investigates this matter can easily see it was the world's biggest scam, designed to engender sympathy and money, lots and lots of money, to help Israel have a non-stop supply of wealth from other nations.

The list of our crimes against the world would fill a book, so I will conclude my 'Mea Culpa' by asking the world's forgiveness and vow to NEVER AGAIN let this happen and to ensure we don't remain the #1 threat to world peace, I am ordering that all our nuclear weapons be neutralized and that the enriched uranium and plutonium be delivered to Russia and the USA.

I am also ordering the dismantling of AIPAC, so that organization will stop running the USA and buying politicians.

I also ask that the International Criminal Court begin and immediate of our crimes, and to lock me and my cabinet members away, awaiting trial.

Thank you"


  1. I linked to your piece after doing some photoshop work. You may be interested in the pic.

  2. Absolutely brilliant piece, Greg!

    Mr. B did your words justice with his photoshopping...

    You realize that on the same day as Nuttypoopoo was making his ridiculous speech and insulting the world with his complicated imagery the MEK were outside spitting and beating on one of Ahmadinejad's people.

    Mark Glenn saw this take place and he verified that the few media accounts did indeed leave out visuals of the Iranian Terrorists and their Communist raised-fist flags.

    So right there.... we know the buzztard lied ... but then.... when his mouth moves truth takes a holiday!

    I hope you don't mind... this article of yours must go viral!

  3. I hope you don't mind... this article of yours must go viral!

    That's fine with me, Noor, I just hope Betty Nuttyahoo reads it, but he's probably too busy watching the "Bugs Bunny-Road Runner" cartoonhour getting ideas for his next media spalt.

  4. Excellent post Greg, thanks for this! This definitely must go viral!


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