Thursday, November 8, 2012

Inside the Jewish Terrorist Underground

History They Don't Teach You in School Part 1

History They Don't Teach You In School Part 2

H/T to the excellent 9/11 Truth site, Facts not Fairies.

Inside the Jewish Terrorist Underground

The above link will let your read part of the story, just don't bother looking for it at the original outlet, "The Village Voice," since the article seems to have vanished.

Here's a list of blood-soaked terrorists that will never be seen or heard on FAUX or ZNN.
S. Zalman Abramov
Avraham Achituv
Aharon Barak
Menachem Begin
Benjamin Ben-Eliezer
Meron Benvenisti
Geulah Cohen
Yehuda Etzion
Andy Green
Benzion Heineman
Jewish Defense League
Meir Kahane
Yehudit Karp
Karp Commission
Karim Khalaf
Malka Khaykin
Yona Khaykin
Craig Leitner
Moshe Levinger
Menachem Livni
Yisrael Medad
Gary Moskowitz
Natan Nathanson
Yuval Ne'eman
Yitzhak Novik
Hanan Porat
Ira Rappaport
David Raziel
Danny Rubinstein
Yossi Sarid
Bassam Shak'a
Yitzhak Shamir
Ariel Sharon
Ibrahim Tawil
Pincus Villershtine
Eliezer Waldman
Avi Yitzhak
Moshe Zar

We must expel Arabs and take their place.

Letter from David Ben-Gurion to his son Amos, written 5 October 1937

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