Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sadistic & Hateful Christian Lunatics Babble On & On

Although I no longer attend church, but seek my spiritually in other ways, I still remember most of the teachings from back then and they didn't include hating your neighbor, but to love that neighbor as yourself.
They didn't foment insane rages that made one wish, hope and pray for a world war, just so you could be raptured up to some kind of heaven.

We were taught to feed the hungry; minister to the sick and shelter the homeless and never be judgmental of others, but these days, such pacified teachings must not fill the pews or collection plates.

Review - Waiting For Armageddon, Scary Documentary

Guess what SLC is touted again and again as the reason these loonies foam at the mouth whenever they think about the end of the world.

Armageddon Lobby -- trying to hurry up God --Its "Christian" Muscle

What kind of deranged loonies are against peace and constantly agitating for wars?

Evangelicals and Pentecostals, so they can use they charred corpses of billions of humans as a Stairway to Heaven.


  1. It is amazing how far from the teachings of the Christ these "Christians" find themselves, yet they have no idea.

    The YoungTurks video is slightly dated (and God it makes me crazy that it is obviously as much anti-Republican, as anything else), but what they share is true... that a contingency of seemingly "insane" Americans can be so heartless and desire such carnage over a false teaching that they actually WANT masses of human beings to suffer... even their own friends, family and acquaintances... not to mention all the Jews except for the 144,000.

    Truly they are gullible morons. I can't think of any other reason for the dichotomy.

    (I just noticed the link to my place. Thank you, kind Sir!)

  2. I'm a victim of Christian abuse by so called family, friends and church goers. I have been homeless by these same people. When the same people later took me in, they made my life miserable and had to leave again.

    Christians seem to be the most cruelest,mean spirited I have ever know.

    Christians seem to have adopted the same psychotic mindset of Judaism, the religion of hate, murder, racism and war.

  3. Lee,

    I call these types "Jew-lites" for the focus on the OT (the Jew Bible), instead of the red letters.


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